Thriller Full Movie With English Subtitles CC | Malayalam Subtitle Cc Movie

Thriller Full Movie With English Subtitles CC | Malayalam Subtitle Cc Movie

You’re back? Sorry, I… You should’ve called.
I would have come to get you. Staying for dinner? Any news from the police? They say the investigation’s ongoing, – – that it’s normal for it to take time. Normal? So you think it’s normal now? They’ve contacted the French police,
who are going to cooperate. We have to be patient. It was an accident, Diane. May I? You wouldn’t have asked, in any case. Does it still work? I should’ve cancelled the contract
months ago. I just can’t. I tried to call you I don’t know
how many times. – You just disappeared…
– I was away. Heard anything new from the police? – You know it was a woman driving?
– What? A blonde. There were two of them in the car,
but the woman was driving. The man was in the passenger seat. I went to see the bus driver,
the main witness. He said the car was big,
like a BMW or a Mercedes. He wasn’t too sure about the color.
Said it was brown-ish. That’s all? He said it had twin headlights. It wasn’t easy, but I found four cars – – between Lugrin and Evian. They’re not really brown, but similar, coffee-coloured. I need to check them out. No, that’s not necessary. It’s not proof.
It’s just a few leads. And what do you think of them? I think to be sure, we need to find
the car. FOR SALE Hello. Is it yours? No, I was just looking. Hello, I was calling about the car
for sale. I’ll call back. I’m just asking you to go and see
the bus guy and show him the photos. That’s right. Call me back when you’ve spoken to him. OK. Dad Michel… Are you looking for anything
in particular? No, no. I was looking at moisturising
creams. It’s for the circles under my eyes. Exhaustion? Follow me. You should try this. It’s made with Japanese algae. We can’t boycott them over Fukushima,
can we? Do you do make-up? Of course. Is it for a special occasion? I just feel like a change.
Well, it’s for a wedding. But I’d like to try it out first. I’m all yours. Where are you from?
You don’t look familiar. – I’m Swiss.
– Are you staying here for a few days? I don’t know yet. And what do you do? In terms of work? I’m writing a book. I’m a writer. Really? What kind of books do you write? Love stories? And you? Me? Do you ever go to Lausanne? It’s the Swiss who come here. They buy their meat here,
where it’s cheaper. Have you worked here long? I started when I was 19. My boss retired in ’89. I took out a loan and bought her out. And I worked like mad. I’m a self-made woman. You’re pretty unusual. Why do you say that? Because usually I’m the one
who does the listening. That little idiot… Be right back. Delphine? Where’s my lipstick brush? Wednesday 25th March. Is there a problem? I suddenly got cramp. Not bad, huh? I’ve still got a bit
of blusher to apply. Don’t you like it? It’s… it’s perfect. If you don’t like it,
we can try something else. No, no, it’s fine. But I have to go. I’ll pay the bill now. Is this your car? Hello. Was it you who called? Sorry, it’s sold. I’m sorry to be so insistent.
How much were you offered? A little less than the asking price. I might be able to offer more. It’s a fine car. How old is it? It’s an SL, 1972. A pretty rare model. Can I try it out? – Now?
– Unless it’s inconvenient. You’re right. You have to test-drive a car! You OK? You put it in D, – – and it moves forward automatically. Do you work at the Spa? I give fitness lessons.
Anything related to well-being. So what do you think? Not bad, huh? It might not seem much, but it’s powerful. Needs taming. You seem to really love this car. Why are you selling? My partner
doesn’t like driving it any more. We’ve ordered something smaller, a Golf. It makes her feel more comfortable. Accelerate a bit to check it out. Was the car in an accident? I saw some work had been done
on the front. It’s just a bit of touching up. Touching up? Yes, well, just a bit.
But it’s fixed now. Do you have the bills for the repairs? I should be able to find them. In any case, there’s already
someone else who’s interested. I’m seeing him again this evening. Shit! – I’m so sorry. Really I am.
– Couldn’t you be more careful? If you get an estimate,
I’ll pay you for it. Or you could sell it to me. So did he recognise the car? He said it looked similar. OK, so he’s not going to stick his
neck out. I saw her. She runs a beauty salon. I checked her diary.
She wasn’t in Evian on March 25th. I also saw the car.
It’s them. It’s all there. We’ll have to get it examined.
If it’s the one, you’ve got them. Want me to check? I don’t know. I need to think it over. Know where I can find what I asked
you about? Diane, it’s me. Open the door. Open the door! Sorry. – Looks can be deceptive.
– What? The lake seems calm, but it’s
more dangerous than it looks. There’s been quite a few drownings here. It’s the Customs. Don’t move. Hello, it’s Hélène Roy, about the car.
Can you call me back? Wait! I wanted to thank you. For what? Fancy a drink? Yeah. You on holiday? What about you? Oh, no. I’m a local. Isn’t it obvious? I’m Vincent. Are you by yourself? Are you trying to pick me up? It was you who invited me for a drink. I’m just interested, that’s all. Do you cross the lake often? It’s one way of making a living. You can find anything in Switzerland. – Is it lucrative?
– Not bad. Especially the surprises. Another? Yes. Thanks. I wanted to… I’ve a favour to ask you. I’m looking for something. What is it? You still want it? What are you going to do? Do you know how to use it? I’ll manage. Will I see you again? Mum? Is that you? I didn’t think you’d come back. I’m sorry. I had an anxiety attack. That’s artists for you. You’re all so sensitive. A bit like barometers. That stuff about a wedding
was nonsense, wasn’t it? Yes. It was a stupid thing to say. I needed a bit of TLC and… – I was ashamed of coming here.
– You’re right to come back. We’re all looking for the same thing. A bit of attention. Do you have children? A daughter, yes. And you? I thought you did. You have that maternal look. By choice? What does your daughter do? Nothing. She’s finding herself. Result: She’s just bumming around. Look. This colour is really not bad. It’s rejuvenating.How do you feel?Well, a bit nervous.What are you going to play?Beethoven’sMoonlight Sonata.You really like that one?It wasn’t my choice.Apparently it’s popular…Adrienne Beaumont, please.Nothing to say? Good luck. Now the last movement. Come on. All the way, Mireille. That’s it. That’s good. Well done. See you next time. Goodbye. I didn’t expect to find you here. I’ve been watching you. You really
put them through the wringer. I wanted to apologise again,
about the car. Why didn’t you call me back?
Is the guy buying it then? He’s hesitating, but I think he’ll
take it. He’s just trying to haggle on price. – The repair will cost 1,500.
– I’ll pay for it. That’s what I told him. He asked for 24 hours to think about it. I’ll pay your asking price. It’d be a lot simpler if you just
sold it to me, wouldn’t it? Do you want to join in? I haven’t paid. Don’t worry.
The first session is free. Shoulders down. Relax the neck. That’s good. Careful. That’s it. And relax. That’s great. Just lengthen a bit. There you go. Excellent. I can’t believe you’d rather
sell the car to some guy. You never give up, do you? I like the car. I can pay more. 12,000? And you’ll pick it up as soon
as we have the new one? It’ll be in a day or two. You’re too far away. You have to be really close. 5 metres. No more.
If not, you won’t get anywhere. Stand there. Relax your shoulders. Hold out your arm. That’s it. Put your left hand here. You’re all set. Put it away. Let’s go. Hello. Oh, hello. I wasn’t expecting… What are you doing here? The same as you, it seems. You know, Evian’s a small place. It’s difficult not to bump
into each other. I can’t make up my mind. Are you planning just to walk, or something more strenuous? Do you know le Pic des Mémises? I love that walk. Does it get crowded? Hiking in the middle of a crowd
isn’t really my thing. There are a lot of little trails
that are quieter. Really? When I was younger I wore these. But now… They don’t really suit me. Don’t look at me like that,
it’s embarrassing. Stop it. You’re very pretty.
Hasn’t anyone told you? You still look great for your age. You’re so nice. How old do you think I am? Go on, tell me! I don’t know. You don’t dare, huh? Maybe that’s why you write. You don’t dare in real life. Ah, there’s my daughter. Élodie, this is… What is your name? Hélène. A client. – Are we going? I’m late.
– I have to go too. Where are you staying? At the Savoy. Why? It’s just that Michel, my partner,
has a little house he rents out. It’s simple but very pleasant. You’d have peace and quiet
for your writing. Would you like to see it? I don’t know. You could take her, couldn’t you? Tomorrow, afternoon, 2:30? – Elo?
– OK. That’s settled. See you soon. Good evening, Mrs Le Roy. What’s going on? Nothing. I’m taking a rest. Stop it. Come with me, we’re going home. Look… There’s a restaurant down the street
by the lake. Get a table. I’ll join you there
when I’ve changed. Be right there. Simon, this is Vincent. Hello. Who’s he…? Sit down, Vincent. Come on. A toast. Sit down. Diane, this is just ridiculous. To this impromptu dinner! We’re leaving. Please. We have to go. Come with me. – Leave her.
– Get off me! – Please.
– Leave her. Keep out of it! What are you doing? Stop it! Leave him alone! I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Here. Thanks, Vincent. I feel relaxed with you. I’m your fool. Was that your husband? Yes. Well, he was. I have to go. I know why you’re here. Your detective called me. He told me you were in Evian. What does it change, being here? It won’t bring him back. – You just have to accept it.
– Accept what? You’re the one who should
be here instead of me. I’m doing this for Luc. And for us. You’re doing this for yourself.
Let the cops do their job. Stop being so reasonable. They’ve had time to do their job already. I’ve found them. And what are you going to do? I want to talk to them. Make them see me.
Make them see his mother. Make them realise. We have to tell the police.
Don’t make me do it. You remember – – when I disappeared the night
before the medical exams? And you laughingly – – said that I do absolutely anything. And that’s what you liked most
about me. All I’m asking, Simon, – – is that you trust me. And not to call the police right now. You really freaked me out! I’m sorry, I was distracted. Turn right. Is it far? Around 15 minutes away. Are you planning to stay long? I don’t know… A week or two. It’s not that well insulated.
It’s often cold. There. It’s pretty here. It must be peaceful. It’s your little den, is that it? Yes. You don’t really want me
to come here. Don’t worry. It’s too remote for me. I’d be scared
of getting depressed here. It’s lovely, though. It must be cool living here,
at your age. Or not. Come on! It’s great once you’re in! Ever wanted to work with your mother? Are you joking? Dealing with a bunch of old women
who want to stay young! I guess when you put it like that… Living here is like death. There’s nothing.
Just one shitty nightclub. Do you want to leave? I’m off as soon as I can.
I want to go to Paris. But my mother… she just doesn’t get it. She’s always been a bit heavy-going, – – but for a while now it’s been hellish. It’s good to just take off.
You’re right. Shoulders down. Breathe calmly. 5 metres. No more. Yes, but… Hello, Helene. Hello. – So? What about the house?
– A bit too isolated for me. I think I’d be scared to be alone
at night there. – To each their own fears.
– Going for lunch? Sure you don’t want anything else?
It’s on me. No, thanks. I got you this. – You shouldn’t have…
– I wanted to. Thank you, they’re… Very pretty. – Just my style.
– Yes. Try them on. What? Have I done something wrong? It’s just I find all this so bizarre. What do you mean? Your being so nice, your present, – – all your questions… You know, I might well not be
as nice as I seem. I’m sure you don’t always feel
all smiles. But I don’t mind. What are you playing at? Nothing. It’s not as if I know a lot of people
around here. What do you think of her? My daughter. She’s young. She’s got chutzpah. She’s being difficult. She can be so unpleasant to me. Teenagers are like that. Would you like to go for a hike sometime? I don’t know. I usually go walking by myself. The forecast’s good for tomorrow. OK, then. The registration documents. Would you mind taking me home? Sure. Is this the right way back to your house? I don’t feel like going home
straight away. Where are you going? Somewhere worth the detour. What are you doing? I’m wondering why you’ve fought
so hard for this car. I was clumsy. You were so insistent about the car,
I thought that…Luc…I see you everywhere.I just wanted to hear your voice.I miss you.You can’t imagine how much I miss you.This is Luc. Leave a message,
maybe I’ll call you back.
How’s your novel coming along? Well. May I confide in you? Of course. I’ve based one of the characters
on you. Ah, so that’s what it’s all about! What what’s all about? All those questions! Does it bother you? Tell me if it bothers you. I don’t think so, no. It doesn’t bother me. It’s just a bit new to me. I’m not the baddie, I hope? The baddie is a bitch. A real bitch. It’s a shame you didn’t like the house. It’s got so many good memories. It’s where I used to go
with my partner, at first. I felt like a teenager. And what about you? Do you live alone? I’m separated. It’s been 6 months now. I admire couples who are able
to stay the distance. Are you married? Been there, done that! Shall we sit down? He left when our child was two. What’s your partner’s name? Michel. You get on well? Yes. Well… it’s not always easy. He’s 13 years younger than me. And that makes it complicated. Sometimes I wonder if he’s seeing
somebody else. You know what I did? One evening I went through his mobile. I didn’t find anything. That’s what was really weird.
There was nothing at all. I imagined him deleting every single text. Every call. I have the feeling he doesn’t
want me any more. He must have someone else. You can try all kinds of things,
but a day comes when… The desire has gone. I’m losing him. You OK? Yes. I don’t think I can go any further. Would you mind if we went back? Ah, I’m so pleased you’ve come. I didn’t think you would. A glass of champagne? – Are you OK?
– I know it’s you. What do you mean, it’s me? Ah there he is! I hadn’t ordered
enough champagne! So… Michel, Helene. Helene, Michel. Hello! How are you? What… Do you two know each other? Should I put these over there? I hope you’re proud of yourself. All those questions,
it was just sick curiosity – – about the stupid bitch! You’re not wearing my earrings. I hardly ever do. My son didn’t like me wearing jewellery. – What, your son? I thought…
– He’s dead. He was run over 7 months ago.
I know it was you. What are you talking about?
You’re completely crazy! You’re talking nonsense. You know what? Leave here right now. Get out! The boy you ran over in Lausanne. That was my son. What? A bus driver saw you. Look. Look familiar? You’re mistaken. I’ve never run
anyone over. We’ve got nothing to do with this. You think we wouldn’t have stopped? When was it? I haven’t been to Lausanne
for two years. 25th March. A Wednesday. He was coming out of
the Conservatory. 25th March? 25th… Look here, – – I was in Paris on the 25th. A training course at L’Oréal. You can ring them if you don’t
believe me. Go on. Ring them. The woman, she was blonde. It was your car. I’m telling you it wasn’t me.
I was in Paris. And what about him? Michel. Wasn’t he there? You’re talking nonsense. And anyway… When you find
the people who did it, – – what difference will it make? What was your son’s name? Luc. I’m sorry about what happened. But we’ve got nothing to do with it. So please get out of my life. – You think only of yourself!
– Stop acting like a kid! I need to know. You were with your stepfather
on 25th March. In Lausanne. Your mother wasn’t there. You were. It was you, wasn’t it? It was you… You know who I am? – You know who I am? It was you!
– I didn’t see him. I didn’t see him! There was the bus. I wasn’t
speeding, the light went red. I didn’t see him, I swear. There was a noise against the car. I can’t stop thinking about it. At first, your son got up. I didn’t want to just drive off
like that. But Michel told me not to stop,
to just keep driving. So I did. Your son’s destroyed my life. I didn’t mean to. It’s Michel. He’ll be here in a minute. I was scared. I called him. Get out of the car! Even if it’s just a dog, you stop. Leave, now. Get out! I don’t know what to say. I had no idea. Is Élodie at home? She’s making a statement. She wants to forget. You know, – – I’d have done like you. I was on the phone to him – – when it happened. My name is Diane. Hello. You know who I am? Yes. – Got a minute?
– Yes. I didn’t know about you.
Luc was secretive. We played in the orchestra together. It’s Bach you’re rehearsing? TheConcerto in F Minor. We’re performing in two weeks
at the Stravinski Auditorium. Luc filmed you at your audition. That’s how I saw you. We were together a lot. Sometimes, I’d get home late. My father would yell at me. It’s just that we were hanging out
together – – and then I’d miss the bus. I’ve got something to show you. It’s theRieding Concerto.What are you going to play?– TheRieding Concerto.
– In B minor?


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