Wheelchair Karate: 2nd belt: Kevs’ journey locks and drills. pt4

Wheelchair Karate: 2nd belt: Kevs’ journey locks and drills. pt4

hi guys welcome to your sons of the cane
this week and part of Kev’s journey we’re going to look at three more wrist locks click subscribe for new videos wednesday and saturdays ok we’re looking at the first time but when we talk we talk
about inline and cross-line so inline would be arm to arm so we’re
on the same side as that were cross lines when I’m going across the body to
grab the opposite wrist so this one first of all we call it a salute and
it’s cross the line so what I’ve done is I’ve grabbed Kev’s wrist so I’m trying
to control him or restrain him what he’s going to do is
rotate his hand up like he’s going to give me a salute so it’s palm his out his
thumb is up and he’s going to bring his fingers to his forehead like he’s going to
salute then he’s going To turn his palm towards me and Curl his
fingers over my wrist to reinforce the lock what he’s going to do is put
his other hand on top of my fingers I now cannot move and the trick to this
one is to roll the fingertips and Roll them into your abdomen or your Center and the
lock goes on okay so what we’re doing I’ve got a firm grip here so he’s gonna use
his core to lift his palm up and rotate to the side
rotating the fingers clamping down clamping my fingers down and again
rotating in into his abdomen and I’m tapping out
once you have that technique we can actually have what we call an enhancer so if any
of you’ve done Taichi and understand the pushing waves principle he’s not doing
this and doing this motion he’s actually rocking his body and he’s actually
getting more effect on so again practice the basic version then try to enhancer you can again roll your shoulders as well as rolling with the core the second one we’re gonna use is what we call the
figure-four so this will be from a downward strke so this would be something
coming in like a bottle or a knife and we’ve got again again back to our red
belt syllabus we’ve got an upper block he’s got a nice strong position well away from his head his other hand is coming up he’s coming behind my
elbow and what he’s going to do is roll that forward then his fingers wil
clamp onto his forearm hence the figure four position and it’s
going to push that forward rotating at the joint and Ideally pop out the
shoulder difficult technique to do seated
so yeah down taking the technique break my grip twist it down and apply force so it doesn’t matter which arm you used to block the important thing is
protect yourself it’s coming in again rolling through and the technique okay
difficult from a seated position but the principle works for either arm when
you’re blocking also with this technique chris grabs me I’m halfway there
hand comes over and it’s a push-pull doing it slowly hand comes down
breaks the elbow and comes under you wouldn’t put your position to start with
roll forward grab and down this technique can be used some of these
pointing aggressive so the hand comes underneath and you’re grabbing the meat
of the thumb with your fingers all you going to do is rotate your hand and pull
it in towards your abdomen so there’s a twist okay the straights of my are not my arm
is the worst is actually for me as well underneath grabbing the meat of the
thumb my thumb is pressuring against his little finger line and all I’m doing is
twisting and I’m pulling it into my core other side I’ve got the meat of the
thumb my thumb is pressing out to the line of his little finger I’m
rotating that and I’m pulling it in big key to these is as I’m doing these my
elbow is tucked in tight to my core if my elbows out I will be moving my arm
around his body and he has control I need to lock my elbow in so I’ve got
control so if he does resist I’m in a locked position and it’s a lot easier
for me to rotate the wrist so with this one easy way both you put your palms up
facing each other and a simple way to train for this cross line come
underneath wrap the thumb come underneath grab the thumb and if you remember from
the red belt syllabus where we have our soto uke block this is just an
adaption of that so if you want to train in this one underneath drag the thumb and twist underneath grab the thumb and
twist slight variant on that so if I’m here I’ve got it I can do the same
motion but looking at the elbow and I’ve got the same twist so again rather than
being across I’m in line and then I got across while scooping the elbow if I do
we’re over the top swings underneath and as is trapped me I’m in a very very
uncomfortable position but this time we’re just going to quickly apply these
from a standing to seated position so from the salute i grab Kev’s wrist rolled over in
and he’s down figure of four coming down locked rolled and he’s broken my balance
I’m gone last one he’s come underneath he’s grabbing my thumb pressing with this
thumb and I’m gone okay guys thanks for watching we hope you enjoyed this video
that was part of the kev’s next journey towards his next grade next time he
employs the easies can actually use them as a flow drill and part techniques from
the kata’s that he’s learning don’t forget guys comments down below give us
a like let us know what you want to see don’t forget to subscribe
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