Top 10 Self Defense Misconceptions

Top 10 Self Defense Misconceptions

Ok guys, today we’re going to be talking
about the 10 top self defense misconceptions. Me and Patrick sat
down together and looked at what what are some of the myths and
misconceptions that people are teaching that is completely false and what
happens is one self defense instructor says you know 10, 15, 20 years ago says this is what it
is and everybody just kind of follows… Nobody actually questions some of the
stuff that are that is being taught out there. This is why we’re so different. We
actually question everything. And I say well, does this really makes
sense? Can it be applied in real life
situation? Have I ever applied it? Is it possible? If I had never applied
it, could it be tested full out with bigger attackers? This is different between us and the
rest out there in terms of self defense. So, let’s start with the first one. So I’m
going to get Vasil to come up here. The first self defense misconception to me is a huge one, is training in sequence. Which means, you know everybody teaches come at me in slow motion like that.
They go “okay”. So this is what most videos look like, knife defense videos. So you’re going to attack me this way Vasil okay? Come really slow. Go. So I go one, two, three, four, five, six. Okay, now come at me again Vasil right
go. One, two I could do this over and over and I
could say… You know, go really fast now. One, two, three. and okay. This is never going
to happen if you’re fighting, if you have any kind fighting system that has a sequence, that has a pattern, you will get killed in the
street because I don’t know how he’s going to come. I don’t know how his reaction is. So come
at me just slow motion like this. I might come here trap and he might throw as punch right after and I might come here. Now you see… if I do this
and he throws his punch, he might try to grab the back of my neck. I might go one, I might go one but
his friend standing there is friend standing there, I’m I strill going to turn
here? No that would be going right to his friend. So what am I trying to teach you guys?
You cannot go into fight with a sequence. You know, boxers don’t go in the ring and
say okay I’m gonna in and the first round, I’m going to jab, jab, hook, uppercut. Or MMA
guys don’t say, I’m going to go jab, cross, take down and then I’m going to go for an
armbar to finish the fight. No, they train to fight and whatever happens
happens. It’s action and reaction. So I don’t see why it would be any different
in teaching self defense, especially when your faced against a knife or gun or
weapons or multiple attackers. It is too hard for me to calculate
what’s going to happen. Everything is a factor, my clothes are a
factor, I might slip, I might fall they might be two attackers. I might be with…
my wife and my son and his friend is moving around here. I am still going to do
this? No, if I trap, I might come here and try to put him here and move them back! So why would I have a pre-planned
strategy in a fight, blows my mind? Yet, people trained like this over and over
and to me it’s going to get you killed in the street. So that’s number one. Number two, I have a
cell phone. Rock I’m going to get you up here. A lot of people oh yeah you know I carry my cell phone is something happens i’m
going to use it, right? Now, hypothetically speaking, let’s say I even
have my phone in my hand and Rock, I want you to rough me up for real. Go! what was going on man? I’m going
to call the cops! I’m going to call the cops man! What freaking cops! This is what it’s really going to look
like guys. This… what you just saw, is really
think you’re going to sit here and say 911 Yeah, there’s a really big guy in front of
me is about to kick the shit out of me. Can you please come here? There’s no way it’s going to happen. By the
time I do this, I’m going to get punched in the head. Even if I had it in my pocket and even
if he was far, by the time I pull it out by time I open it, I dial…It’s not going to happen, right? So this is another misconception people
say: Well you know I have my phone, I’ll just call the cops and I’ll be able to take
care of it. You know, what’s the chance of a cop
standing right next to you when you’re going to be attacked? Slim to probably none. Awesome thanks Rock. I’m safe I carry a weapon. Okay. Rock bring me a knife please. Now, here’s the thing with I’m safe I carry a weapon. Come over here Rock. The first thing you have to ask yourself when you carry a weapon. Do I know how to use it? Am I ready to
use it? right. If I pull out a knife and I stabbed this big guy I got to prove what the hell why were you
carrying a knife? You know you stabbed him… yeah but I was
defending myself it’s not self defense when you’re carrying a knife. You got to explain to court in front of a
judge no matter how big he was, or how much he threaten you. Well why
were you carrying a knife? That means you were ready to use it and it’s not
self defense if I pull out a knife and I stab him, right? I got to prove that he
was actually trying to attack me. Second of all, the chances of you pulling
out a knife and using it against him I have him use it and gets you is
sometimes far greater than you using against them. And I’ve seen fights and
this is a real fight. I saw a guy put a gun right to his head and the guy said come on: “shoot, shoot”. He didn’t have the balls to shoot. You know what
happened? He took the guy with the gun and just disarmed him and they beat the crap out of him…
they beat the shit out of him. So the other question: Am I ready to use it? Do I know how to
use it? Are you ready to face the legal consequences? Am I ready to understand
that I might get into a knife fight and pull it out and he and you don’t know who
you’re dealing with. The scary thing about being the street fight… I don’t know
this guy. I remember fighting the ring, I didn’t give
a shit, I knew who I was fighting I knew it wasn’t a safe environment.
Worse, I might get knocked out. I remember working in the club in being face
sometimes the smallest guy to the biggest guy and saying: Who is this guy? What is his mindset?
Where does he come from? What is his background? Is he a psychopath? Is he going to come to the next day? Does he know where I live? Is he going to try to find me
and hunt me down and try to kill me? This is some important shit you have to
ask yourself before you pull out a knife and try to stab somebody. And again, the
chance of him disarming the knife and using against you sometimes could be far greater and more
dangerous for you than it is for him. Okay. just stay right here. The other
misconception: Go for the eyes, go for the throat, kick him in the balls. Everybody says, well if I’m in a fight, I’m going to grab the guy the in the eyes, I’m going to throw a kick and hit him in the balls. I’ve been kicked in the nuts under
adrenaline, right. Under adrenaline you won’t feel it. Yeah, if I
just walk up to your standing and I go whack and kick you in the nuts… Yeah,
I’m probably going to drop you. But in the middle of a fight. You don’t know some people’s
pain tolerance. This is why I hate saying there’s no fight finishers. I hate saying
go into the eyes and you know. Because what happens is when I… From the past, when I use to teach, I said: primary targets, eyes and throat, eyes and throat. People would fight and all they’d do is stuff like is constantly to the eyes and throat. But if Rock has got a knife
here, right? And I’m here and i’m doing this i’m here, he’s
still stabbing, right? I’m not finishing the fight. Because I need big blows to finish
the fight. I need to cause damage, I need to knock this guy big guy out. Going into the eyes
will definitely make him go fetal, but it won’t finish the fight. Again punch… You
know the troath. It’s a good target but the guys wearing a big jacket
up to here, I don’t have access to his throat and he’s
maybe wearing glasses well… there goes my vital targets. Holy shit, what do I do?
So I hate putting any kind of fight finishers. Any kind of you know this is
more lethal then that. And you know, going into the eyes will finish the fight. I don’t know people’s pain tolerance. You
can go into going to my eyes with your palms. He can be in my eyes, but I can still see what i’m doing right? It’s
going to make me fetal but, if I had a knife, I could still stab away. So what am I just trying to tell you?
There’s no there’s no fight finisher. If you get this out of your mindset,
that there’s no fight finisher… Well, if I go into his eyes and the guy is
still fighting back, well I’m not going to panick and say dammit, I should
have finished the fight. Which means, it’s not one strike that finishes a fight, it’s a complete barage of different
strikes that are going to finish the fight. Don’t be stuck to one, don’t put in your
head, Oh this move will finish the fight. Whatever you need at that moment, that’s
what you have to use don’t get attached to any of them. Five. Size doesn’t matter. This is a great you know when you’re a kid and you know, you’re doing Kung Fu. Like when I was a kid, they tell us that size doesn’t matter and hit hard and you know, it doesn’t really matter build your
confidence. That’s bullshit, right? You know boxing,
UFC, you know, even some sports, they have weight divisions. It’s not for nothing they do
it right? Rock overweights me… and he’s literally
double my size. Like we calculated it. He’s twice my size. If I
was to sit here and go, It really doesn’t matter you know, No. What, are you crazy? Of course it matters! You know, it it matters in terms of the
strategy that I have to use against them I know, I got to hit this guy
first. There’s no way I’m going to let him swing
first and build up momentum and they try to see. It’s like trying to start like
trying to stop a truck when it’s like you know going at full speed. You got to get out of the way. He’s too
big. So if I’m faced with a big guy like this, I got to hit first. And again, Look, there’s other factors. Your mindset is probably the biggest factor in a fight. I would say second would probably be the size,
right? A big guy like this you know for me to say that. You know, there’s certain
stuff I you know and I’ve you know we have in all our videos you know, in most
of them, we have guys who are bigger than me. We also have some guys that are my size. You know a couple guys are smaller. There are some stuff I could pull off with guys who are shorter and bigger or like smaller.
And the stuff I couldn’t pull off with rock just as easy because it’s just too
big. He’s just too big, there’s so much strength. Like I can’t even put my arm. Even both his hands when I try to trap. There’s just so much power. So what does
that mean? Well, it makes a difference. And for you to really know what it is,
train with somebody that big. Don’t go in slow motion. Say you know what, I want to
feel what it is to be pushed and shoved taken down by a huge big guy like this.
So you could actually feel the power behind Rock. Okay. MMA… Let’s get Gio up here. MMA is the most realistic self defense training. This is probably a very common one that I hear right? People tell me, well you teach
self-defense, It’s like martial arts, that’s what you teach. I say, no there’s a big difference. Well, that’s you know, what would work in the street. No, because the biggest, the
biggest thing in the street is this, right? In MMA they don’t
train whit a knife. Right. So, I might have the greatest back
spinning kick. the greatest strikes but I’m not going to kickbox a guy with
the knife, right? This is a huge factor. You have multiple
attackers, you have weapons, you have looking at your attacker and I don’t
know this guy. I don’t where he’s from. I don’t know his mindset. I
don’t you know what he knows about me. I don’t worry you know maybe you know. I know one guy that I met at the club, he spent five
years in prison. If you saw him, he looked normal. He’s completely psycho if you
picked a fight with him. He wouldn’t hesitate to to kill you in a second.
Because he was just completely crazy. But, when you saw him, you wouldn’t think that of him. But I knew who he was and that’s dangerous thing of getting into a street
fight. You know you’re looking at UFC and you
know getting in the ring. I know who I’m fighting, I’m training
months to fight him. I’m in the top shape of my life. I have a
coach in my corner. I have you know the ref. If I want to
stop the fight, I through the towel. If I’m knocked out, there is an ambulance
right there. I’m in a safe, controlled environment
and you know. I’ve been in the ring hundreds of times, MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), boxing kickboxing. It doesn’t scare me.
Why? What’s the worst that’s going to happen? Really, what’s the worst? I’m going to get
knocked out? Broken nose, busted ribs. Big deal. But, being in a street fight against you know the smallest, pukiest
guy, if you want to call him. I was still like holy shit. Who is this guy? Does he have a weapon? You know,
and he could be the smallest guy. He could be like, look man you know like I’m you
know please let me in the club, this in that.
It could be just the smallest thing and he could be just as dangerous and even more
dangerous then some of these big guys. Or some of these guys, because it’s all
these unorthodox, wild fighters, that fear me more than all these technical fighters. And
again, most fights in the UFC end up where? On the ground right? But,
I could go on the ground if I if you’re going one-on-one I go on the ground I
know nobody’s going to jump in… Yeah, it’s not bad. But in the street, you have a guarantee
that nobody’s going to jump in when you have when you hit the ground? No, you have no guarantee. The instant you hit the ground, his buddy, could be coming any point one stomp in the head
and lights out. Okay, seven. 90% of the fights ninety percent of the fights end up on the
ground. This is a self defense misconception that they teach. It’s not ninety percent. There’s a lot…. But they don’t end up all on
the ground. You know, it’s. Your goal is to keep the fight standing up. They
say that ninety percent go on the ground. I’ve seen tons of fight that don’t end
up to the ground. Iv’e seen a lot of fights just finished with sucker punch.
Yeah, he ends up to the ground but not the person who was throwing the strike. But if I’m in fight and Gio takes
me down, Try to take me down. Gio tries to take me down. Let’s say he’s taking me down what I want to do? I want to make sure that if I go down, I’m taking you with me. What I don’t want to
do in a fight, is I hit the ground and he’s standing then I’m screwed, okay. Eight, and this is one I really like.
Military systems used for civilian self defense. You know we all hear it and we see, you
know, military training and they all use these big fancy names. First thing I have to
say, the rules of engagement are completely different. Right? The guy in the Army right… Gio
go get me the gun please. The guy in the gun in
the street and the guy in the military, right. If I’m faced with a guy. Like when you look at let’s say civilian, what do they teach. Put the gun to my head
right? In the military, they’re teaching like you
know you go, one, two, three and they take the gun and then you point it at him. Now, the the person who’s going
learn how to defend against a gun, might be put in one or two situations even if
in his life. First of all, the rules of engagement are
completely different. You’re not going to invade a country don’t move man also shoot you, right? You
move, I shoot, It’s as simple as that. When in a street fight, the guy’s got a
gun to my head well before I get to this, I start talking. Look man, what do you
want? You want my money? Here, I’ll give him the money and I’ll comply. I’ll try to defuse. Before, I can do
anything physical, I’ll use my awareness. I’ll use my verbal defense
skills to get out of it. I have that option, right? So this is why
it’s so important to understand the difference is that and
the rules of engagement again are different and let’s say I disarm him. I
have the gun, right. Let go of the gun. I have the gun and I… Am I ready to shoot? Am I ready to take
this person’s life? If I do, I’m responsible, I had the gun. So I
don’t know how people take military systems turn them into civilien systems. The
rules of engagement are different, the mindset is different, the strategies
and the fighting is different. There’s different variables that you’re going to
get in the street that you’re not going to get in military training and it’s
kind of you know they try to cross them but to me it just doesn’t make sense. It looks cool, it sounds cool, but I don’t
find that it’s applied in a real life situation. And the most biggest thing is
verbal. Your verbal defense skills. If I got a gun to my head, before I pull a move I’m going to talk
to the guy. What do you want? Let me get out of this you know through
verbal. Like I said, you’re not going to invade the country and say if you
move I’ll shoot, I’m sure we can talk about it, No, you shoot simple as that. So you have
different options that you have in the street that you should use that are
going to get you much further than get going straight into physical. I
live in a safe neighborhood. This is probably the most common one. I
live in a safe neighborhood. I take the car, I don’t take the bus, I
don’t take the metro, I do my route. This is probably the most common thing I
hear. I don’t need self defense. I’m… you know, I live in a gated community. The first thing I tell people. The
only person who is the best to protect your life is you. Do not handle that
responsibility to the police officers, to the security guards, anybody else. Because
you’re not going to be there if you get attacked in your house. They’re not going
to be there when you get attacked in the shower. They’re going to be there if you get
attacked right in your car. So, it’s your responsibility to protect your own
life. And to learn it and to do as best as possible. Because I can tell you one
thing, nobody will be there and nobody will defend your life as good as you are.
So this is really really crucial for you to understand this and to take control
of your life and not hand that out and that responsibility to somebody else.
Because that’s a very common thing I say. I always say to people. Well, you know I can tell you and I’ve seen
fights where people have been attacked. And you know what people do? They turn the other way and they walk away because nobody wants to get involved, right? The most you might
get, is somebody walks away and calls the cops. Or from time to time I see where
the Good Samaritan might come in and break a fight break it up. But again when you see violent attacks
most people with knives. What does the other guy do? He runs the
other side because nobody wants to risk their life nobody wants to get killed
and you know most will do is go and call the cops or do something like that. 10. Pulling hair is for “sissies”. This is a very
common one. People say: well, you know in a street
fight well I’ve never pull the hair and I’d never scratched into the eyes or
kick the guy the ball. These are all cheap shots. Guys, it’s a street fight. I couldn’t care and give a rat’s ass what you do to
finish the fight right. You’re not fighting for pride. You want
to fight for pride and you want to belt, go do some MMA. Join a competition,
get a trophy stick it in your wall. Be proud of it. But that’s not a
real street fight. In a real street fight, and I could tell you from my
own experience I couldn’t care rat’s ass what I’m going to do. If that
means, I have a weapon and I’m talking to the guy and I think he’s going to actually
go violent and I face Rock come up here. Rock come up here. So, if I’m faced with
somebody like Rock. and he’s right here right. The last thing I want to do is you know. I’m not going to sit there if I’m
faced with Rock and I got a weapon I’m not going to take the chance of him
going crazy. If I got a weapon, I’m trying to defuse the situation. he’s right in my
face but I have a weapon I got something find my keys… I’ll throw the keys. If
I got like if I got it like if I’m holding you know my bag, I’ll “wack” him with
the bag. I’ll hit him with something. I couldn’t care less because he’s just so big. You
think I’m going to take the chance of him squaring off, or him throwing his first
shot? Hell no! I’m going to do whatever it takes
to survive and that’s what the street fight id, you do whatever you got to do
to finish the fight fast and quick. So thanks Rock. So those
are the 10 top self defense misconceptions that that you want to kind of break down and you understand that you can use. And forget
about what people teach out there and forget about what some of the stuff. You
know what we’re trying to teach you is well you know some of the stuff,
it’s been taught years ago and everybody just fallows it and nobody questions it. That is the difference between Code Red Defense and the rest. We question everything and we want to make
sure that we’re teaching you guys the best self defense, no BS, no bullshit and just take out all
the stuff and go straight to what works the best. Thank you.


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  • "code red defense" should be an own martial art. The closets realistisc self defense Martial art you can train is Krav Maga. But Code red has taken The self defense one step further. This is The real deal. this is what you wanna learn if you wanna defend yourself etc. I know you have your website were you can watch your videos but watching a video dosent make you know The move, it still need to be Learned. I have a heavybag in my room and if i watch a code red or Nick Drossos video im gonna spend some hours to train on my heavybag what i just saw, so i can learn it for real. Sometimes when my brother is around we sparring and train things you teach but other than that i can't learn anymore of what you teach Cause i dont have Rubber knives, training Guns, guys i can do scenarios with etc etc and at my mma Class we don't train that either. So thats why this should be a more Word wide martial art wich many instructors out there making this a REAL MARTIAL ART so People can Learn The real deal. This is The best defense Martial art that exist in my eyes. Keep up the good work!

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    if there are no bullets then i would throw the gun at the attacker as a distraction and then hit them on the vulnerable here that is available to me and then run away
    overall excellent video

  • You hit me back that's not allowed you are supposed to fall down when I hit you.And you didn't move the way I trained in….Great video, common sense. Combatives/krav maga 2 of the worst reality based so called self defense, all done with compliant students….

  • Reality check on calling the cops:

    1. You have a cellphone in your hand.

    2. You somehow manage call the cops.

    3. Proceed to wait 20 – 30 minutes or more for them to come to your aid depending on your location. 5 minutes if you're really lucky (even though fatal attacks can be accomplished in seconds).

    4. Now try surviving that much longer from multiple fatal stab wounds and slashes to the arteries in a knife attack possibly from multiple assailants as you patiently wait for help.

  • My background of eight martial arts says this guy is the best. Not bragging, my martial art background was mostly learning stuff that doesn't work. I do though have the perspective to understand this guy is the best.

  • Great summation. But some points might conflict. For instance, you say we shouldn't believe in fight finishers, but you also say that fights do end in sucker punches, which is a fight finisher that many have worked into an art form. The sucker punch and the knife is also a fight equaliser for size; so while size matters, the street is much more multifaceted. A bare knuckle punch to the face by an excon who whacks a literal sandbag all day with his bare fists quite differs from being hit by a prescribed 15 oz glove with headgear on, at 30% power, with a coach to stop things anytime it roughens up too much, over padded floor.

  • Jihad Muhammad says:

    well if you want to reduce a chance someone or some people might attack you, dont go alone, at least one person with you. I know this isnt the best bet but help a lot. I am a victim of bullying and crime. criminals like attacking someone who alone ( same with bully) and looks weak. some bullies and cri.minals will work in group at least 2 people, if you forced to go alone, go as fast as you can to your destination and make sure to dont look confuse.

  • As always, Your thoughts and opinions are practical based and application of common sense, which is not so common nowadays. Well presented…..Good Job!!

  • Every person should have to watch this video. Hopefully, none of us will every end-up in the situation where we have to defend our own lives, but all of us should have to face the reality of that chance. Understanding it and just thinking about the moral arguments that involves has to help the odds of surviving such an event. This is a good video. These people do a nice job. These are great supliments to training.

  • The sequential practice of movements is essential .. no 1…. the variation of arms to the technique are mastered over time .. the mastery comes in constant practice of the techniques from where you fight .. this crap you call out is the same crap you teach .. you don't understand true martial art … it's a chess game movements are planned , bringing your opponent where you want them .. true mastery..

  • Nick, with all respect, since you mentioned preparation against court of law, you do realize that every physical action towards the threats have a possibility to gave more harm to the assailant right? which means there is also possibility that the assaulted might get sued by the assailant. Which means your explanation contradict one another.

    Still, it is a good video to gave us different perspective.

  • I needed to jump in here to counter KPikklefield's comment. He's got some religion going on? Most people watching self defense videos are not practicing, physically learning how to get to the 'autonomous' phase of learning. Most of us out here watch how to protect ourselves and sorry, that is the best we'll be able to do. KP is talking about the third state of learning a new skill; the autonomous phase where your body reacts without having to be told how to move, when to move by reacting to the instructor in your head; that is the associative phase. The longest toughest phase of learning. Most people wimp out at this stage for learning anything new. The first phase is cognitive. The notorious beginner's luck is here. You just react based on whatever experience you've had in your past. I am talking about self defense but these phases happen for any new skill. The first time someone begins to learn new skills they usually do their best work. Funny. Then they get a warm blooded instructor to 'lead' their reactions to begin to teach the moves. Instructor says jump and they jump. At a certain point, the student starts taking the instructor's place by leading themselves through the movements they are trying to master. They are the instructor in their head. This phase drags people down learning the nitty gritty and it is not very rewarding in the short term. Lots and lots of work and mistakes. Most people like I said quit a new endeavor during this phase. Like getting bucked off a horse if you do not get back on that horse immediately, you lose big time. The reward is finding yourself in the autonomous phase. That IS the reward. You own that skill and can begin to make that new skill even bigger. That learning actually can be used for the next skill one wants to learn. Any skill even skills that seem to have nothing in common with the skills one did learn and was able to finish to become autonomous at that skill. Learning is addicting! It is the process that makes or breaks a person. If you got bucked off a horse and never got back on, your horse riding days are pretty much over! ha ha ha My rationalization is by watching self defense one is visualizing in their head and weeding out what it is they should do from what they most certainly should not do. Practice can be as simple as playing with your spouse back and forth pretending to point a gun or wield a knife (properly, no sideways aiming please or holding a knife up high you don't want to look like an idiot). We do this an awful lot; breaking the hold on the gun, trapping the gun or knife arm, wrestling (I love to wrestle, certainly reminds me that guys are big and strong and I am little and fast and bad with the teeth, just the reminder my opponents will have some WEIGHT and knock out power is a good thing to know). I guess I am counting on my beginner's luck but at least I can visualize and 'feel' the physical dangers in my head. I have no idea what moves to use as I will leave that for when IT finally happens. Being attacked. Man, all I can say is I pity the idiot who attacks this little old granny!

  • Size doesnt matter,i heared that lie so many times even from people who fight in the ring. When they say shit like that i know they never have been in a real fight and only fight someone in their own weight class

  • Squiffles Squaffles says:

    I never knew some of these. :0 Really great material as always. I’d like a video on the hardest parts of the body. OwO

  • Nice video and I agree with most of what he says, however does this guy really know how to fight? I mean he explains everything and seems legit, still just looking at some videos won't actually teach you how to defend yourself.

  • Pete Pimpernel says:

    I've bookmarked this video. The advice about knives being used against the one with the knife is something that needs to be shown to youths. As for winning a fight when you feel your life is in danger, it is "strike first, strike fast and strike hard!" Otherwise walk away from it, else the court will condemn you to jail if you hit first.

  • CodeRedDefence is very inspiring I have people all the time asking me to teach them to fight I would rather teach them to defend them self in any situation mostly because I have been in a lot of bad situations my self mostly life and death just from being in the wrong place at the wrong time but I do what ever I have to go get away form it and/or them I would appreciate if you would message me personally because I have a couple questions if you wouldn't mind

  • If you live in a neighborhood with a low crime rate, lock your doors at night, keep a dog that barks when strangers come near, and report any suspicious activity to the police, then you are already doing everything you can to keep yourself safe. Anyone who says otherwise is trying to sell you something.

  • blubber kuchen says:

    I think in case of sequences theres a small missunderstanding. if you JUST do this without any sparring your completely right. But if you see sequences and kata as an extension to your knwoledge from sparring i think its quite usefull. of course a block will never come perfect in anyway. but if you trained the "perfect block" often enough its in your muscle memory. so when you block an actual punch or whatever you may get a better block. at leastl this stuff (especially kata) offers some way of exposing yourself (can be good against aggression as well as against depression 😉 ) but good video anyway :3

  • I am studying martial arts, but in real-life situations, there is a better way. So, I completely agree with this video. It's best to attempt talking your way out first and if they have a weapon, submit and give them your possessions, or if a fight is imminent, fight fast and "fight dirty". Hell, a flashlight to the eyes or yelling "FIRE" is an awesome way to diffuse the situation and attract the attention of others. I will always continue to study martial arts, but it's more for "meditation", "health", and "agility". Street fights tho? Unless you are extremely FAST and in perfect shape, maybe, just maybe you could complete steps 1 through 6. It would be nice if we could do the movie stuff, but that's a concept, not reality.

  • When I hear that stupid thing : I live in a safe neighborhood…
    It gives me hurt in the stomach…
    – There's nowhere on this esrth something like a safe neibhourhood.
    Shitt hapens ewerywhere.

  • So many variables can happen .even if your trained to have a higher chance to survive if you have trained n not panic

  • I have found the best “litmus test” as to whether a person actually has been in fights in their lifetime is: whether think attacking someone’s genitals is going to do anything

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