The Truth Behind Traditional Chinese KungFu


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  • i don't think they're keeping the art alive unless they are actively using it which is what was happening in the past. At best they have some watered down version or at worst, something that only looks somewhat similar.

  • The main thing the East teaches we aren't listening to is that the mind is everything. When we feel pain, we have to only focus on the mind. The pain is proof we are alive, but it is only temporary. The more we focus on pain with emotion, the more intense it becomes. When we only keep to our mind, we will not feel it. This is why during Vietnam, Buddhist monks so easily immolated themselves and sat unfeeling as they burned away.

    Martial arts are this way. When you have too much of a set kata, all these techniques and skills, you don't have any way to feel what an opponent might be thinking. If you can't feel what your opponent is thinking, you will wind up like most jujitsu or other martial arts practitioners who wind up trying to use nothing but brute force. You should not use energy you dont need to. That's why martial arts has never had meaning to be a way to enact violence- rather it has always been the art of fluidly using strength or skill to defend oneself. The rest is the exercise itself.

  • "Martial arts has a higher realm"

    Bullshit. Martial Art = Art of Mars, the god of war.

    If it isn't about being a champion then it isn't martial arts. It's something else entirely.

  • In hubris, I speculate that animal styles were created by monks who believed religiously in non-violence as a way to explore the self and pacify those forcing them to teach martial play.
    The underlying statement being, humans do not fight, but can regress to animal nature.

  • For one, 7 star mantis is northern Shaolin kung-fu which is not southern China martial arts. No matter how much they think they are generating 'chi' it is impossible unless they are doing PaQua kuntao style or know both original forms of tai chi chuan, the 1st is 'kings style' and the 2nd in 'Jung style'. Otherwise it is fake tai chi. But Bruce Lee started all these clowns saying they are martial artists when they are merely Practitioners.

  • The reasons for kung fu's popularity in the West stem both from Bruce Li ( who mostly shunned traditional ling fu) and the Revolution. Particularly during and after the Cultural Revolution, nearly all of China's respected teachers and authors left. Hong Kong received many and many of the early martial arts film greats were actual martial artists. Many traditional arts were preserved in Hong Kong. But the diaspora went to Chinese overseas communities as well. Many teachers came to Canada and the U.S. However, much like TKD, many do kung fu as meditation or physical conditioning. There are both internal and external styles contained in hundreds of different schools. There are also Northern and Southern sryles.Wushu is not Kungfu.

  • What an amazing documentary! Its similar to Pushing Hands- the Ang Lee film from 92. Changed the way I viewed Tai Chi.

  • Kung fu was made by bodhidharma aka DAMO in Chinese he was south Indian price who became monk and travel all across east Asia there is movie on YouTube you can check it out or just Google it.

  • Kung Fu has already been exposed as being completely ineffective in real world modern combat. I'll bet this Mr. Li hasn't even been in a real fight his entire life. Throw him in a ring against a real fighter, and not one of his sycophantic students, and he would get utterly wrecked.

  • Stefan Schleps says:

    That was a absolutely dishonorable statement by the narrator. ''A lot of Kung-Fu's deeper meaning was suppressed by Mao during the cultural revolution.'' Let us be honest. The CCCP under Mao. And Mao's followers. Murdered tens of thousands of people who were the ones still holding centuries long Martial Arts lineage. Fifty or maybe a hundred thousand people who were known teachers, or who had been caught practicing Kuo Shu/ Wu Shu/Kung-Fu.
    Whatever you want to call it. Several styles of martial arts are now extinct. A great deal of humanities legacy, through China is now lost forever. But due to a few deeply dedicated teachers. Like Yang Jwing-Ming, and Wong Her-Yue. Have since arriving in Taiwan, Europe, and the United States made concerted effort to save and preserve what remains. We came very close to losing these invaluable arts forever. Those of us who deeply care have spent our lifetimes spreading the Chinese Martial Arts Systems. And increasing our skills. But we still need your help. Please practice. Get certified through your teachers school. And improve your skill sets. Then write about kung fu. And teach as many people as you can. Keep kung-fu alive.
    Overcome the darkness. Return the Light.
    Lao-shr 60 Ching Yi Kung Fu Association



  • Maksym Merkulow says:

    In my opinion, modern kung fu is more developed and powerful than ancient Chinese techniques. I mean unarmed combat. Medieval master of fistfight would be easy defeated by modern sanshou champion.

  • Mauricio Jorge Yattah says:

    More like the lies that people tell about martial arts :V
    Martial = war, martial arts are no more than the combination of all ways of combat.

  • I journeyed to the East to find a master to train me in the ancient arts. I travelled through India and arrived on foot in Nepal. I discovered an old Bbuddhist monk who told me to climb the Hymallayas and meditate.
    I sat for hours until i couldnt feel my body. I discovered fuck all and ended up with frost bite and a huge credit card bill.
    I now sell dope to kids and play video games all day.
    What a collasal waste of time!

  • Historically, I would have liked so see this going back past china into India and eventually Eritrea, the southern tip of Africa. The medical doctor complained about a lack of stamina in relation to breathing when he first started. That was the same trouble the shaolin monks had prior to Bodhidharma's arrival and addressed their issue with the medicinal art of " moving detox", one facet of the internal arts. Thats a fancy way of saying those monks were suffering from inflammation created by an acidic environment in the colon courtesy of toxemia in the bloodstream. Being sedentary and eating devitalized foods do that over time. Your western martial arts grandmasters now pay taxes on vanity and trophies with arthritis, high blood, heart disease, and obesity for ignoring the internal virtues and values. Health always came before technique just as virtue is always before competition.

  • I have difficulty in further improving my Chinese calligraphy, maybe Kunfu is the answer, brush is also the extension of body.

  • I'm from China,have been searching for Wu Guan for some time. There were many Kungfu schools, one my brother also went with the dream of training muscle and mind, only found out that's a place for students with difficulty for study, we paid a lot, and lost important family time together, when graduated, he is not the happy and positive boy anymore. Another I went myself recently, a small place for teaching kids in the YingChun branch, but not as what I know and believe of Kungfu at all. They teach the techniques of fight and defense, I know that happened to be a primary school. There are even a longer list of Wu guans in Foshan, which I could go and check one by one… But where can I find the place for the Kungfu of both body and spirit. Mount Wudang, or Cangzhou ..? Are those old names of Kungfu County still valid today?

  • Big hole in the storyline..he taught taichi because he learned it from his grandfather but only practice hard martial arts along the way up to the point where he got his ass
    kicked by internal preying mantis style…

  • He should fight Xu Xiaodong or spar with your friends. You guys need to prepare yourselves properly. Swordsmanship Kung Fu is damn good though. But that's about it.

  • Duan Torruellas says:

    Best wishes for this sufu , I have always had a fondness and love for the traditional systems. And mantis being a shaolin style , does reflect the essence of tai chi being the shaolin foundation. Its truly a gift to get instructions from someone like master Lee. When he was a child there must have been some fantastic things going on in the marital arts world in China especially in those systems that were traditional.
    7 star mantis like long fist are
    Incredible styles and were popular in master Lee's day.
    Wishing the young master the best with his school.

  • Metalupyourass says:

    A huge issue with traditional forms and modern MMA is a lack of good kickboxing etiquette. The issue isn't that there Isn't a way to crossover traditional martial arts with full contact fighting, It's that full contact fighting and many martial art forms are in essence more are less focus on developing an awareness of the body that is limited to the rules and are structure of tradition. MMA seeks to utilize the whole body but even MMA's approach is a bit flawed considering that many MMA only want to go with the rest of the heard and follow the sheep. I.e. they are afraid of change but good martial artist understand that anything works with the right mindset and conditioning.

  • Yeah, yeah….
    It's all pretty movements and stuff. But ineffective in a real fight. That Chinese MMA guy who challenges all these masters has easily demonstrated how ineffective Kung fu can be.
    If all you do is practice flowing techniques versus explosive techniques, that's all you'll be able to do. You basically get good at what you're practicing. If you're practicing soft martial arts, you will be soft. You get good at something by doing it. The MMA guy trains every day, soars in the ring, dodges, gets hit etc. He's in there getting good at fighting. This why he's beating every one of those pretentious masters.
    Now you may think – wow what a disrespectful thing to do. But is it? He's showing everyone hundreds of holes in their fighting style, and that is a great service to martial arts!

  • He doesn't look like the matrix he tries to act like the matrix. I am guessing another out of work wannabe actor. What does one do can't make it as an actor can't cut it as a real reporter. You get this..

  • Go challenge and fight them.. put your money where your mouth is.. Jackie Chan has accomplished more than your entire family. That's fact

  • This channel is based solely on putting a country down. Somebody should start a channel solely on putting this guy and his family down.

  • Garrett Belcher says:

    Kung Fo-Gong Fu implies Great Achievement in Skill of any type. Martial Arts literally is Wu Shu in Mandarin or Mou Seut in Cantonese.

  • For those who have doubt about Chinese Martial arts and are mesmerised by the TOUGH Apperence of Japanese Arts ,just  see these clips in youtube : " Tai chi vs Greco Roman wrestling " ;"Tai chi vs Judo "; "Tai chi vs Muay Tai " . there are other clips showing a fight between a Shaolin Monk and Kyukushin Karate ; see it by yourself in this same YOUTUBE !

  • survivalboxing says:

    Taichi started as "loose boxing", a extremely violent boxing style based on dim mak, and was ruined later into the double weighted gymnastic they show here…

  • Matthew Weatherman says:

    When I hear china the first thing I think of actually is Cheng Pei-pei. The attractive woman who played Jade Fox in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. The next thing is broken dishes. Kung Fu or Wu shu is a bit farther down the list. (I've dropped lots of china and know the sound well)

  • Matthew Weatherman says:

    Jackie Chan was Peking Opera trained. Which according to tradition is where the last followers of Bodidharma escaped to. I may have spelled his name wrong, but he's the monk who founded the temple Shao Lin

  • Marijn Schuurmans Imagovideo says:

    This is a call to populair Youtube channels on the subject of Martial Arts. I'm looking to sell my documentary about Dschero Khan (the Prince of Mongolia) about his long history in the Martial Arts. The content is very high quality, cinematic, unique and for a wide audience. Feel free to contact me through the Youtube channel.

  • My first experience with Kung Fu movies were (and this DOES date me), the old Shaw Brothers movies with bad overdubbing. "The 36th Chamber of Shaolin". "The Five Deadly Venoms". etc. I would like to see one set in one of those kingdoms that were long gone, like the Kingdom of Lo Lun, or Bactria, or Sogdiana. Maybe one about a group of merchants or Nestorians fleeing the invaders of the time, to the city of Dunhuang. Why not? Safeguarding religious treasures from said invaders is the reason why a lot of the Mugao Grottoes were made to beign with.

  • Chinese Communist party killed off all the real practitioners, they thought it was dangerous to the party. The rest of this is crap

  • I am still waiting for Chris Chappel to come in and make a smart remark………….
    Awesome video of sharing the Chinese culture!!

  • Kevin Clasher3 says:

    So this channel is purely to trash China but happy to learn about its culture seems very conflicting? Typical western mind, always taking and never giving back…

  • im not a fighter nor having an experience about martial arts. but all i can says is this chinese martial arts are BULSHIDO!

  • Great video. TMA has always elevated itself over MMA because it teaches the how, but instills the depth so practioners can ask the why. MMA teaches the how without any attempt to instill the why. Practicality allows a martial art to be potent but for it to be an art it needs the internal depth. Over time Chinese martial arts lost its potency and became only philosophy while the west developed MMA as only potency with zero philosophy. The true path lies somewhere in the middle.

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