Weapons for Martial Arts Training : Nun Chucks & Martial Arts Weapons

Hi! I’m Calab Labarda of Tae Kwon Do Unlimited
on behalf of expertvillage.com. Visit our website at tkdarizona.com. Today we’re going
to talk about nun chucks. What I have with me here are old school modern nun-chucks.
You have probably seen these a lot by Bruce Lee, he made them real popular. The history
on these real quick…Ancient Korea, they weren’t allowed to have weapons; they were
outlawed. These were actually used as a farming tool. Farmers used to use them and they would
beat their grain into a nice smooth powder. Then after they started getting attacked,
they decided, hey this will be a really good weapon for defending ourselves and using it
for attacking. Now these are offensive weapon for attacking. They’re not too good for
blocking. They got a few blocks, but they’re mostly ready for good aggressive weapon, flying
in and doing hits. Now there are two types of nun-chucks, these are traditional nunchucks.
What I have with me here are modern nun chucks. These are speed chucks. Even though they look
little lighter and faster, they are the real thing, and they will do the same a lot quicker
and you can do lot faster hits. The difference is you can see how the string is only about
an inch thick and on these ones they are about 3-4 inches, depending on what size you use.
These ones you do a lot faster strikes and spins. You can do a lot of blocks then, we
come together and block. Those are your nun-chucks.


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