Wu Tang Collection –  La Reine du karaté (Kung Fu Mama) (English  Captions

Wu Tang Collection – La Reine du karaté (Kung Fu Mama) (English Captions

Seize the girl. You bastards, bandits. Damn it. Do you realize my skill now?. You. I want to see how crude you are. Crude. Can you resist me anymore?. Even I have to be killed by you. I want to avenge my brother. Let me see how you avenge him. How?. Even if I die, I still have a mother. Your mum?. What’s her name?. They used to call her ”The Maiden Of Shantung”. Is she in shanghai?. When?. I don’t know?. Damn. You bitch! . I’ll knock you up. You’ll be used as a bait. I want to meet that lady. Yes. Maybe the Maiden Of Shantung
will come. Better send some men to the railway
station. ! Pay more attention to new comers Early In the morning. The hord of sheep running. I’m holding the stick to drive
the sheep. The sheep feed on grass. Are they upstairs?. No. I received orders from Boss. You have to capture those Shantungnese
arriving in the next train. You go to the south station. Do you hear?. We better go to the next station. Are there any Shantungnese
inside?. Are there any fellow country
men?. Are there any Shantungnese?. Are you?. Where are you going?.
– Shanghai. You’re a Cantonese?. Are there any Shantungnese?. To take a tour! . Are you Shantungnese?. Here’s one. Did anybody come from Ma’s?. Don’t guess let’s see. Where would we go in Shanghai?. I’ve heared that those
Shantungnese were Going to stay in the Jih
Hsing inn. Lu must have known about this. Of course. Right. Wait. Alright to go quickly. Something may happen in the train. Will you be safe enough?. I better go back to the inn first. To see whether they have come. Alright. You’re all, defeated, fools. They’re verry strong. What?. Strong?. Yes. You only bother to drink
and play. So you are defeated so easily. I’ve scolded them. They asked me to apologise
to them. Alright. You better watch them. I won’t let you go. If they’re still the same. Yes I know. You don’t have to bother me
with such matters. Ask them to pay more attention. Keep watch on those Shantungnese. Even if you’ve to kill them all. Do you hear?. Yes, yes. Ask them not to hurry. To gather and wait for instructions. Don’t do anything foolish. To defame me before the French
league. Yes!, Yes! Boss! . Sit down. Your name is?. Are you from Shantung?. That’s right. You’re from the same province
as his. I am also a Shantungnese. I heard the ‘Ma’ family is very
famous. Why did you come back?. To earn a living here. We’re used to travel around. And woul’d like to see a big
city. But, this city is not peaceful
at all. It’s not worth staying in. Have you any relatives in
Shanghai?. Have you visited any important
people here?. Mr. Lu of the French territory Mr. Chui of the british territory. They’re very powerful. If you don’t visit them How can you start your plan here?. We won’t offend them. We’ll stay between them. They’re powerless. You must be careful. Waiters prepare the rooms. We’re Shantungnese, and have
just arrived. If anyone wants to try, please
come. Please, come here. Damn it, do you know the rule?. You didn’t come to visit our
Boss first. And start your business here! . We don’t know about your
customs. Then you better leave immediately. Are you afraid?. What did you say?. Go away, can you hear?. Teacher let’s go. That being the case I give up on capturing her,
she must leave Shanghai it is important. It is true, we must get
her away from here. You wanted to capture her because
you had some fears. But she ignores that her son is dead,
and you have her daughter as hostage. She will find out She will want revenge,
you have to convince her To leave Shanghai. How should I do it?. Offer her a big sum money. This will convince her
to go away , I am sure of it. And If she refuses
to go away. I thought you were brave Are you afraid?. Idiot, if they refuse,
they sign their own death. Boss. My heart aches so much. Yes, Aunt. Look who’s singing. I’m shedding tears by the
windows. Losing sleep in this cold winter
night. I can’t see you anymore. I’m so passionate for you. Where can I find you?. Miss, what’s the matter?. I’m sorry. I’m so passionate. I’ll cry for you. It’s a very nice song. But she’s getting old now. I can’t go to sleep now Ask her to stop singing. She is crying for her lover Ma. How can I stop her?. Boss. Those Shantungnese should
go now. Mr. Lu. . .has sent some men
here. If they’ve come no chance to
escape. I know, I’ll contact our men. To show them our power. You Shantungnese listen. Our Boss Mr. Lu, orders you to
leave here. He’s a very kind heartred
person. He gives you money, can
you hear?. Don’t blame me if you insist
on staying. I’ll send you to hell one by one. What right have you to drive
us away?. If you can have a good
reason. We’ll go away at once. You can’t even state the
reason. You dare to fool around here, get
out! . Don’t enrage her. Enraged?. You go. Stop. Let me do it! . Get away! . Quick. . .go. . . I’m losing my face because
of you. Boss, but they’re very powerful. OK, tonight you bring more men
to the inn. Fire!, it’s on fire. That side is on
fire. That place is on fire
now! . It must be Lu’s deed. Why is he so angry with us?. We better find lodging first. Where can we go?. We better leave the French
territory. Then go to Chiu Chin Hua
of the British territory. Why?. Lu’s power is only in the
French territory. Chiu Chin Hua is on the British
territory. They’re great rivals. He will back you up. I’ll help you, don’t
worry. You start business here. There won’t be any
trouble. Thank you. It’s alright. We’re just like brothers
in a family. You stay temporarily in the
Whampas village. Thank you. When will you start your
business?. Tomorrow. Gentlemen, please. Chiang Pai please. Me!, OK! . They’ve gone to the British
territory. D’accord. Let’s report to our Boss. Chiu Chin Hua now. Wants to back her up to
oppose us. I’ll beat him down. Yes, how?. Find something,
you must have an idea! . But. . . Yes, tomorrow is your birthday. We make a small party, We invite all english concession
to have a successful event. We take them prisoner,
Mr. Chu will have his surprise.
What do you say?. I agree,
arrange this. Yes. I’ll be fast. It is a success. I am happy with your arrangements.
Take them all. I’m so tired. Chiu Chin Hua. Boss. Everything is well prepared. Our men are already there.
Mr. Chu will fall in the trap. Let’s bring some men to. Good. . .marvellous, you should
be rewarded. Thank you Boss. Wait. Please sign your name. Mr. Chiu. . . What are you doing here?. We’re instructed by our Boss
to kill you. Stop, stop. . .don’t. We’re just like brothers. Congratulations to you. Thanks! . We’re instructed by our
Boss. To congratulate you. We’ve heard you’re going to live
in another world. You’ve arranged all
this. Useless?. Look. Can we do it?. Charge. Keep on practicing. Where can I find you my son and
daughter! . I’ve searched everyplace in Shanghai. Where are you now?.
Where are you now?. I won’t leave until I can find
you. Teacher. Are you thinking about
your children. Sister, don’t try to
ask her. I must find them if they are alive.
For this you have to help me. Madam. Listen Madam. Quickly we are in danger. Quickly. Madam, something happened. What’s the matter?. Mr. Chiu was killed by Lu in
Kao Lien Ke. I’ve caused his death. I don’t know why Lu is so
angry. With the Shantungnese?.
Why do they insist?. Madam, Have you any Relation with Ma Lung Hsing and
his sister?. They’re my children, I want to
find them. That’s right. Do you know them?. Not only know them. I’m a very close friend. Also he is my sister
fiancee . He is my sister
fiancee . Few days ago. . . He was also killed. By Lu Ah Ying. Dead?. What about his sister?. She went to see Lu Ah Ying. On the pier, and she’s. . . Lu Ah Ying, I swear to kill you. Let’s go. Let’s go to Kao Lien ke. I didn’t expect you’d die so soon,
rest in peace! . I must bring you back. We must avenge you. We must avenge you.
We must avenge you. What are you doing here?.
Go away! . May I ask where did you come
from?. Lu’s house. Lu’s house?. They all stay here. Yes, Aunt. To destroy their house. Yes, Aunt. What are you trying to do?
Gamble?. Gamble on the
table. The table?. Alright, you
try. Charge. Catch him. What’s the matter?. They destroyed the gambling
house. Who?. The Maiden of Shantung. Don’t you worry, I’m here. She’s coming now!,
she’s coming. Who are you looking for?. Your Boss. Miss, do you want to seek
patronage?. I’m coming to catch the
turtle. Let’s see how you’ll manage. Get out of here,
women are not allowed here! . Who can stop me?. All of you sit down. I want to search for somebody. Don’t blame me for hurting
you. Miss, Miss. Do you want to escape?. No, No. They haven’t come back
yet! . Where’s Miss Hsu?. I’ve just seen her in the
brothel. Maybe they caught her. Teacher. Where’s your sister. She chased him. Let me go to find her. Let’s take a rest. Sister, be quick! . It’s you, where is Lu Ah
Ying?. I can tell you. It’s very easy to see our
Boss. But, you’ve to undergo five
phases. Or you can’t see him. OK, I’ll do that. We promise you Let me go through the first one. To show you our skill. Come here. What’s she doing. She’s the one who was singing
in the inn. She’s still the same. She looks very nice. Boss, something’s happened. She has destroyed our
gambling house. Mr. Li’s killed. Bring her in. I want to talk with you. I’ll let you see her, you advise
her to leave. If she promises, I’ll let you go
too. I’ll pay your fare. We act very fairly. If she promises How is it?. I’ll kill all of them. Alright, maybe they’re coming
here now. What do you want?. We want to go inside. We stay here, you go. Boss. . .they’re breaking
in. Why are you so afraid?. I’ve
so many men. Yes. We’ve help from the Japanese. And. . .they can also be
useful. Don’t be so afraid, sit down. Boss, Boss. Why are you so afraid?. They’re breaking in now. Don’t worry. Don’t chase them, close
the door. Don’t run. Go away. Let’s go upstairs. I’ve found you now. Mother, help. Charge. I won’t let you die so easily. You better wait. You want to escape.


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