We had to kick them out…

We had to kick them out…

hey HI Let’s goooo! Let’s break stuff! AHHHH! (INTRO) MICKEY good Morning Jake Paulers. What the flip is going on?? I hope you guys are having a great day. stay awesome, be awesome, do awesome things, and meet awesome people Make sure you’re working hard, make sure you’re smiling And make sure you’re dabbing on them haters cuz So today was very interesting, it was super long, it’s like 1 AM right now And..let’s just go through this thing So we woke up this morning and got a little..swoll session Jake Paulers, Jake Paulers, Jake Paulers, Jake Paulers And then I jumped on the trampolinnnne (trampoline noises) good And then I thought to myself, I was like yo I gotta bust out the dirt bike because it’s been a while She hasn’t been ridden in a while bro Yo I think the beast needs to be unleashed It just been sitting in the corner we’re done. YIO That was dumb right? (Gun shot sounds) We done did mess up the floor tho Its all good But then we decided to light the pool on fire family Oh, that’s a lot. Ok Ok Don’t try this at home kids! Fire!!! Oh waw!! oh my Gosh, oh my Gosh.The pools on fire The pools on fire…Ehaaa Oh’ it’s hot! It’s Hot! It’s Hot! This is helping it clean it… Right? The lagoon is flammable. Yo, the slime is actually catching on fire. Brooo it smells do you think its toxic? yea lets go inside get inside then from there guys the craziest thing happened to us of camera just watch WOOOO jakepaulers you might of saw my tweet last night the boards are real please do not mess with them last night we set up a quija board in my closet off camera no recording just us three with candles lit im telling you guys this because its documented


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