Why You Should NEVER Judge A Prospect

Why You Should NEVER Judge A Prospect

– [Male Participant] In
person, you get to feel Dan’s authenticity. – [Male Participant] I
don’t have other mentors that have gone as far
beyond my expectations as Dan has so far. – [Female Participant] How
you keep five thousand people around the world engaged
for six hours at a time? That is no small feat. – [Announcer] Mr. Dan Lok! (applause) – You get some of the most powerful, precision-ing methods and
breakthrough business strategies. A first time customer, at best, is a good prospect, write it down. – The principles that
I’m gonna show you today, that are literally going
to be game changers for your business if you apply them. – [Female Participant] It’s so special to have such a good teacher. So structured, so common sense, and have the business
acumen at the same time, and the heart, oh my god. (upbeat music) (piano music) – Yeah, your audience
doesn’t have to buy anything. If they don’t think it’s the right fit, they don’t have to buy anything. They’ll only do so if you convince them that your product value is
enough to exchange for the money. So, why, again, just like one-on-one, why do we project our own values on them? Oh, they won’t want to buy. I was talking with one
of the platform speakers a few days ago because I was
putting together PowerPoint. Talking to him, and I was
talking about his offer. He’s got an offer, he’s doing a big event. He’s got an offer and I was telling him about this, he said, “Oh, Dan.” Because basically I’m asking
him to bump up his price. His event’s coming up. “Oh, I don’t know, I think
most people in my audience, “they probably won’t go for the offer, “it’s too high of a price point.” I said, “Well, how do you know?” “Oh, they’re going to be mad
if I increase the price.” Well, that’s your own values. That’s your own projection, right? No one’s pointing a gun
to their head to buy. But, you’re not giving them a choice. Because he was hesitant, because I was asking him to bump the price and put together a more valuable package. Because his package right now,
is like a three-month package to work with people. I said, “Why don’t you extend it, “make it a minimum of one year. “Better yet, two, three years. “Let’s say, one year, 12 months.” “Oh, Dan, I got to up my price, “I got to do a lot of these things.” I said, “Yeah, but you help
people deliver more value.” Why do you project your own value with they only want a three-month offer when they maybe want a 12-month? They are hungry, they want the 12-month. But you’re not offering it to them. If they don’t want it,
they can always say, “No.” So he was very hesitant
because a lot of fear. I guess all he’s been selling is three month, three
month, three month, right? I said, “No, I know three
months aint going to do shit.” Let’s face it, anything
significant in life, three months aint going to do shit. One year aint going to do shit. Like, minimum, if they are
players, they’re go-getters, one year to form a
solid foundation, right? And after one year, what’s
after that one year? So, I said, “Why are you not
giving them more support? “What’s going on?” Like, what’s the ongoing relationship? No, he’s only thinking about three months. Does that makes sense? That’s what I’m talking about. So, your audience doesn’t
have to buy anything. So, you don’t need to
be so self-conscious. If I ask a lot, if a lot
of them don’t take action, it doesn’t matter. You’ve got to give them the option because if you don’t give them the option, they can’t act, right? They don’t know. No one’s forcing them to buy. It is your job to give them a choice but not make the decision for them. Say it with me. It is our job. – [Audience] It is our job. – To give them a choice. – [Audience] To give them a choice. – But not make the decision for them. – [Audience] Not make
the decision for them. – You need to give them a choice. You need to give them a choice. Whether they want it, whether
they’re hungry for it, whether they’re capable of it, is not you to judge, because sometimes I made this mistake. In the past, when I would
make an offer from stage and I would judge. I would think, “Oh, you know what, “I don’t think this person would do well. “Or I think this person wouldn’t do well.” Almost always I was wrong. The ones I thought, “Oh, she’s so awesome. “She’s like all gung-ho.” (tongue clicking) And then here, she’s
like, “Don’t say much, not super excited, kicks ass.” Takes what I teach, just
(imitates explosion) to get to the next level, right? Sometimes, your audience,
the ones who are the loudest, not necessarily the most successful. They one who makes a lot of noise, because they spend all
the time making the noise, (audience chuckling) they’re not spending time
getting shit done, right? That’s what I’m talking about. The ones who are kind of quiet, and then before you know
it, send you an email, “Oh, Dan, I took your
program two years ago “and now my company’s
doing two million a year.” What the fuck?
(audience laughs) It’s those type, like,
what the fuck, right? Seriously, it’s that kind of thing, right? The ones who sending
you email all the time, they’re focusing on the wrong thing. So, don’t judge. Do not judge. Like, I’ve had a long
time ago, long time ago, when I sell the internet
marketing package, I had a man, okay, he’s blind. Literally, he’s blind and he
wants to invest in my package. I said, “I don’t know if
my package would help you. “Like, you can’t read the screen. “How can you build internet business “when you can’t see anything?” He said, “Well, Dan, I can’t get any work “because I can’t get any job done, right? “Can’t get a job, can’t read. “But I can hear you, I can listen to you.” I still remember, it’s
like just yesterday. After my offer, he was sitting
somewhere in the middle, because he can’t see, right? So, he needs someone,
like someone like this, “Can you help me, take me
to the back of the table?” Because he can’t see where the table is. He was standing in front
of me, he was asking, he was asking me questions
about the program, and I’m like, “I don’t know, I
don’t feel good you investing “because I don’t think it’s
going to work for you.” Well, he went ahead and
purchased the program. Good that his girlfriend,
now the wife, could read. So he is learning all
the knowledge, right? He’s learning the copyrighting,
because at the time there was a copyright component. He would do the copy
through the words, right? And the wife would create
a website and all of that. Launch a little business,
making, you know, not huge amount of money. Like, we’re talking four
or five thousand a month, it’s decent amount of money. But that to him is life-changing. But what if I would have judged, “Oh you shouldn’t do it, it’s not for you, “you can’t, it’s not going to work.” Funny enough, because he can’t see, he’s actually able to
process information so fast. His headline, when he just verbalize it, it’s fucking good. Like he would just listen,
because there’s no distraction. It’s all just learning. He would listen to the word, he would write the email copy
with words, just talking. Like, first name,
bracket, at a time, right? And we would do the copy
just like that, dictate. And the wife would type and they would do this little business. Isn’t that amazing, right? It’s this type of thing. So, write it down, don’t judge. Do not judge, it is
not our place to judge. Same thing with the closer. Am I right? Don’t judge. You don’t know. Remember what I said? Don’t listen to what they
say, watch what they do.


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