Top 10 Reasons Bruce Lee May Have Been Superhuman

Top 10 Reasons Bruce Lee May Have Been Superhuman

Top 10 Reasons Bruce Lee May Have Been Superhuman 10. The Dragon Flag Bruce Lee was fanatical about fitness; according
to his widow Linda Lee, there was never a moment Bruce wasn’t working out (the guy would
watch TV doing full splits). Of all the muscles in the body, Lee was most concerned with building
up his core, as he believed that the core (stomach area) is used in almost all movement,
hence was greatly important to martial arts. Is his quest to improve his core strength,
Lee invented something now known as the Dragon Flag, in his honor. If you couldn’t guess
already, it’s considered one of the most difficult core exercises out there. Because Lee didn’t
mess around. Stallone may have brought the move to peoples attention in Rocky 4, but
Lee took it to another level, reportedly being able to support his entire frame on the edge
of a bench, with only his shoulders touching anything, all while the rest of his body remained
perfectly rigid and horizontal to the ground. Just imagine for a second that you’d been
scheduled to fight Lee, and heard all of these rumors about him, only to see him floating
in mid air. You’d run away from that set so fast that you’d explode through time to the
premiere of the movie in which he kicks your ass. 9. Catching Rice With Chopsticks Remember that scene in the Karate Kid were
Pat Morita catches a fly with chopsticks? Yeah, Bruce Lee topped that. It was reported
that Bruce was so keen to increase his reflexes, that he would throw rice into the air and
try to catch it on the way down. Because being able to react to a small piece of rice travelling
straight down is clearly the best way to prepare for large men trying to punch you. Martial
arts! Although seemingly impractical, the sheer
amount of dexterity and skill required for such a feat meant that his hands had to be
permanently balled into fists near women, so their hips wouldn’t detach themselves from
their body, and instinctively run towards him. Probably. 8. He Was Too Strong For Regular Heavy Bags In his time, Lee used a multitude of custom-built
exercise machines that were usually created just for him by a close friend, James Lee.
Some of them were made due to requests from Lee himself; others were built out of sheer
necessity. Lee’s heavy bag is an example of the latter. Coming from an unknown source, Lee’s custom
heavy bag literally taunted others with its immense size. Normal heavy bags clock in at
around 70 pounds, with some clocking in at a much meatier 150. Lee’s weighed THREE-HUNDRED
POUNDS. And it was filled with friggin’ metal. Not because he was showing off, but because
he literally couldn’t use a lighter, non-metallic one without breaking it. There are conflicted,
and often confused, stories that claim Lee was able to kick a heavy bag clear through
the ceiling. Though he may not have ever done that, he did give a guy whiplash by kicking
one too hard. Seriously. 7. One-Fingered Pushups. One-Armed Pullups How many push-ups could you do right now?
If the answer is anything other than “so many the Earth will think I’m trying to mate with
it,” you’re just not up to the standards of Bruce Lee. In his younger days, Lee reportedly
liked to show off while training. And one of his favorite tricks was one-fingered push
ups. It’s exactly what it sounds like, and Bruce did them for no other reason than to
show that he could. What’s your party trick? Bet it seems kind of sucky now, doesn’t it? Bruce’s immense strength wasn’t just limited
to his fingers either; he was also able to do one-armed pull-ups, with some sources claiming
he was able to bust out 50 like it wasn’t even a big deal. Of course, this ability wasn’t
unique to Bruce, but the fact he did it simply because he could kind of makes you proud to
live in a world where his biceps existed. 6. The One-Inch Punch This is one of Lee’s more famous feats, and
it’s no surprise why. Lee was able to summon so much power in his arms, that he could knock
a fully grown adult male over from less than an inch away. That’s a feat so impressive
that scientists poked around in martial artists’ brains, just to see how such a thing was even
possible. There’s even rare footage of Lee doing the one-inch punch on a wooden board,
presumably just so trees watching at home would know their place. And there are stories
about him using it on inner city school kids, because Bruce valued teaching the next generation.
Lesson one: don’t mess with him. 5. You Literally Couldn’t Punch Him Bruce Lee, being a huge star who was famous
for being really, really good at fighting people, naturally spent a lot of his time
being challenged to street fights, because people in the ’70s were shockingly stupid. The fights almost always ended the same way:
with Bruce shrugging them off, because fighting random passers-by served no purpose. Sometimes
though, the challengers just plain insisted, and thus Bruce had to get nasty. In his life,
there were three verified times Lee was challenged to a fight, and none of his opponents could
even land a single hit on him’ he was simply too fast. When he was challenged on the set
of Enter the Dragon, Bruce took apart his opponent by deftly avoiding every blow, and
by locking him against a wall. He then stood him up, and give him a lesson. Admittedly, I fail to see the logic in teaching
a guy who starts random street fights how to better beat people up. I won’t question
it though, purely because I’ll be dead one day and I’ll have to justify my decision to
Lee and his ghost army. 4. He Could Grab A Coin Out Of Your Hand,
And Replace It With Another Coin Lee’s speed is so legendary that most cheetahs
have a photo of him on their walls, and Usain Bolt has to watch his movies in slow motion. One of Lee’s most impressive feats of speed,
was his ability to snatch a coin from your hand. The usual protocol would be Lee placing
a coin in your hand, after which he’d stand a few feet away. He’d then instruct you to
close your palm as soon as you saw him move. When you saw the blur of movement that was
Bruce Lee, you’d snap your hand shut and feel a round object. Your smugness would only last
so long though, since your next sight would be Lee smiling while holding your coin, leaving
you to open your own hand and see a different coin that Lee had placed there in less than
a second. This was usually the last thing most fans saw before their heads exploded
out of frustration. It’s no surprise that Lee died young; he clearly experienced time
at twice the rate normal people do. 3. He Was Too Fast For Cameras Of The Time
To Film It’s an oft-repeated fact that Lee’s movements
were too fast for cameras to film, so they had to slow down the footage. Well, there’s
some truth to that. For some reason though, people seem to miss out the coolest part. When this problem first arose, Lee was on
the set of the Green Hornet, where he noted that all of the fight scenes simply showed
him standing still while people fell over in front of him. For some reason the show’s
producer didn’t like the idea of a sidekick with magical mind powers, so he asked Lee
to slow down, which he did, which produced a blur instead. Lee was so fast, that he had
to slow down to first be seen as a blur. This is the first time that sentence has been used
about something other than an overweight person eating. 2. He Once Dislocated A Guy’s Shoulder, With
A Slap If you’re going to claim someone has superhuman
powers, it makes sense to show them completely outclassing a regular person. Because this
is Bruce Lee though, how about we have him outclass a highly trained martial artist instead? As noted, Bruce required special training
equipment that could cope with his power. On occasion though, he would spar and train
with people stupid enough to stand within kicking distance of Bruce Lee. That distance,
by the way, was also known as any country Bruce Lee was currently in. In one such case, it’s noted that Bruce dislocated
a guy’s arm during training. When confronted, Bruce became genuinely confused since according
to him, “it was more of a slap than a punch.” Just read that back; Bruce was so much stronger
than regular people, he could dislocate their shoulders with something he considered a light
slap. Holy crap, what happened when he actually hit someone with full force? Well … 1. His Kicks Literally Sent People Flying
Through The Air For all his strength and training, Bruce Lee
rarely ever showed his true power. Mainly because, as shown, he was capable of injuring
people just by standing too close to them. However, Bruce did have one trick he liked
to use. One of Lee’s most treasured possessions was his training shield, which he reportedly
took everywhere with him. One of his favorite “pranks” was to have people hold this shield
and let him kick them. During the time he was alive, these were words that undertakers
had pre-inscribed on tombstones, just in case. The amount of power he put into each kick
varied, but it’s noted that he could easily lift people into the air with one of his blows. When you’re able to make other people escape
Earth’s gravity, simply by kicking them, it’s only a matter of time until God takes notice,
and brings you to Heaven
to serve as his personal bodyguard.


100 thoughts on “Top 10 Reasons Bruce Lee May Have Been Superhuman”

  • William CLANCY says:

    I broke my thumb doing thumb push ups with arms fully extended but not until I had already done 10 successfully.

  • He was tiny skinny Chinese. Never fought in real fight that is why we can't se even one video. But even on films he is crap.

  • I am not surprised that he was told to slow down, this has happened again when Jackie Chan faced off against Jet Lee.  The director had to keep telling the actors to slow down, and even then they still had to slow the footage down a lot, but when you watch the seen you are blown away by the speed….imagine if they hadn't slowed everyone and everything down.  Another note:  Jackie Chan frequently was a stunt man for Bruce Lee……just saying…

  • Enormously many in the past , born , lived and left leaving a piece of memory , where as Bruce Lee 1ly , appeared , lived outstandingly
    and left , by leaving his existential
    force nature in memory of time even beyond millennium ?

  • Jeffrey Paasch says:

    Man i saw Bruce Lee catch a flying bullet shot out of a gun with his thumb and a finger.
    Then he through it back at the dude by hand and killed him!

  • Stefan Schleps says:

    That was funny. But Lee's kung fu sucked! Could he fight ? Bu sl two three year olds in a sandbox. Glod kung fu men live to at least. RIP LIL DRAGON.

  • I love Bruce Lee. The commentator of this video, however, not; childish and immature; trying to be funny and cool but missing the mark by a wide margin.

  • I. Sorin Jiga says:

    As I have a problem believing anything so incredible, I'm wondering if there is any kind of hard proof for anything that is stated here. Hear say and a few Hollywood movies are clearly not proof and testimonies from family and close friends is not what anybody would consider irrefutable proof. I wish all this is true though, I really want a world where 'magic' is real…

  • klown mittenz says:

    You do realize that there are little girls today 12 and up to 16 that could destroy Bruce in a real life? Also Bruce Lee was apparently never in a real fight. My daughter to could do the three inch punch at 10.

  • Trevor Reilly says:

    Lmao doing so many push ups that the earth thinks your trying to mate with it! That's the funniest thing I have heard in months!!!

  • What a load of BS . The guy weighed 9 stone soaking wet ! The 1 inch punch can be done by fucking anyone it's all about physics . You hit the central body mass or solar plexus and even the smallest guy can send the biggest sprawling .

  • Steve Greenfield says:

    Chuck Norris waited until Bruce Lee was dead 30 years before saying he could have beat Lee.

    Same for Vic Moore. Long after Lee was dead, he started claiming that he =had= blocked the punches.

    But he kept looking over his shoulder.

  • Douglas Bolton says:

    He was and is he's that young child you see in the gymnasium working on his stance and form with loose intense power practices building his way up to personified fitness and agility!!

  • Sociopath Thought Process says:

    om the push ups, i actually see to points of contact, that a one finger push or what, you guys stop fantasizing

  • Screwball Entertainment says:

    I used to be an amateur boxer for a few years and started studying many different athletes training regiments. Manny Pacquiao, Georges St-Pierre, Triple H, "Smokin" Joe Fraiser, ect. And then I decided to look into Bruce Lee's training. My mind still hasn't fully comprehended how incredible he was. I remember the day I got my roadwork down below 8 minutes per mile… Bruce did his miles in 6 if I'm not mistaken. Just to be clear, I would train at the boxing gym two hrs 5 days a week, for a time I only ate a banana and a can of tuna per day to drop weight class, 1,300 crunches (cuz Pacquiao did it), jump rope for an hr, and jog 3-4 miles a minimum of 5 days a week… my training couldn't have tied Bruce's shoes.

  • Bruce Lee was not superhuman, in his learned wisdom, he showed health, he showed strength, he showed most of all, thought, give a genius iron, he makes steel..

  • Bruce was a very clever and brave young man, he was truly inspirational for most of us but everything here ranges from the doubtful to the ridiculous

  • Martin Desrocher says:

    and most impressive lets not forget that all this power came from a 110 lbs men at the end of his life. and he hit like a heavy weight. weight class meant nothing with him,he was feather weight that hit like a heavy weight ! much respect to the master of all masters.and he got to this level of perfection by training all his life 7 days a week. i dont think that there ever anyone with the level of dedication this man had,which is why he was the way he was. R.I.P. Bruce you deserve it more than anyone.

  • Bruce Lee wasn't s real fighter. He didn't even do the somersault over the monks' arms in Enter The Dragon. It was a famous HK stuntman that did that.

  • Robert Anthony says:

    Bruce Lee wasn't doing push ups on 1finger he was using 2fingrrs when he was doing those 1arm 2finger push ups. As can be clearly seen in the picture

  • Yusuf Salahuddin says:

    He went to the high school my kinz went 2 the stories gos the og chose that day to mess with bruce sent him to the hospital with a broke rib 1 punch

  • Sara Makes Art says:

    I would think being able to injure people that easily would cause a person a lot of stress. I know it would for me.

  • Who trained him? Also did he train with the Buddhist monks? Some of his moves sound similar to Buddhist monk training

  • Don't leave out that he only weighed 135lbs, soaking wet, or would that mean he actually touched the Earth? BE LIKE WATER!

  • holy honey badger says:

    One time he dislocated a guys elbow ….dude was freaking out ….Bruce walked back over and reset it just as fast as he dislocated ….they became friends

  • Pasting Angolo says:

    I was not there to witness Lee's ability and neither were you, but I believed if Mohammad Ali wasn't recorded we will still have haters… but one story told by more than a thousand persons has to be 90+% true…

    We were not there in the times of Alexander the great and even Leonadise of 300 Sparta, it was all made known to us by history…

    Lemme ask a question those in the armies and your Profesional fighters who would win a real fight… I'll tell you this the soldier will kill him coz they have that killer instincts, so stop comparing sport champions to what's real

  • Jackie Chan does his own stunts tho….but Bruce was a Chinese born American there fore he has to be the best even tho China has more martial artists..there are Muay Thai fighters who have fought over 200fights but Bruce Will always be the best because he is martial artist and American movie star

  • Catching rice with chop sticks is no where as impressive as catching a fly with chop sticks, if it's possible! A fly in unpredictable, a grain of rice you have the idea of it's direction! Bruce probably failed catching a fly so he had to settle with rice!

  • Bruce Lee was not superhuman, He just did very Hard work and fully concentrated on Martial Arts Day and Night.

  • Screw The Net says:

    HE had achieved a natural state of inner chi that was uncommon in 99%+ of humans beings. Whether because his parents had the potential, an ancestor of his, or it was just fated to be and something else, the man was more powerful than most understood, studying under IP Man himself. If Bruce Lee had not died, he would have gained a literal chi power that most would only know about because of cheesy or over the top supernatural chinese drama films about spiritualists that outdo even kung fu masters. What could have been, we can only look to younger generations to outdo, or science to achieve now. R.I.P, Master Lee.

  • Mike Bittinger says:

    You know Bruce Lee is a badass when Conor McGregor says if he was alive in his prime he would be the undisputed champion and nobody could beat him that's pretty big praise coming from one of the greatest UFC fighters in history

  • I know this kid,20, thinks cause he fights idiots in the street that he can beat anyone.. No matter if they are trained martial artist even 2,3rd degree black belts and I told him there are people that can kill him without much effort.. And he gets upset..hate for him to find out the hard way..

  • There are so many "I heard he could…." and "He could reportedly……" Bruce Lee stories that I basically don't believe anything about him anymore.

  • I don't know know about superhuman, but definitely up there as far as the pinnacle of human ability goes, not due to any kind of superpower or special talent, just ruthless unending hard work which you can't help but admire

  • 10 9 done 8 wha… 7 = 3 …. 6= never 5= one hit 2 defend and …4 one set get bloody nose… ask stypid….i can im slow….3 = kato…24 frame… 2 me……uhm nah…1 = 5

  • Gerald Limpahan says:

    It's a Chinese open secret that Bruce Lee broke the void and ascended to the Immortal Realm after his cultivation reached it's peak in less than a hundred years apparently the Heavenly Dao detected that he was having a hard time suppressing his power level so it did him a favor he eventually became the essential prototype of a Wuxia (Martial Hero) becoming a Xianxia (Immortal Hero) in Chinese Novels.

  • Right then Lee… park, Bears Head pub, Macclesfield, 11:30pm next Friday night….I’ll have one hand tied behind my back to give you a chance…..

  • When I was preparing for my black belt exam I watched Enter the Dragon, several times, in stop motion. A lot of what he did was misdirection. For instance, He would move his hand towards your head, then hit you in your chest. Unbelievably fast! And, no, I’m not comparing my self to the man, just saying I tried to use some of his techniques. Amazing man.

  • Bahram GhezelAyagh says:

    Well , he was supper sport man on marsal art, is more apropiate, you would understand if you love the art like me,

  • heather perkins says:

    Anything in this world is possible, contrary to what we have been taught our whole life. The super human ability comes from within. Celebs and the elite are more prone to showcasing those abilities because they are not held under the extreme amount of poverty, consume much less fluoride, and are "allowed" to tap in to their inner strength. All of this is going to change as the house of cards is going to fall hard for the entertainment industries, religion, and then the medical world. Exciting times for planet Earth 💫💙🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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