Vertical Flutter Kick

There’s no better way to train a narrow consistent kick than with vertical
flutter kick and coaches there’s no better way to improve the
swimmers kick than to film them doing this and show them how they’re moving their
legs and feet the model looks like this the legs are long yet supple the toes
are pointed yet the feet and ankles are flexible the
kick initiates with the hips and thighs and not with the knees the
kick is quick narrow and continues the swimmer
maintains a long bodyline and avoids the common mistake of folding into a bicycling position the kick should also be so narrow and continues that when the swimmer’s
hands are held out on the water the body remains steady with no
bouncing to add a fine point to this drill try making sharp 90-degree turns using
only the hips and kick to power your rotation make sure the hips are creating the
power as your timing improves your turns will become more precise


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