This is why I recommend Taekwondo to everyone | SUCCESS STORIES

This is why I recommend Taekwondo to everyone | SUCCESS STORIES

Taekwondo has definitely helped strengthening muscles that I don’t use for running, so and it’s definitely helped with my core strength which is really great I would recommend taekwondo for anybody, because it doesn’t matter if you’re fit and you want to stay fit or if you’re not fit and you want to get fit it’s for everybody, adults, kids there’s something for everybody. And you don’t have to be good at sports because it’s just it’s a completely different thing. So in taekwondo two main things that we focus on in class are forms and sparring. Forms are more technical, and precise and sparring is just using using your skills to defend yourself and score points. So sparring is my favorite. You can hit the body and you can hit the sides of the head the part of the head that’s covered But you cannot hit the face, and you can’t hit below the belt So, while I’m sparring I’m thinking of how they’re positioned and what moves I could accomplish with them like that and I’m also thinking about what they can do against me and how I can defend, and it’s all very very fast pace so a lot of it is just reactions so the things that you learn in class definitely come in handy I started taking Taekwondo a little over a year ago and I always wanted to do a martial art and then I looked up about taekwondo a little bit and saw that there was a lot of kicking so that was perfect for me My name is Michelle Mikoski, I’m 41 years old and I learn Taekwondo at Concord Taekwondo America


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