TOWN HALL 13 is an INFERNO TOWER! The Giga Inferno – Winter Update Sneak Peek 1 (Clash of Clans)

TOWN HALL 13 is an INFERNO TOWER! The Giga Inferno – Winter Update Sneak Peek 1 (Clash of Clans)

Town Hall 13 is here. The Sneak Peeks
begin, the Giga Tesla itself gets an upgrade to the Giga Inferno Tower. In
this video we will show you the stats & gameplay that you need to know for the
Winter Update. What is going on guys Judo Sloth here and welcome to today’s Clash
of Clans video. A super exciting one because we finally have confirmation,
Town Hall 13! We have had teasers for so long and let’s go ahead and upgrade to
Town Hall 13 and tell you everything you are going to need to know. Now this is
just sneak peek 1, let me tell you there is a lot to come, you will want
to be subscribed to the channel so quickly go do that, subscribe, turn on the
notification bell so you can see all of the sneak peeks as soon as they come out.
Now I thought I might get the question, do you have to have a maxed Giga Tesla
in order to upgrade to Town Hall 13. Anyone that doesn’t know when Town Hall 12 came out they changed the goal posts and you had to have every single
building at least built before you could upgrade, but does it have to be maxed
especially when it comes to the Town Hall. So I have a Giga Tesla level four
and by the way guys this is the developer build that is how we’re able
to sneak peek the gameplay to you early of the update, so any numbers or stats
that you see here can still change before the update goes live. As you can
see that answers the question for you, you have to have a maxed out Giga Tesla
in order to then upgrade to TH13. Here it is, the moment you have been
waiting for, upgrading a Town Hall 12 to Town Hall 13, can we get a like on the
video guys. Can we get 1,300 likes on this
video for Town Hall 13, it would be pretty crazy. I’m bringing you Town Hall 13, TH13 and this is level 1, level 1. Okay so what exactly is it, the Giga Inferno,
let’s take a look at the information here. First is an upgrade to the Giga
Tesla, the Giga Inferno makes your enemies feel like marshmallows trying to
mount an attack on a bonfire; i love it. How many people love the explanations
within the Clash of Clans game it’s just awesome. When destroyed it will
blast the Town Hall to bits in a freezing explosion that slows down everything
around it for a time. Now let’s go ahead and do some attacks against the level 1,
then we will slowly upgrade but basically it does the same blast as the
Giga Tesla but it also freezes so whilst you can use your grand warden ability
through it, it will still slow your troops down. I’ve swapped devices so that we can attack the level 1 Giga Inferno and I am going to move through these as
well so you will see level 2, 3, 4 but we will mainly focus on level 5. I just want
to give you a rough idea as to what the levels will be like as you upgrade, like
I said the stats can change but at least you have a rough idea. Now at level 1 the
statistics of the Giga Inferno are exactly the same as the Giga Tesla in
that it does 200 damage per second with 1000 damage with the Giga blast. So it
just looks like an Inferno but it’s exactly the same as the Giga Tesla, you
don’t get that freezing effect at level 1. Level 2 and the damage per second has slightly gone up, 225 which is 25 more than the 200 you have at level 1 and at
the current maxed level 5 Giga Tesla. Now I want you to take note as well that the
Town Hall 13 looks exactly the same. Whilst Town Hall 12 changed in its
appearance right away from level 1 through five, it was easy to distinguish
when you had a maxed out level. The main way you can tell at Town Hall 13 is to
the left hand side, the Roman numerals on the side, that is going to be how you
distinguish what level you are going up against, but what you will see as we
upgrade it is that the freezing effect starts to come into play. Now I quite
like this basically at Town Hall 12 you currently have levels 1 through 4, it
does a little bit more damage but then level 5 is when you really get the
improvement, you get that Giga bomb underneath. Whereas with Town Hall 13 in the Giga Inferno, whilst you are increasing the
damage so it is becoming a more dangerous defense, you’re then getting
the freezing effect at level 3, but that then goes up as well. So let’s go ahead
and upgrade it, remember guys any stats you see, upgrade costs, damage, anything, it can still change. This is the developer build and I will be sure to show other
images as well from the developer build, once it’s live on YouTube, I kind of
share them on Instagram as well just so that people can see that, so if you’re
not following me over there I would highly recommend you do so. So the effect duration now is four seconds. That is how long you have at level three and it
increases at level four, let’s quickly show you what it looks like with four
seconds. There we have the Roman numerals on the side for number three, and you
know that roughly, things can change, four seconds will be the time that your
troops will be frozen after the Giga bomb goes off. Now this is very important guys, let me show you this even if all of the balloons come in, we time the grand
warnings ability to get through the Giga Inferno and then the Giga blast, bumf, they are still subject to the freezing effect. So it’s almost like the tornado trap,
but at level 3 only for 4 seconds. Going further up the scale from level 3 to 4
you get an increased damage again 25 extra damage for the Inferno Tower but
also an extra two seconds of freeze in effect. Now what I think this is going
to do, let me know your thoughts in the comments, but I think it’s going to make
the Town Hall even more powerful and even more important should I say, because with the freezing effect on defense, it means that you can take advantage of
that you cannot get away from it. So similar to the tornado trap, if you put
something next to the Town Hall which is going to do incredible damage you can
take advantage of that freezing effect. So again no visual difference to the
Town Hall, the only way you’re going to know what level it is and roughly how
much that freezing effect is going to be is from the Roman numerals on the side.
Moving on up to the maxed Giga Inferno, level five, we have 300 damage per second, so it’s a 50% increase from what the Giga Tesla does and think about Miner
attacks things like that where it is important to get through the Giga
Tesla, yes, this is gonna take some time guys to say Giga Inferno instead of Giga
Tesla, bear with me in the upcoming videos, but it’s a 50% increase and with
strategies like that you always have to get through the Giga Tesla not just
the Giga bomb at the end, but the freezing effect goes up to eight seconds,
eight seconds at level five. So there we have it, the maxed Town Hall 13, level five
Giga Inferno, now let’s go ahead and attack it to show you some even more
impressive defenses from the brand new TH13. Finishing off the video then,
we have attacks versus the maxed out Town Hall 13 Giga inferno.
Now it’s only right that it goes from the Tesla to the Inferno, where do they
go next, the Giga Eagle, the Giga Eagle Artillery, that does sound strong but I don’t know, maybe a bit too strong, maybe a bit
too strong. Let’s attack with the balloons, you can see the grand warden
and his aura, how many villagers and builders are going into that Town Hall 13, can we get a like on the video if you guys are hyped
and let me know what you think of the Giga Inferno. Look at how quickly the
balloons go down, wow that is so fast, they are getting shredded, let’s put a
couple of others in here, use that grand wardens ability and there is the freezing
effect for eight seconds. That is pretty powerful, let’s attack and see whether
the Archer Queen can take down the Town Hall all by herself. The Town Hall 13
being a Giga Inferno and it’s battling against the Archer Queen. This is only
Sneak Peek number one for the Winter Update remember guys, there is plenty
more to come. Look at how powerful that looks versus the Archer Queen. Is she
gonna go down, we’re gonna have to press her ability guys otherwise she might of,
the Giga blast, the Giga bomb, what’s it now called, I guess it is the Giga bomb,
still does indeed take her down, slowing the archers as well guys. This is only
sneak peek 1, you will want to be subscribed to the channel with that
notification bell turned on and if you are just watching this, head on over to
my youtube homepage we might even have videos up depending on the day you are
watching this, so you will want to go and watch some more of my videos but just be sure to be subscribed with the notification bell turned on, that’s the
only way you will get to see the videos as soon as they come out. That wraps it
up for this one though guys, until next time, peace out.


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