Wing Chun vs Karate and Boxing – Destroy the Cross

Wing Chun vs Karate and Boxing – Destroy the Cross

Today I will be doing something different. Master Wong will have nothing under his name. Jordan’s text will be with a dash – And Archies with an asterisk * Hi everyone Master Wong here again. Today I am down the Bodyshot Bodyshot Talk about here today Jab, cross and how Karate movement And Wing Chun guy deal with the boxer Okay so I have my man here Jordan It’s the Karate world champion And I got Archie And he is Europe professional fighter How much fights have you fought already? *Professional 6 as Amateur 56 How many fights have you done already *6 Fights No overall *Overall that’s about 62 fights He done a lot of fights *A lot of fights And he still looks very pretty So you see that, he still looks pretty So that is the problem That’s why we gonna go through, he will go through some of the basic, jab, cross And then we’ll see how Karate people do Bam, fixed with this one here first Jab cross and how you deal with that -So my one’s all about timing -Yeah so mine’s all about timing -And catching him out -Striking at the right time -So I’m getting my knee as high as possible, so when he throws that first one -Throw the first one, yeah that’s my opening -That’s the target That will be on the face -Same thing if I wanted to make him miss -Coming bam bam, opening -So going onto the blind side -Again it comes out -Bam, that’s the timing we’re stopping him dead before he can even throw that second -Because he’s already coming forward, as he’s throwing that second one -His body’s coming in -And the impact’s going forward -So just throw it slowly. There. Bam, bam. -There for that side RIIIIGHT So you can see how quickly the Karate move is So how I deal with my one The wing chun one, I will attack, I will be straight away on his side wall So I will give him the chance of attacking and coming here Or I might be using this to crush him, straight in To crush it, so he’s got no chance of doing the movement for me to respond Or sometimes I might go like this to attacking and follow through Straight away here, and then I grab his nuts out So two few different movements that we’re doing here It depends on the line so in this comparison a little slow for that hand The hand and then this hand I follow underneath Okay go straight in so becoming quick for instance, so straight away follow and now It’s set up to go straight so my whole body straight in So now I can be able to take him down, I can do whatever I want to do to him Or I will just go straight and then shove it in his eye here Okay so that can be easy one so in your opinion for the Karate side attacking how you dealing with it the Karate so you kicking If you do the kick on him, how does the Boxer deal with it? The karate kick if you kick him *If he kicks me? Block cool So how do you respond to that afterwards *If it’s coming from this side same thing Right, so everyone of them you got something different So if I’m doing the movement, so if you come If I attacking your knee How do you attack with that *No chance mate You got problem don’t I When the movement *The only way Move back, then I follow Out of shot now If I go and attack the boxer I go boom here Because attacking the knee first And then I follow up with the Nutshot Because if you’re still gonna punch you’re still miles away from my shot So in your opinion for this kind of movement what do you think which style has the pro and con, yah? *Upper body if you’re kicking we can deal with that *When it’s the lower shots, do you know what I mean? You can just get out the way *But for the higher shots we can just tuck tuck and go forward *Still firm protection, do you know what I mean? That’s quite good, so what’s your opinion on the boxer side -Like I said the boxing sides good because obviously for the boxing side they have to get in to punching range -Yeah so they need to work their way in -While I’m using my legs and I’m trying to create the distance -Okay and trying to take his head off with that -And also -Like I say he’s good but needs to get into punching range -So to deal with that I might have to have my timing On time otherwise problem -Yeah yeah Okay so you have it on this movement there on training, there’s no such thing as the best Of everything, so he’s good at boxing So he can come in and take some And go in and deal with the situation He’s good at Karate He’s very good at timing. Timing is very important And he has the speed aswell as the timing And he have POWER And speed Because you can image. Can you have a few wacks on there Don’t think Boxer. Don’t think you know. You don’t want them landing on your face You will look ugly I mean, real ugly So this is the thing about Boxing side Yeah don’t think, Oh boxing. Oh boxing means that They’re going to go in and they are going to do damage They are conditioned, they have been conditioned so boxing people they are not You don’t see him with he’s been conditioning his body Okay, so he can take a lot of punishment So overall, everything is very simple. Everything has the good thing and the bad thing. It’s up to you out there. If you like it you come to this gym. Tell them about the gym *Yeah the Gym’s Bodyshots, just in Crayford. Umm… All ages *Very good discipline here and we have all levels so you don’t have to be a certain level. All levels *Yeah and come down Bodyshots Come down, check the man out and we got my Man here he is the Karate World Champion So tell them about the 10k -Yeah so like I say 10k. 32 Athletes. 1 Prize. 10000. One winner -£10000 If you there and you win they take away 10 grand and he already got it in his pocket Okay so most of 32 fighters I think they’re going to have a problem But if you like this kind of thing all the information underneath here For gym, for Thomas information and for myself. If you like it come and check it out And check out the 10k Karate Tournament You need to go and get the ticket now To be able to go there and see us He will be there watching this guy. And he will be fighting. And I will be there presenting so anything last bit? -Yeah as I said all disciplines you know coming together. Every discipline is strong and in case where you put your mind too -You can succeed Yeah so from me, from Thomas and from Archie See you later Subscribe to Master Wong He is the real deal Subscribe to Master Wong before your enemy does Or he will make you his bitch Take care Bye


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