Top 10 Best Fighting Anime

Top 10 Best Fighting Anime

Welcome, everybody, to my Top 10 Best Fighting Anime! My name is Misty/Chronexia, and today I’m hoping to bring you the clash of the century. It’s not gonna be Logan Paul v.s. KSI big, but hey, we’re gonna make it fun! A few years ago, I made a similar Top 10 called the best martial arts anime. It was pretty decent, but not quite to the flavor I wanted, so I’m doing a different spin on it. The rules are simple. It has to be revolving around fighting. I’m not reusing any of the previous titles I had on that list, so if you’re not satisfied because a show you expected didn’t make the cut… It’s probably cuz it’s shit or it ended on the other list. And I’m also avoiding the boring obvious entries. If you want Dragon Ball, Naruto, and Bleach, I mean go listen to WatchMojo. The point is to get you to watch new stuff, so let’s go! But before we actually dive in, I want to tell you that this episode is sponsored by BookWalker! My boys at BookWalker. You know them. You’ve heard of them before. They’re the amazing company that brings you awesome manga on the fly. This week until October 15, they’re having an event about the manga Baki, which is just in line with today’s list. If you dig some hot fighting action, this story will have you hooked. That’s a punching joke. The first chapter is free, you try it out. If you like it, boom! 50% of the first volume. Baki is NOT for the faint of heart. This is a series about underground martial arts. They’re fighting against death row inmates who have nothing to lose. It’s pure bloodshed in the coolest way possible. But if that gets you weak in the knees, because you like Roman stuff, feel free to browse BookWalker’s collection. There’s so much more to enjoy! If you use the coupon code “Misty,” you get five dollars off of any first purchase you make there. It’s essentially a book for free. Try one out with the link in the description below. It helps me out too, so that’s always fun. But let’s kick this list off now! Number 10: Sekirei I’m starting this off with something slightly mellow. Bit of action, bits of ecchi. For those who want a decent amount of entertainment without all the technicality of fighting. Sekirei is a tournament (not really) battle arena where a human teams up with an extraterrestrial alien girl …by sharing a kiss which awakens hidden abilities in her. She must face off against other enemies in this survival match called the Sekirei plan. Overall, it’s a fairly predictable anime that’s still quite enjoyable regardless. Reminds me of one of my favorite anime called My-HiME. Think of it like a mix between High School DxD, Freezing, and Fate/Stay Night. Easily digestible and quite entertaining. It wins the rank number 10. Number 9: Flame of Recca Let’s go back all the way to the late 90’s for this one. If you like all the best aspects of Dragon Ball, [Rurouni] Kenshin, Naruto, and Kaze no Stigma, this is gonna be right up your alley. Despite it’s slightly outdated visuals and the 3×4 format, Flame of Recca aged tremendously well. It’s a story of a ninja from a legendary wiped-out clan who can control fire. It’s… basically a differently flavored Itachi. Recca meets a girl with the power to heal any injuries, and together they unleash a chain of events that they constantly try to bounce back from. It’s a captivating anime with really fun battles that goes by in a flash. Number 9 is still pretty high on this list, but that takes nothing away from its greatness. I recommend it wholeheartedly. Number 8: Baki Aw hells yeah, I’m gonna include it in the list! Baki is a currently airing net anime with about 15 episodes out at the moment. It had a prequel about, like, 17 years ago called Baki the Grappler. Maybe you heard of it. It was about 48 episodes long if you truly want to start by the origin point. But, truth be told, it’s not paramount. Like I said earlier, the story is about Baki, a martial artist who must go up against death row inmates and defeat them in combat. Protect his title, and make his way to the top to challenge his father. Based on an equally good manga that you can read on BookWalker with the coupon code Misty! Shameless plug. It’s definitely a story I recommend Number 7: Hinomauzumou A little backstory time: Back in 2015, my girlfriend and I went to Japan. I proposed to her and she then became my wife. Awwww! Not the point of the story! While I was there, well, being the weeb that I am, I said to myself: “Yo, I’ll buy a copy of Shounen Jump. I can afford it.” In it was this manga called Hinomaruzumou, and I was 𝘩𝘰𝘰𝘬𝘦𝘥. Got back, read all the chapters, and now they’re making an anime? Sign me the fuck up! The anime just started airing, I don’t know which way I’ll go. My guess is they’re gonna knock it out of the park, same way they did with Food Wars. This story is about an aspiring sumo wrestler who joins the sumo club of his high school. Problem is that the main character is neither big nor heavy. It’s a great read and the anime is looking hella tight so far! Number 6: Krou Kara Ore Wa!! Here’s something a tiny bit more obscure that veterans of you might not know about. Kyou Kara Ore Wa is an OVA that came out in the 90’s, and it’s about two rebellious kids who are tired of their normal lives, so they seek out thrill by becoming delinquents. They meet and start off disliking each other, but they soon start to bond, and together, they’ll take on all of Japan’s delinquents. It can be a little bit tricky to find the anime, but if you do, you’ll have a hell of a good story. The characters are rich and nothing feels out of place. You have to keep in mind, it’s an older anime, so smartphones and stuff like that aren’t around at all, but if you like Great Teacher Onizuka, this should be right up your speed. Number 5: Megalo Box Megalo Box is an oddball, but to talk about it, I have to mention the anime Ashita no Joe. Ashita no Joe is an anime about boxing that came out in the 70’s. It was really good, so they made a reboot, and this is where Megalo Box comes in. It kept the same spirit that Ashita no Joe had, but it modernized it quite a bit. Each fighter is equipped with Gear, mechanical enhancement that makes each punch hit like a truck. Our main character Joe can’t afford this kind of equipment, so he enters the tournament as Gearless Joe, the underdog. Yet somehow, with his moxie, he fights his way up the ladder to challenge the top fighter and win the tournament. The anime is a great homage with pretty cool references if you saw the original. Try it, if you like underdog stories. Try it if you like underdog stories. Number 4: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure I’m gonna inject a bit of supernatural in this list. At this point, I think a lot of people know about JoJo. It’s kind of renowned as being the manliest anime ever. Weird poses, memes, and everything in between. But if you take a moment to truly study the anime, you’d find out that shows real core focus is purely fighting. Whether it’s to recruit someone or defeat an enemy, every battle is over the top and the character makes half the story. The plot begins with Jonathan Joestar, the son of a nobleman. After being rescued by a nobody, JoJo’s father takes in Dio, a child with a strong rivalry with Jonathan. Dio finds an ancient Aztec stone mask which grants him supernatural power, and he goes on a quest to destroy JoJo’s lineage. Really fun anime to try out, especially with friends! Number 3: History’s Strongest Disciple, Kenichi If you can only pick one anime from this list, I hope you’ll choose this one. History’s Strongest Disciple I think is the best fighting anime around. ♪ It’s the best around ♪ The story is about Kenichi, a wimpy kid with no real interest in fighting until he is forced into the karate club. As he goes through his meticulous training, Kenichi learns the various martial arts from Muay Thai to Jujitsu and everything in between. He must mix them all together to create his own style. It’s an action comedy with just enough romantic interest to keep things on its toes. This show I highly recommend to everyone, but mostly newcomers who simply want one hell of a good story that kicks ass. Because sometimes, that’s just what you want. Number 2: Katanagatari If you’re more into the Japanese lore, this might be more you’re speed. Katanagatari is the counter force to Kenichi. Just as entertaining, if not more, but with a whole different approach. This story’s about a girl who requests Shichika to join her in a quest to collect twelve unique swords known as the Deviant Blades. There’s a lot of great battle in this anime with loving characters and overall a really cool experience all together. A bit heavy on the Japanese folklore so it’s a bit understandable how this is not really for everyone, but well worth investing some time in. Because I can assure you you won’t regret watching this anime! I mean, it’s number two! Is that worth anything to you? “How much do you trust my opinion at this point?” is the real question you should be asking yourself. And finally, sitting at number one is: Yuu Yuu Hakushou This is the original tournament arc anime. Yuu Yuu Hakushou came out in the 90’s, with over a hundred episodes! Jesus that’s a lot! This story is about a delinquent boy who saves a kid from getting hit by a car… …dying in the process. The show starts off with some detective case where Yusuke tried to ward off evil presence on Earth, but eventually he’s transported to another realm, and together with a bunch of hoodlum, they must start training to defeat enemies who threaten humanity itself. I know saying this might rile up some people and I apologize in advance, (although not really because you should know by now), but Yuu Yuu Hakushou is just straight-up a better Bleach. Likable cast, climactic events, and then didn’t wear it out. *laughs* If it’s older look doesn’t turn you away, this is a very strong entry you should try. This is all I could cover for today. If there’s anything that catches your eye, be sure to try them out. They’re all fantastic in their own right. If I didn’t cover one you expected, swing by my Top 10 Martial Arts video, maybe it’ll be in there. And if not, then just leave it in comments below, I’m sure fellow viewers will appreciate it. Don’t forget to check out BookWalker’s sweet library! I can see your history and you haven’t clicked on it yet. And I know you’re not using incognito mode… because you’re not watching porn. They got a ton of different manga for you to appreciate and they’re – they’re cheap. If you use my coupon code Misty, you can save a lot on your first purchase too. Thanks for listening! Have a fun watch, and I’ll catch you guys next time!


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