Workout at home with no fitness equipment – 10 min exercise – Beginners Training

Workout at home with no fitness equipment – 10 min exercise – Beginners Training

Today i will show you Some exercise that you can do at home in 10 minutes I know today you don’t have so much time For workout or going to the gym You have to spend alot of time in the car I will show you How can you workout home in 10 min without any equipment first exercise is for legs so we will work one exercise for all muscle group in the body first exercise it is for legs , this inferior part calves you take a chair first time you check out if it is stable, then you have to be close to a wall, i will show you without holding the front part of the feet stay on the chair, then hold the wall, and you go up and down This is the first exercise and you have to do it 3 times 20 repetitions and then you go for the next exercise The upper part of the legs Quadriceps, i will show you right now, you take a chair or something else from home You hold the chair and then then you ho up and down. You can do it without holding the chair if it is stable. Just like that. This is the better version for the exercise You can try 3 times 30 repetitions we have one more exercise i want to show you now , down here on a carpet at home doesn’t matter/ we go down and then this will be the biceps femoris on the back and we go up and down you have to do this 3 times 20 repetitions and we are finish with legs. and we go forward To the abs exercise ,we have a lot of exercise that we can do for the abs we try some easy ones you can do it just from the back and you go up and down. If it is not to hard you can take a bottle of water or a ball. And the you do it with it. we have other options ,we can also do it with legs up. You have to do 3 times 15 repetitions in the end i recommend you to hold legs in the air and move it like this , head on he ground and head up. Do it like this for 20 seconds in all this time abs are very tighten we go to the back part right now and i will show you this exercise it is very easy, stay on the ground, hands on your back We start the repetitions, we go up and down. You can try with your hands forward to. 3 times 20 repetitions and you are finish with your back. Then we go to the chest exercise We will do push-ups on knee, and will be like this. You come home from office and you want to workout 10 min and make a shower You want to stay healthy, you want your body to be in good shape it is perfect thing what you can do , 3 times a week and it is perfect you don’t need to go to gym. I hope you enjoy it , please like and subscribe to my channel.


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