Three Awesome Abanico Corto Techniques!

Three Awesome Abanico Corto Techniques!

Hello! Brian Johns of Bamboo Spirit
Martial Arts. Tonight we’re gonna go through a couple of abanico corto
techniques that you can do off angle two. But first, let’s cover the basic abanico
corto off angle two. Okay, so he’s gonna give me angle two. I block and the thing I
need to do is to move this arm and move the stick out of the way in order to do
the abanico corto. Here’s what I mean. I go to here. See how I move his arm and
my sticks is in position to hit him. and now I can get into a position to
do anything I want. Let’s go through that slowly. So we go here. I need to move
the stick from here to here. What I don’t want to do it to slide in under to do
the abanico corto. You see the problem? I’m gonna eat the stick. I don’t want
that. So what I need to do is to raise the stick from two o’clock to about
noon. See right here. Now I’m in the position to pop my arm on his arm to do
the abanico corto. Now, let’s do a couple of techniques that you can
practice at home. The first one takes advantage of the reverse double zero.
Where it goes from my left shoulder to my right hip. Like this here. Okay. Let’s try
that. So we go here now as soon as I get into this position, I bait Alex and this
is where I can execute the reverse double zero. Right here. Let’s do that
again so you can see. So you go here abanico corto, bait. Here’s the
reverse double zero. That’s have devastating technique. One more time.
Here. BOOM! – here. Like that? Wow! This is one of my favorite techniques.
The second one is more of an exercise than a technique. So I’m doing the abanico corto technique and he punches. And we need to counter this
punch. Ok. So we go here and all of a sudden, he punches. I need to deal with
this. So one way we can deal with this is to do the clearing exercise. Right
here. Look at my hand, my left hand, the check hand. So if that comes, I chamber this
stick I hit and I strike. Let me speed that up just little bit. Boom to here. One more time. Slower. Here comes that
punch I need to do this. There are other options you could do. Let me show you one
more to think about. Here and you can do rompida. So when this comes, you block
this up and here comes this neck straight down on his coconut. Boom! One
more time. Boom! To here. Here. Boom! Try those three techniques.
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