(Translated) 少林 VS 跆拳道 【中文字幕】 完整版!Shaolin Monk vs Taekwondo Master (Complete)

(Translated) 少林 VS 跆拳道 【中文字幕】 完整版!Shaolin Monk vs Taekwondo Master (Complete)

Taekwondo is becoming more and more popular in the world The opponent here is the best among them The champion of a Taekwondo tournament in 2000 Taekwondo team in Yong In University – Zheng Tong He Shaolin Temple has about 1,500 years of history There are nearly 1 million of people learning Shaolin martial arts nowadays Among them, there are only less than 60 monks (called 武僧) who are performing the genuine ones on Shaolin Temple They are the only ones having the actual strength Disciples of the 32th generation in Shaolin – Wong Tak Qing (Name in religion: Shi Xinghong) They came for the historic battle of Taekwondo and Shaolin Nice to meet you (Sheng Shou Shan, Wong Tak Qing) Hi! Amitābha In China, about 10,000 of people are learning martial arts at schools around Shaolin Temple I’ve heard of this But there are only 50 monks who are genuine And these two are the most powerful among them So, it is already a great honour that you can stand here What do you think is the main feature of Shaolin martial arts? Just like what I’ve demonstrated, the quick movements, agility and speed are shown Feature 1: The accurate and quick motion (just like catching a bird with bare hands) Space A – Ruru is learning Have you ever seen the motion? I have this as my dancing steps (Continuous kicking in the sky) The master gave us a fan and two pairs of chopsticks Ha! May be he worries that we feel too hot Anything could be a weapon in Shaolin Temple, even for the chopsticks you are holding Everything could be a weapon? For instance, when you are having meal, facing an attack… Let me show him What? Give me your signature quickly. You should feel honored instead. Get this signed, okay? OH Can you see? That’s it. FUCK Does it mean any object, like a little stick, can be a weapon? Then, this fan can also be a weason, right? Block, and counterattack Hold on. I can hardly trust it.
May I have a try? It is a live show. Are you sure? Hey, this boy is going to attack you.
Master, please punish him. We want an actual combat. The Master just laughs. I have to ask you again.
Are you alright? No problem. He is the most skillful one among the 50 monks.
Genuine Shaolin martial arts! Is that clear about what I have said?
I don’t mind even I am fucked. My words. But I am afraid that you will be really fucked. WTF Then our duo would become no-one but me. The Master just keeps smiling. Come on. This is a real fight! (The Master retracts his last kick) 엄경환 and Space A LMAO. Four attacks in one second Could your broken eyes see what happen? What have you seen? It is embarrassing. WTF. It is the first time seeing paper fan can be that fast. Impressed? Feature 2: Everything is a weapon Let me tell you how to do that.
The first one, Contortion. Showing you the flexibility, the greatest martial arts Time for Ruru That’s it! Oh, painful I am getting old. Feature 3: Soft like water Self-esteem of Taekwondo Yong In University. Taekwondo Team. Have you ever learnt Taekwondo? Bullshit! Yes, of course. Really? Sure! Anyone accept the challenge? must be a girl! Damn Stay back! Didn’t you say you are a pro? No, I didn’t! Director, don’t stop us. It is a live show. WOW~~~ Here comes the Taekwondo beauty. (Ji Sang-ryeol with anxiety)
WTF! This… Black Belt? For true? For how many years? Four years But I have practised for 31 years, already reached the peak of perfection. If Ji Sang-ryeol gets win, you will be having a punishment, to date with him. Disaster! Ji Sang-ryeol with confidence but… Damn it! For real Director, can I beat girls? (pretending he intends to let her win) Yes, you can. Opps! The balls… Continue Again… Last words of Ji Sang-ryeol Wait! It seems broken…


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