Top 10 Bruce Lee Movies

Top 10 Bruce Lee Movies

In his short 32 years of life, the legendary
Bruce Lee has revolutionized film, pop culture, philosophy and martial arts. The world has been influenced and changed
for the better by his artistry. And has single handedly brought together eastern
and western culture and increased the popularity of martial arts movies throughout the World. With that being said, check out this ridiculous
fucking clip of bruce lee playing ping ping, let’s pay homage to the greatest. Welcome to our list of the Top 10 Bruce Lee
Movies. Number 10: The Kid
((15 seconds of fight scene for each number)) As his first leading role in film at the age
of 10, this 1950 Hong Kong drama film starring young Bruce Lee was the beginning of his legendary
quest to becoming the greatest Martial Arts actor of all time. Co- starring with his own father Lee Hoi-
Chuen, young Bruce plays an orphan that is raised by a skilled thief. cough cough, sorry, let me drink my Waaaattttaaa! Number 9: In The Face of Demolition
Regarded as one of the best Chinese motion pictures, this black and white film of young
Bruce Lee is super low key.. As most Americans have no idea, that he was
ever in this movie. Directed by Lee Tit, yes that’s his real
name and produced by Chan Man, this 1953 film is a must watch if you’re a true Bruce Lee
fan. Number 8: The Orphan
In this 1960 drama film starring the teenage bruce Lee, he plays a young thug Orphan who
gang bangs for the Triads who loots and steals. But after Bruce’s character Ah Sam becomes
friends with the headmaster of a local school, he gives up the thug life and becomes a student. This film is credited to show Bruce Lee’s
diverse acting skills. Number 7: Marlowe
“The word is you’re a cool cat”…Bruce Lee plays Winslow Wong in this 1969 neo noir
film, starring James Garner. As James refuses to take the 500 dollars to
keep quiet, Bruce Lee goes all Bruce Lee and fucks up his whole office in seconds.. Even jump kicking the chandelier. Fucking gangster. Number 6: The Big Boss
Written by Bruce Lee and director Wei Lo, when The Big Boss debuted in 1971, it was
the highest grossing film of all time in Hong Kong beating out the Sound of Music. The film was based on the true story of Cheung
Chiu-on who fought tyrants in Thailand. This film was credited for launching Bruce
Lee’s fame all across Asia. Number 5: The Thunderstorm
This 1957 Hong kong drama starring Bruce lee shot him up to super stardom in China and
Hong Kong. The Thunderstorm was based on a play by Chinese
play writer Cao Yu called Thunderstorm. Young Bruce Lee was pulling mad ass with that
combover, next time ask your barber to hook you up with the Thunderstorm Bruce lee.. Number 4: Fist Of Fury
In the darkest story line of Lee’s films, Fist of Fury has one of the more epic fight
scenes ever in an martial arts action flick.. As Bruce Lee fights hordes of Japanese fighters
to avenge the death of his master who was assassinated by a spiteful Japanese school. when you search fist of fury on pornhub, you
don’t get a bruce lee movie. Thats forsure. Number 3: Game Of Death
When a 5 year old boy amazingly reenacted the famous Nunchuk scene from The Game Of
Death, it brought back awesome child hood memories. This 1972 unfinished Hong Kong film , was
directed, written, and starred by Bruce Lee. Tell me guys in the comment section below,
How sick was that showdown scene between him and Kareem Abdul Jabbar? Sadly, The Game OF Death was his last role
as he died during the making of the film. Number 2: Way Of The Dragon
Considered a culture clash comedy, Lee takes the nunchuck game to the next level going
double fisted nunchuck mode in Lee’s directorial debut. An epic finale fight scene between his real
life student Chuck Norris at the Colosseum goes down as an iconic moment. Did you know Chuck Norris’ Guns carry him
for protection? And yes, bruce lee beat Chuck up and then
taught him the way of the dragon…some say, that was the passing of the torch of bad-assness..I
think i might have invented a word.. Number 1: Enter The Dragon
Easily the greatest Martial arts movie of all time, and it’s not just the fight scenes
but the overall well rounded plot, like his roundhouse kick. Lee’s character’s sister commits suicide
from the crime boss han’s henchmen, he participates in the underground fighting tournament held
by Han and seeks revenge. Enter the Dragon is considered by many filmmakers
as the benchmark to creating an epic martial arts movie. And there you have it, our list of the Top
10 Bruce Lee Movies. Did we miss any other great films by the great
one ? If so, mention them in the comment section below, and as always/don’t forget to like,
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  • I feel way of the dragon waa number 1, follow by fist of fury then enter the dragon. Chuck norris fight is the best bruce lee fight ever. I enjoy the fight scenes the most in way of the dragon and fist of fury. Game od death i enjoy the stuff bruce did and possibly could have become the best if he didnt die and was able to fully complete it instead of just having 20 to 30 mins and the rest a stunt double. Plus i heard that it was suppose to have steve mcqueen and chuck norris in it. More actors bruce made friends with if he didnt die. I feel they probably didnt make it the same story excatly the way bruce would have had it made.

  • Chuck Norris wasn't Bruce Lee's student. Chuck was already a well established Karate fighter before entering the world of acting.

  • 0:26 I love bruce Lee but that's fake if you look at the original source they just were using editing tools he didn't use nunchucks

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  • S.Gurusharan S.Gurusharan says:

    enter the dragon
    , way of the dragon, bigg boss, game of death , fist of fury ,this 5 movie also iam watching this also top 5 movie in lee movie .☺

  • Game of death was good, however many fans of Bruce lee knows he hates loosing a fight, for example when he was in the batman and robin series he was set to lose a fight against robin but refused to act!They had to change the script! Bruce hated to lose so the fact they had him lose like 2 times in the movie just goes against what he would’ve wanted!

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