What Is Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do?

What Is Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do?

(music plays) – What is Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune DO? (music plays) – I think, this, we could
spend two days talking about it and we might not even have
an answer, Sifu, right? – Right. – I think…. Well, first of all, the word comes from, the Chinese word Jeet Kune Do, means the way of the intercepting fist. What does that mean? – It’s as simple as it sounds, to intercept someone’s motion
in an attempt to attack you, so you’re gonna intercept
and nullify that position, and take advantage of it; but it encompasses so much more. It has nothin’ to do with, you know…. The phrases you always hear is, like it’s non-classical, it’s direct… – [Dan] It’s impulse simplicity. – It’s simple, I mean, we could use these words all day, but what does it mean? What does all of that mean? – What do they mean, actually? – Simple, meaning, yeah, you’re not gonna use too many motions… – Yes. – …too many tools; but when we really look at what the art is supposed to do for you, is to bring out the
clarity in a confrontation or not fight, so there’s
two ways of looking at it. Either confront attack
or avoid the attack. Look at it as a psychological way of either fighting or not fighting; and we can get into more in-depth. Some of the things that
come up in Jeet Kune Do is the five ways of attack. – Five ways of attack, yeah. – OK; some of the things that come up are the fencing terms
and analogies around, OK, riposte, you know,
what do you do with that? Or what do you do when you avoid an attack and it hit at the same time. There’s a lot of things
that we have to do there, so what is it? OK, first of all, it
encompasses the five ways, and the five ways, OK, that’s what it is, but how do you use it? What do you do with that? Five ways, OK, it doesn’t
mean that you’re gonna go…. OK, so let’s take one for instance, it’s SDA, or SAA, OK, a lot of people refer
it to single angle attack, that’s actually what it says in the notes; but SAA, one thing, so does
that mean I’m gonna only use that portion of it to attack one time? – Mm-hm. You come at me, I’m gonna
single attack you… – Do it. …or just one attack, while I’m angling. – Yeah. – OK. It’s how you do it. – Yes. – How do you use that, and then why would you do it? – Yes. – And then when would you do it? OK, and to whom would you do it to, and what kind of fighter is he? So those things will then help
you understand an actual…. – So you have the single angle attack, and you can go deeper and
deeper and deeper and deeper, right; the when, the what, the who; and then you can also
add attributes to it, to what power, to what speed, right? – Yeah. – It goes deeper and deeper;
and different angles. The one single technique, one single move, and that’s why it’s so deep, and I mean, that’s why we could study for, and how long have you been studying JKD? (Octavio sighs) – Two years. (both laugh) – Two months. – Two months, oh well, no, I earned it out of a workshop, two days. – Right? – But, the thing is, when
you’re drillin’ this stuff, yeah, there’s drills, and
you see it in your videos, we’re doing drills, and
we’re takin’ it apart, but at what distance,
and why would I do that, at that distance? How did I even connect to you? Why am I doing trapping? You know? Why am I even on the ground; or why am I parrying? You know, you gotta question these things; and if you’re not questioning these things and you’re just doing it, because somebody’s telling you to do it, what are you learning? – And that’s why it’s such
a fascinating subject, that sets you apart decades,
definitely, decades, studying JKD, also me over a decade, so you know, we’re still
learning, we’re still…. – [Octavio] It’s just consistent. – Yeah, consistently pondering
and thinking about it, and the way that we read
the books, Bruce’s books, his work today, compared to 10 years ago, they’re very different, right? So it’s an on-going learning process, there’s no doubt about it; and there’s no definite answer, because it is a set of principles, it is a set of philosophy. I think one recommendation is, don’t focus so much on the technique, if you focus on the technique, you’ll be so fixated on
this way of doing things, or that way of doing things, and that’s what Bruce
Lee was talking about. Personally, I think, Sifu, is JKD’s such a personal interpretation, a personal art to Bruce. That’s why there’s no other Bruce Lee. You have a lot of, you know, thousands and thousands and
thousands of JKD students, but it’s their personal thing; and if you watch interviews with people who have trained with Bruce, the same thing you hear again and again, is number one, the speed, the power, but also Bruce has this sixth sense of, he knows what you’re
gonna do before you do it, and that’s something that
most people don’t have, and that’s also why I think JKD is so, it’s so difficult to learn and to master. When you have a set of philosophies, it was a formless form,
and you have a few tools, and it requires the
practitioner to have that sense, which most don’t, right? Even like, top martial
artists mostly don’t. Well then, how you gonna
pull that off, right? It’s very, very hard; it’s
why it’s so difficult. It’s much easier to learn, really, boxing, it’s much easier, right? You’ve got four punches, that’s it, right? – Yeah, the thing is, you know, we could talk about it all day, like you said, two days worth, but it’s actually applying
yourself to all of this that will make you understand, because if you apply it, and again, sparring is probably the best
way to get your feet wet, you can kind of feel, understand where the opponent’s goin’, what he’s kicking with,
what he’s punching with, and so you start to
understand and relate to that, and so now you start getting these things, “OK, it’s clicking; OK, I get it now. “I see why this works.” But, yeah, you should have
something to tie the loop, but at the same time,
you should have something that will allow you to continue to grow. – Yes; and if you’re gonna
study, truly study JKD, don’t just watch a couple videos and say, “That’s what it is.” Do your own research. If you could, well I read all the books, I’ve talked to a lot of JKD practitioners, I’ve talked to a lot of
Bruce’s original students, and to a point where this
is just my perspective, my own interpretation. It’s not right, it’s not wrong, it’s just hey, at this point, at this age, this is my understanding so far, right; and also it gives me more
insight of Bruce’s personality, at first, he’s this
like, god to me, right; and then now, he’s actually more human, he has a hot a temper, he’s just a human being, right? – Right. – He has his flaws, as
well, that, you know, people thinking about Bruce, and as you and me both know, when he was teaching students, at first he was teaching
them a lot of things, but then later he holds back a lot. Lots of people don’t know. So purposely, he would
taught them the wrong things to use against them, right? – Some of the stories that are coming out, where he purposely did that or
he wasn’t showing everything, so there you go, the
people that are saying, “Oh, Jeet Kune Do died with him.” You don’t know half of it. – Yeah. So by knowing that then you need to have the perspective of looking at, “OK, so just because Bruce
showed that on camera,” keep in mind, very secretive guy, “doesn’t mean,” he knows the camera is there, ’cause people sometimes might see even the tape that he had practice in
the back yard and all this, it’s just him playing around, that may or may not be what it is. “Oh, that’s exactly
the way that he punch,” or, “that’s exactly the way he kicks!” He’s always experimenting. – Yeah. – You talk to Bruce’s students. Bruce would try one thing
and next week he would say, “No, no, that’s BS, don’t do that no more, “let’s trying something else,” and that’s his personality, he’s a little bit ADD, right? (Octavio laughs) He’s “Oh, this is the
way, no, now no more. “We don’t do that no more.” “What?!” That’s Bruce. – [Octavio] Right, like a kid; it is. – But because of that, I
like him even more, not less; because now you learned the
overall aspect of that person, but that takes a lot of time. So don’t just read a couple books, “Oh, I know Bruce Lee’s JKD.” I still don’t know Bruce Lee’s JKD, right? – Well you learned really good, (laughs) if you get the right teacher. – You get the right teacher, you do. – And we will…. We can help you, absolutely help you, I mean, again I have a
website, theArtofJKD.com. Visit that, and you can actually start to find a way to learn it. – Yeah, learn…. – Watch the videos too. – Yeah, watch YouTube
video, go learn from Sifu, learn properly, at least you
start the right way, right, versus the so much confusion. If you’re serious about learning. If you just want to watch it
for entertainment, that’s cool; but should you want to learn the art, and how it applies to life, how it applies to all aspects of life, then finding a good teacher, I think, is definitely the key. So what is JKD? – Open-ended question. – Open-ended questions. There you go. (Octavio laughs)


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  • Lorenzo Santiago says:

    Yes like it I look all the videos and Dan inosanto and most of the JKD instructor works in fighting the Tao of Jeet Kune Do book h we l.p. me alot

  • Omar Bin Thabit says:

    Dan I notice that you have a passion for Martial Arts .. so why don't you do a Martial Art school like batman begins league of shadows Headquarters ? I once joined a Martial Arts 3 days seminar in Lebanon where they took us to sleep in monastery guest house and in the early morning we would have a long march uphill to reach an ancient roman temple ruins where we engage in learning and training in circles going through different styles of martial arts (Muay Thai, Kali , Jujitsu, CQC ect) from Gurus and World Champions … it was a great experience..

  • My take away from this video is that JKD is truly what Bruce said about being water – it's hard to predict exactly how water will flow down a surface or it will never flow exactly the same way twice – much like Bruce's techniques – he's always changing, being unpredictable

  • HighPhoenix1754 says:

    The Biggest takeaway for me is personalization, making it your own.
    Find a good teacher, learn what you can, keep what is useful, discard the rest, repeat.

  • For me the best and simplest definition of Jeet Kune Do is… MMA! That's according to Bruce Lee's philosophy.

    BTW, Beautiful view!

  • Simplicity Of No Way As Way, Another Way Of Fighting Without Fighting, Adaptation In Simplicity Of The Less Effort By Your Whole Body Being More Relaxed Constitute's More Greater Power From Your Whole Body Mentally, Pysically And Spiritually Approach From The Ground Up Generating The Powerful Whipping Like Motion In Being More Allusive With Your Weapon's Of Your Two Arms And Two Legs! The More Relaxed Your Body Is The More Sensitive The More Your Awareness To Your Surrounding's And To You Opponent's Aura And His Telegraphic Mistake's So As To Creat Your Own Opportunities In Your Defensive's Or Your Offensive Arsenal. Just Open And Relax Your Mind And Everything Will Follow; Be Like Water, Flow Like Water-To-Relax And Crash Like Water Punch-Or- Kick

  • Matthew Hunyadi says:

    I love your video's and Sifu Oct's perspective. I think Bruce passing away he didn't get to fully develop his JKD. I think if he was alive today he would have an unbeatable art. JKD would be an all round art consisting of striking, grappling and ground work. Anyways, we could talk forever like you said about Bruce and JKD lol. Keep the video's coming. I love them 🙂.

  • Hi, Dan. I really liked and that video. Bruce Lee was a phenomenon human being and really dedicate to his art. Dan I really like that between the other you mention and what Joe Luis said: Bruce knew when you will move-attack, but you didn’t when he will. God bless you. George from Greece.

  • Just a regular Guy says:

    You're amazing sir your advice is golden and I've taken it and I'm getting close to making my fu money and having that dream life granted I've had to work so many countless days without sleep and had to straight hustle but I ain't quitting I'm gonna keep hustling and working hard until I achieve my dreams which is close or die trying

  • Dan can you do a video on what bank details to give to the customer for them to finish the deal while making a sale on the phone. Thank you

  • I have always been a big fan of Bruce Lee. He did and left us so much in such a short time. What he left was an impression so strong and deep, that we are still talking about him and studying his teachings, everything about him, 40+ years later. I feel like the very basics of JKD are the most useful. And you can spend years just mastering those simple techniques, and be a very good fighter, or be very good at defending yourself. The higher skills, I sort of feel, are more personal, or unique to Bruce himself. Dan, like you and Sifu explained, Bruce was incredibly fit to say the least, he trained his body relentlessly. I wanna say he had "super human speed, strength, and reflexes". This hard work also gave him an uncanny sense of knowing what someone else was going to do, intercepting them. The term quantum entanglement comes to mind. 🙂 And as fast as Bruce was to try a technique one week, revere it, then throw it out the next, I really wonder or daydream a little once in awhile, where he might have gone, or what direction he might have taken JKD in, as he got older. Would he have turned more towards Tai Chi as he aged, or would he have come up with something even more potent. I've seen some amazing inner chi, or qi abilities, performed by monks and other MA practitioners. It's fantastical to think what Bruce might have been able to do, if he had lived and put as much fervor into the inner disciplines, as he did the physical. Not that he didn't already have some of those powers, I just think he was still learning to harness and focus them. I always look forward to these weekend videos, thank you! 🙏

  • Please put English subtitles during your videos I'm beginner to learn pronounced English so difficult for me to understand .. response to my comment ..

  • I live in a small town in the heart of Europe Czech Republic… I don't have and even can't have a teacher of jkd because there is no-one here or at least close to my so my question is… Can I really learn jkd from you guys … I mean… Can I learn it from internet?

  • Dan. In your book FU Money, you stated a story of how you got a call from your aunt in Hong Kong saying your dad is in stroke. And that was the turning point and you said that to change one self, pain is a requirement. Tai lopez talks about the same thing that its much difficult to teach an old dog new tricks. And that after you're 25 or 30 you mostly learn through massive trauma/pain. Do you agree with this? Would you say the optimal time to develop yourself is when you're under 25? If possible, a video on this would be great. Thanks Dan, love your videos

  • Jeet Kun Do is like the symbol for infinite … Your Jeet Kun Do and my Jeet Kun Do are completely different because we are all different so its not a generic question or answer … The only constant is being able to adapt and respond to the situations life throws at us – sometimes we win, sometimes we lose, but Jeet Kun Do is about preparation and dedication to learning … Best way to sum it up – Van Damme in Bloodsport : Shidoshi Tanaka trained him so well, he could face anybody in the tournament in any condition, he was prepared 🙏

  • Justin Espinoza says:

    Yo dan I have a mentor who cusses at me and calls me dumb ass. Just wanna know if I should stay with someone like that. Just wanna know your opinion

  • No mass Bitches says:

    Jeet Kune Do.. Has something very special designed with in the system intercepted the opponents intention.. be the first to strike! Excellent .

  • Jakrapatra Lauhawatana-HTC Graduate says:

    JKD is the martial art that allow one to express themselves honestly. so in my opinion To express oneself honestly as who you are meaning each one of us will express it in our own art? I dunno for sure… If Bruce Lee is here i think there possibilities he would introduce some movement update or maybe not but it sure are limitless.

  • JKD to me is a philosophy, A way of expressing oneself honesty, And what Bruce Lee was teaching, And what you guys are teaching and learning, Are the latest results that Bruce Lee got after applying the tao of jeet kune do. JKD is nameless, unlimited, unrestricted philosophy that allows to express oneself honesty. and like Bruce Lee said: "Learn the way, then find your own way".

  • From my understanding, Bruce created JKD to find the universal truth in martial arts. He was looking for concepts, techniques, training methods that are absolutes — meaning the best, ultimate ways of fighting and training, which will always put you in an advantage during a fight.

    Yes he did say use what works for you, but from my point of view, the idea is to discover the ultimate ways of fighting, then make it work for you… but only after we discover the best techniques of fighting.

    So for instance, one absolute concept is putting your strong side forward. Bruce believed this is the best possible stance for fighting, because it helps you intercept. After realizing this absolute concept, THEN you try to make it work for you. But dont change stances, because in original JKD, the strong side forward is the best stance.

    Whats beautiful about JKD is that its adaptable. If someone somehow introduces a better stance than the on guard (bai jong) stance, then a JKD practitioner would theoretically experiment with the stance, and if its worthy, replace the on guard stance with this new stance — which then becomes the new absolute.

    Basically the techniques, training methods in JKD should use the human body in its fullest potential. No motion, muscle is wasted, or overused.

  • I wish you'd separate your channel. I've for the martial arts information and one for the useless and valueless business advice.

  • miguel angel Czybuk says:

    you always have to be renewing yourself, because you never know what you can find tomorrow. read, re-enacting, practice and from that plan to get all the juice of many more. style, without style, form without form. adapting to the unexpected.

    The art of Jeet Cune Do is simply simplify. It is the being one; it is reality in "itself". Thus, "if same" is the meaning, to have freedom in its primary sense, without being limited by dependencies, confinements, parcializaciones, complexities.

  • miguel angel Czybuk says:

    very good. I really liked that concept. It's how I think too. and read the books of BRUCE LEE's methods, I think it teaches us the way and the method of fighting and doing it the best way. the concept, the idea is to try to do it as we read the methods that BRUCE left us. we would spend many days talking about them. and we would never come to an end of everything LEE teacher left us. Greetings. Good Life.

  • Josephahiya Marbololo says:

    I don't practice JKD or any MMA's at the moment, nor have I in the past but my understanding of JKD is that there are of course techniques and skills to be taught, but i feel as if that is only the foundation for a much greater thing that must be found in yourself, that to truly "master" JKD is to evolve it in your own interpretation and to find what you can apply and adapt to the best.

  • I am watching "Enter The Dragon." There is a scene in the movie where someone puts a standing rear naked choke on Bruce. He defended it with the same move I saw recently where a high ranked UFC fighter was teaching how to defend that choke! 🙂

  • JKD is whatever works for you at any given moment. The JKD curriculum provides the tools for you to take away & make your own, JKD cannot die!

  • after watching tens of sifu octavio's videos, I have realised there isn't better instructor / teacher about jkd and all other teachers I will find won't satisfy me in my country. But unfortinutely he is basically on another continent to me 😀 So all I can do is to watch his videos over and over again and practice at home.

  • Lorenzo Santiago says:

    Love this video you right about how bruce change it up and how nobody knows the real art of JKD true yes just express it the best way you can i use to think how would he throw his punch or kick to until i stop doing that

  • Dan – Thank you for sharing your considerable knowledge of Wing Chun and JKD. Your videos are very well made, provide clear instruction, and clearly show your dedication to these martial arts. It is obvious that you spend considerable time preparing the videos, and I truly appreciate your efforts. I hope that you will continue to make additional Wing Chun and JKD videos, and if you do, please consider including some on how to perform and apply the three Wing Chun empty hand forms.

  • @dan lok

    Hello Sifu,

    The Last weeks there has been much rumour around DK YOO an how he teaches and uses Material Arts .

    My question:
    Would you mind giving your opinion on it?

    Thanks a lot !

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