Zelená srdce #1 – kyokushin karate

Zelená srdce #1 – kyokushin karate

Green Hearts It´s kyokushin karate Let me describe it briefly It was founded by Masutatsu Oyama It´s the toughest form of full contact karate It´s a full contact sport a full contact fighting In a fighting contest we don´t use any protection but it´s not allowed to hit the opponent´s head because you fight with bare hands, no gloves but that doesn´t mean it won´t hurt If you got a liver punch it would knock you out just as the head punch Full force kicks to the head are allowed, however. So we do high kicks, knees to upper body and all sorts of attacks basically all over the body. Could you tell us what´s on today? What are we going to do and what kind of training is it? Sure. It´s strength and condition training for combat sports. It´s very suitable for kyokushin. We´ll start with some strength building, then there´ll be dynamic leg training. Three to four exercises altogether. Then a mini-circle training to finish off with hands. As a last part of each exercise we´ll do a series of high reps. That´ll be exciting and we´ll definitely enjoy it. Let´s start with simple lifting. Try to keep your back straight. Six to eight times just for warming up. Not difficult. Squats..? Not just squats. You squat and lift it up. Great. Well done. Come on. Speed up a bit, two more times. Good, come on.. Could you tell us how long you´ve been vegan and why? I´ve been vegan for 10 or 11 months. I do not count it exactly. Why am I vegan? Well, it´s the only possible way to live and not feeling sick of myself. Seriously, I mean it. When I started with veganism I was sick of myself. Now I can look into the mirror and feel happy about myself. Had you been vegetarian before? No, I went straight to veganism. Before that I´d been eating a lot of meat. Plenty of fast food. I worked in the kitchen as a chef, so I´d eat meat all the time I also worked as a steak chef. I had kilos of meat and a lot of cottage cheese. So yes, plenty of meat before.. Could you describe the differences between then and now in terms of your strength and training? Have you changed during those eleven months? You can tell us about the positives as well as the negatives, if there are any. As for the kyokushin the differences are remarkable. During my training I concentrate much better. I´m more relaxed and also much faster. I recover far quicker than before. Push press. Or thrusters. I´m talking too fast, sorry. You bend down a bit and then as if you want to jump. Yep. First, use just a bar, so you get used to the weight. Could you describe your training now? My training varies each time. Over here we always train in different ways. So far I haven´t had two identical trainings. I have strength, conditioning and combat specific trainings. Could you describe your average week? My average week? My week isn´t the typical Monday to Sunday week. I either start on Sunday or on Monday after having some rest. I start with some strength building. Then I have a rest day. On Tuesday I come here again and have two or three personal sessions. I´m active, keeping pads it´s quite a heavy load, especially for my arms. Then I have strength training then punch bag and kyokushin in the evening. That´s five to six trainings on Tuesday. On Wednesday I usually work out on my own. Thursday schedule is full of personal sessions. I do strength and punching bag plus kyokushin in the evening again. On Friday there´re personal sessions again I get head punches quite a lot as the clients need to train this, then punching bags and strength training again. I haven´t been jogging for ages, though. On weekend there´s some rest and some work out. I train a lot. Let´s do three to four reps then jab cross combination on the pad. Quick guard change and the same combination. Four times each. Maximum force. The strikes don´t have to be fast, but strong. Bench! Come here. What´s your biggest success? In kyokushin? I mean generally in life and in sport. What you value the most. I have a few successes. Mainly in coaching. To be honest, it feels like boasting to talk about own successes.. Well, I feel great about my girlfriend She does excellent squats now, thanks to the training her back problems disappeared and she can live with no pain now. That is my first success and I appreciate it very much. I have some medals and cups but that one means the most for me. My next achievement are my students Vojta and Lucas. Lucas was always a good boy a boy scout, literally. Skinny and weak, very shy type. He might watch the video, so mind the words! Now he is quite a good fighter. He is really passionate about it. The other one is Vojta. Vojta Suchan. I´d like to help him to feel totally enthusiastic. These are my successes in coaching. I am happy I can coach and teach people and that as a teacher, I´m good enough, hopefully. You surely put your heart in it which is essential in coaching. Switch guard! Yuck.. the smell of ammonia..! The squats were with light weight. First three series were dynamic that´s why we used chains. It changes the weight when the chain is down it gets lighter so you can go up faster with more force and as you go up you got more resistance. That´s what makes it great. In combination with pads it partly simulates the fight tournament. Except of in the first minutes of the first fight, you aren´t fresh. You feel tired, out of breath. So it simulates those conditions. And by doing this you improve your dynamics. So you prepare for the fight. Plus you activate… Could you repeat it, please? Sorry. You activate your nervous system and try to transfer it to the pad when the leg is already tired. So then when you fight you are better. I´m better prepared… Exactly. We have finished the training and I wonder what you are going to eat. What am I going to eat? When I come home I´ll have some chips, then a coffee, some french fries and tofu. Really!? I´m in the mood for some oily junk food. I´ll see, but I´d really prefer something like this. I eat like this. Really? I´ve calculated how much I eat I do not eat frequently during the week but anyway, I get 7500 calories a day including sweet drinks etc. only to keep my weight, not to add muscle. So I eat junk food and still keep my weight. Do you at least eat salad sometimes? Of course I do, it´s necessary to eat veggies. I like veggies but I need something to feel full up. I see. Thank you very much for the training.. You are welcome. It was amazing. This video is licenced under Creative Commons. It allows free non-commercial use under the condition of quoting the source. This video was made on DIY principle in the leasure time for free.


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