Wing Chun training – wing chun how to destroy the boxer Q36

Wing Chun training – wing chun how to destroy the boxer Q36

So Master Wong and now we’re outside You know what about if you come across and street somebody knows like a lot of boxing movement and like how do you reckon wing chun can Deal with that this is the thing how what do you mean by that well? I mean like you know right you can pay for some gloves on and I yeah You need some gloves on you don’t want your hand to Be breaking and then even you can’t grab No more titty then you definitely to prepare the glove on just test out see what you mean yeah Yes, what do you mean, basically you know somebody give you some basic boxing movements or something like And this exactly what happened Soon you’re attacking me with a boxing combo in I don’t even know so Tom I come here come here come here and now straight away attack me You shoot away if your hands still there that’s where I can attack you straight away and bust you up. That’s imagine That’s your hand. Yeah, so a lot of time in this kind of thing in the street This is where we are now in a street in the park I don’t know I got no attention to find out what you know Should you put forward a punch at me don’t you have to land first see that it lands first and that directly attacking to you pin down here and the pin down here, and that will be reacts at once this is the problem the problem to understand in the street and Classroom complete different no john you can’t gamble. You don’t know what going on, so imagine without no glove What happened to your face I felt that already with these on so so when you come within my first attention is learn to Wait that why do my here because you want to put me in a fighter? Oh? yes, oh, yeah, punch me one more ,mmm, that’s hurt yeah, when you punch me this is, Hmm, but hmm Then close this is Tom kill. then sooner coming and I’m here This is a problem Gotta bust you up and then you got turn up to be the instinct How do you fucking eat you because you can’t play with some finger nice too dangerous you understand yeah? You answer the question this answer that no felt you felt it as well you get a run for your money. Yeah This is the problem in the street. So now we like this you don’t know what going on You don’t notice God been pumping some steroid the asshole or something or take some drug or something you don’t know and soon they punch you this is the first line of defense You need to bust him up first and then return in and attack them and you’ve got to make sure you turn into killing instinct So you can able to deal with that it’s an answer your question


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