Third Degree Taekwondo Test | Life with Feet

Third Degree Taekwondo Test | Life with Feet

– Welcome back to Life With Feet. As most of you may know, I am a third degree
black belt in Taekwondo, and I’m on my journey to my
fourth degree black belt. Today was my first mid-term, my first test on a national level,
here in Orlando, Florida, at the ESPN Center. I’m coming from Arizona, so being here in Florida
is essentially like waking up at 2:30 my time, and starting lineup at
the equivalent of 3:00AM, that would be 4:00AM my time. So I was barely waking up just as we were into the testing. And not only that, but it’s humid here, we’ve come a long ways, I’m in a whole new environment. And I just told myself, just do the best and work with what you’ve got. I came here to the mid-term testing, and I was tested on my form, on my sparring, how well I spar, and also how well I break three boards. Let’s just say I was very
happy with my performance on my form, I was happy with
my first round on sparring, considering I was sparring against a guy who must’ve been taller than six feet. He was probably about six foot. And I bombed the board break though. I broke the first two boards,
one with a knee strike, the other with a front kick, but the third was supposed
to be a powerful side kick and I bombed it. Oh well, I did my best. It was required that I did a fit test at the end of my testing. Some of the modifications
during the fit test were for the planks. Instead of, obviously, holding
my body up with my arms, I held my body up with a yoga triangle, and it worked out, I passed the test. I held a plank for two
minutes and one second, which was the test for women. And instead of pushups, I did front kicks. I may not have passed, I don’t know. I won’t know for a couple days, but this mid-term was actually preparation for my fourth-degree black belt test, which I hope to do in
the spring of next year. So every little step matters, and this mid-term did matter. I had the experience, I feel like even if I didn’t
pass, I’m glad I was here. This really got me in gear to fully understand that I need to be fit, and if it means working out every day or doing a little
something that is exercise for 20 minutes every day, I
need to do it, because I need to have the endurance
not only for my fit test, but I need to have that strength to show to the judges that I
have been practicing every day. And I can’t just practice a week before. So when it comes to the Spring Nationals where I will be testing for
my fourth-degree black belt, I hope to be better prepared, more fit, and even stronger than I was today. I am so energized after such an incredible experience. Going in, I have to admit, I was nervous, my heart was pounding. I did not sleep well last
night, just thinking about it. It was very intimidating,
for the first time testing on a national level. (bell ringing) But I did it, I’m so happy I did it. And now I need to go take a nap. If you enjoyed this,
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