The Truth About Steven Seagal in Aikido

The Truth About Steven Seagal in Aikido

Most of us know Steven Seagal as an Aikido
master, turned movie star. Despite loosing his strong stand in Hollywood, he is still
loved by many. Yet when you look at his life more closely, many plot holes start to pop
out. Being a controversial figure as he is – one can only stop and wonder – what
was the influence of Seagal to martial arts and his primary art – Aikido? To better
understand the answer, we will have to look at some details that are often left unmentioned.
There are loads of caricaturist montages about Seagal. One could argue, that a caricature
could be made about anyone. Yet it is also said that there is 60% of truth in every joke,
which means that every caricature is actually inspired by something. That seems to be true
about Seagal when you look at the details of his past.
It turns out that Seagal has a strong reputation in Hollywood as a pathological liar. There
are many stories about his distorting of truth. One of the more commonly known: his claim
to have been an operative in CIA and also a member of the NAVY SEAL. In 1988, he told
Los Angeles Times: “”You can say that I became an adviser to several CIA agents in
the field, and. through my friends in the CIA, met many powerful people and did special
works and special favors.” Yet it was stated by many of those associated
with the CIA, that this claim is absurd. As one of the examples, in a story told by Gary
Goldman, an ex-mercenary and former business partner of Steven Seagal, while they were
together on a trip, he realized that Seagal had no clue how to even use a map or a compass.
In his letter to Times magazine he wrote that Seagal: “would surely die of starvation
if he was given a compass and a map that led to a restaurant five miles away.”
A story like this really puts some doubt about the possibility of Seagal ever being a CIA
operative or a former Navy Seal, even more so with him never giving any proof about it.
Actually, even Steven Seagals Aikido background story has been caught being suspicious. Based
on “Peoples” article published in 1990, during various interviews Seagal indicated
that it was anywhere from 1968 to 1973 that he went to Japan. According to enrollment
records at Fullerton College, he attended classes from the fall of 1970 and left after
the fall of 1971, putting him at age 19 before he could have departed for a long stay in
Japan. Of course, it could have been a mix of dates in Seagal’s memory, but what these
dates contradict with, is that Steven was also claiming that he studied with Morichei
Ueshiba, the founder of Aikido. This was not only denied by one of Ueshiba’s Western
students, Terry Dobson, who stayed with the founder during that time, but Morihei also
passed away in 1969, during the time when Seagal was recorded to be still in College
in the States, making his claims even more so ridiculous.
One element that is often used to fortify Seagal’s image as a ‘great’ martial
artists, is the often proclaimed statement, that he was the first non-asian person to
open a Dojo in Japan. Based on ‘Peoples’ investigation, it turns out that the Dojo
that he was teaching in Japan, belonged to his former wife’s, Miyako Fujitani’s,
father. Looking at all these claims and contradictions, Seagals role as a martial artist and an Aikidoka
become really peculiar. Seagal had been into other series of trouble
as well. To begin with, he had a series of law suits for sexual harassment and there
are many recorded stories of different women sharing how awful and sexually inappropriately
Seagal was acting with them. Up until now, Seagal has had three law suits for sexual
harassment, spamming from 1995 to 2013. He has also been reported acting unethically
and violently in the filming set, most notably when he intentionally punched actor John Leguizamo
during a rehearsal, when John laughed from Seagals statement: “I’m in command, what
I say is law, anyone not agree?”. There had been numerous other troubling events
that were recorded about Seagal in various situations, yet these alone mentioned before,
are already enough to create a big sense of doubts about his personality and credibility.
One could argue, that maybe some of these stories are not true, that maybe it is just
what happens to actors in Hollywood, with lots of gossiping. Yet then why so much trouble
with Seagal in particular? With so many of these stories and recorded facts, for all
of them to be out of thin air, it becomes hard to believe. Yet trying to prove if it
is true or not, is not our main goal. It is now time to come back to our original question.
Without doubt, Seagal has been an important figure in the development and popularization
of martial arts in the West. Popular culture always had a strong influence on people’s
interests. With Seagals fame rising, rose also the fame of martial arts and Aikido even
more so. Many came trying martial arts after seeing his movies. Yet what image has he presented
about Aikido and martial arts in general? Most martial arts masters who have demonstrated
incredible feet’s, even after turning famous proclaimed self-development and good example
as of utmost importance in martial arts. Up to this day we still look up to the founder
of Jeet-Kun-Do and famous actor Bruce Lee, who would go about saying: “To me, the function
and duty of a quality human being is the sincere and honest development of one’s potential.”
Many other great martial artists would promote good character and example as well [collection
of quotes]. Yet looking at Steven Seagals actions, it alsmost seems that he was acting
the opposite, showing a terrible example of how a true martial artist should be.
What is even worse, is that many still associate Seagal as a representation of Aikido. Yet
the founder of Aikido constantly emphasized that a true martial art should be a means
of creating good individuals. He would often say that: “The goal of Aikido is to reconcile
the world”. Yet did Seagal represent this at all?
Steven Seagals movies not only lacked completely mentioning the philosophy of Aikido, but to
make it worse, in his movies, he would always go about injuring and utterly destroying his
opponents. With the excuse of them being bad guys, he would sometimes be hurting them beyond
common sense. Some could say that Seagal was just playing his role as an actor, but even
then, an actor always has a choice at what movies to start. Although, his support of
violence, which contradicts the essence of Aikido, does not end there.
Even in his life, he is proud to this day of having a close connection to Russia’s
president Vladimir Putin and expressing personal support to the annexation of Crimea. We all
have a choice to whom we connect ourselves with, but here we speak of supporting a leader
with a very controversial situation and worse so, a military war strategy, which has the
outcome of violence and loss of lives. Could that ever be called a representation of Aikido?
It is clear that no human is perfect, but the more we expose ourselves to the general
public, the more conscious we should become that our actions do matter and that others
will potentially take us as an example for what we stand for. When this leads to a strong
impact, we have to be very conscious of what we do, in order to show a good example, not
only for ourselves, but also for what we represent. Seagals movies has brought a lot of attention
and flow to martial arts, yet for what cost? Even these days there are still people who
would come to various Dojo’s wanting to be the next Steven Seagal. But is that what
we really want people to think of martial arts? Is that how we want a true martial artist
to be represented and thought of? A person of pathological lying, sexual harassment,
one using force without sense? Worse so, many people when being asked if
they know Aikido, often connect it to Steven Seagal, as a representation of what it is.
Yet it is so far from what Aikido really stands for, that despite all the attention that it
brought, it only makes one wonder if there was more gain then actual harm, to peoples
ability to understand what Aikido is truly about.
So I ask again to look back at what we might have taken for granted. Steaven Seagal is
for many a representation of a martial arts, and specially that of Aikido. But is that
really a representation that we want to have? Do we really want to take Seagal an example
and support him in that? Or should we rather take him as an example of what a martial artist
shouldn’t be? The more we will be aware of the true situation, the easier it will
be for many to understand how it truly is. Martial arts should not be vehicle for misconduct.
It should be a vehicle for self-development and the bringing of the best of ourselves,
not only in fights, but even more importantly, into our daily life. But as long as we will
accept terrible examples as a representation of it, we will probably never get very far.
Let’s become clear on what is what and start cleaning the harm by supporting those, who
show a true example and doing our best to living a good example ourselves.
What do you think a true martial artist should be? Do You think Steven Seagal is a good example?
Join the discussion bellow in the comments in searching for what true martial art. Also
subscribe, if you like the video, to further explore these topics together. This is Sensei
Rokas and see you on the virtual mat again soon!


100 thoughts on “The Truth About Steven Seagal in Aikido”

  • The moral posturing of the author is ridiculous. Putin displayed as Hitler disqualifies this author as idiot. But besides this as if Bruce Lee didn't crush the skulls of his movie antagonists. Seagal might be a pathological liar and have a hyper inflated ego but condemning him for portraying violence in movies is super hypocritical. All MA heroes did/do glorify violence to oppose bad guys and evil, this is what makes us see their movies because in reality we are either too shitless or powerless to do something against it. Seagal practiced Aikido but demonstrated much more Daitō-ryū Aiki-jūjutsu techniques on which Aikido was based. The founder of Aikido Ueshiba was a student of Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu which in turn he (when was much older) transformed in the Tai-Chi variant we call Aikido today.

  • Everyone talks shit about Seagal, I really wish someone would try and put their hands on him for real and see what happens.

  • forbes mckenzie says:

    steven  seagal  not  marshal   instructor   he  just  joke    burse   lee  was  the  marshel   instructor  but  steven  seagal  now  noting  about  figting  he  did not  what  fight  with  jan clad  vandam    when  at  solvester  stlone  house  steven  seagal  ask  jan  clad  vandam  for  fight   that  would  be  good  fight  to   see  jan  clad  van  dam  be  around  more  than  steven segal

  • charles barboza says:

    I’ve never liked Steven seagal films and his interviews have always seemed arrogant and full of himself. I’m sure he could care less about what I think and I could care less about him.

  • You didn't answer 1 key question: is he highly proficient at any martial art or not? It appears he is. Who knows this answer?

    Is he a bad person for arguably misrepresenting aikido? The answer is opinion. Lots of people lie and misrepresent systems and philosophies.

  • interpol interpol says:

    I have a good news , people who Start Aikido because of the influence of Steven Seagal movies alls of Them already quit because Aikido show Them that it have nothing to Do with Seagal Aikido culture.

  • 2:20 guy falls before running into the masters clothesline. Aikido is funny just clothesline everyone. Anyone wonder why they wear butt pads under their dresses? Probably to ease the pain of continuously taking clothesline’s and falling hard to make the guy look good.

  • Yet you self proclaimed experts never have stepped one foot on a Aikido dojo mat nor taken a lesson but yet you listen to half truths and hatred. Segal Sensei has been very outspoken of the homo muslim obama, this is why all the MSM boohoo him, they are paid or told to do so by their handlers.. Just find Segal and tell him face fo face thaf hes a pussy, youll change your mind quickly. I train Aikido and I can tell you that what you see as fake is him being fast and precise with his movements, one doesnt become as smooth and effextive as he by being a fraud. In conclusion, fuck you hating cumguzzlers!. You and obammy!.

  • You firs said he give advice to CIA Member and later that he was a operative CIA. twisted, all entertainment business is base on lying!

  • Swami Paramananda Saraswati says:

    Domo Sensei. I trained with TakeSensei and at that time, Matsuoka Sensei as well. Through my studies with Sensei I was also extended the curtesy of Hosting and Studying with Abba Sensei during a Treasured Visit from him to America. I can only speak to my experiences with Sensei. My aikido improved tremendously as did my self discipline and having only Aikido as my experience with Sensei as well as some healing arts, Sensei and Matsuoka Sensei gave to me advancement in my training and a sense of honour and respect for the Path of Peace.
    Thank you for receiving my comment. 🙏🌸

  • So those who have connection with Russia/Putin are automatically bad people that support war, violence and all that? Wow imagine what are then people who support US and other west countries that pillage all other countries, raid them, bomb them with uranium, interfere with their elections and much more? Please stop spreading this sheety statement of yours.

  • what is the most funny thing that he say in a interview that Bruce Lee is not the best martial artist in the world 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Steven seagal is so fuckin stupid unbelievable !!!

  • Funny video except the part about Russia. That's just typical propaganda. Wake up people those who own this world create all the controversy and wars for a reason. Mainly to line their pockets and control all of us.

  • Jeffrey Schmoldt says:

    The martial arts is not a beat the shit of a person . its about bringing peace to any situation with a act of peacefulness, only to be used in a offrnsive situation. When I learned years ago we took these words to heart. Mark my flesh and I will bruise yours, bruise my skin and I will break your bones , try to break my bones and I will take your life. Prace and ligjht all

  • Haters talking shit when the man isn't Present is real hoe shit. Never talk down on a person unless you know they personally. G talk bitches

  • Having spent a bit of time in Wailuku (Maui) in the 70s I had the pleasure of getting to know Mister Tohei a bit as he had a dojo in the tiny community. Morihei called aikido "the way of harmony" and "the way of love" and was not a bit embarrassed by these notions. From my tiny association with aikido I promise you Mister Seagal has nothing to do with aikido. Yup.

  • johnny botwright says:

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  • Дядя научит says:

    Absolutely custom video. Completely political. Hollywood began to destroy Seagal because he became objectionable. Avenge him for moving to Russia?

    "He shows cruelty in films that contradicts Aikido …" The fact that he is a master of Aikido does not oblige him to live and act according to the philosophy of Aikido. Bad guys need to be destroyed!

    Claims for sexual harassment: a man could simply invite a woman to meet, and she runs to the police to write a statement about violence – the laws of America, bravo! How do you arrange your personal life?

    CIA: to be involved in the CIA, you can simply communicate with some agents or representatives, it is not necessary to be James Bond.

    Seagal is Seagal. The only thing wrong with him: the lack of video battles. Well, maybe one of his students will be able to defend the honor of his school …

  • All the fake martial artists are fat if you look at them. Either fat or very weak and scrawny. The real teachers who lived it all who are advancing in years still keep themselves in some sort of shape, they respect their body as well as the art. There is so much more shit with Segal but that is all you need to know really.

  • Cunts
    = CIA
    Who gives a fcuk about Steven Segal and his so called lies.
    Don't you know? America was built on lies so what if another Americano is full of BS. It's their way of doing things….just tell lies!

  • talentedmangina says:

    How about Frank Dux who claimed to be a ninja? Man, the eighties were the days to be a person pretending to be a martial artist.

  • American Patriot says:

    He is also a master of karate and judo (that's a good martial art). 😎
    Aikido is for films only.
    This video is sucks.Dislike.
    Seagal presents good things as patriotism, humanity and the positive side. It's better than the gangsta shit that so many young people support.

    STEVEN SEAGAL 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇷🇺🇷🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Narcissists inflate or flat out lie, like saying your the first to have a school in Asia when it's your wife's father's school

  • Steven Seagal is an overweight.. No, Obese over the top egotistical "Actor". Nothing more! He is a pathological liar and an "EMBARRASSMENT" to Aikido and everything Aikido stands for….

  • I'm a strictly amateur martial artist, and I've never served in any branch of the armed forces – much less the special forces. However, I've spent some time with some serious MMA guys, and I've also known some Army Rangers and even a Navy SEAL. The thing is, there's an unspoken rule among MMA contenders and special forces operatives – the ones who are the real deal don't talk sh*t, and treat everyone with respect. It's also an unspoken rule that the guys who are really good don't ever hurt anyone they train with – either intentionally or unintentionally.

    Basically Steven Seagal is the grown-up equivalent of the guy you knew in high school who wore the same army jacket every day, didn't practice the best hygiene, and was always talking about blowing up the teacher's lounge.

  • His earlier movies were good, lots of people enjoyed them. It was good action and were violent, it's what people wanted to see. The fight scenes were also more realistic compared to a JCVD movie.
    Good point though about how Aikido is supposed to represent harmony and peace with the world and pursuing a non violent way of life. And Seagal's movies seem to represent the very opposite. I always looked at his movie characters as being merciless and ruthless because his viewpoint seemed to be it was the only way to deal with the scumbags of the world. In other words he was fighting fire with fire. Maybe the message he was trying to send was you have to use greater violence or use more force to fight the bad guys if you want to win and to bring about true justice.

  • This is Dr. Grant Kruhly, I was a professional Sensei of Yoshinkai Aikido from 1991 till 2000 and was Uchi Deshi for 8 years. I am now strickly training in Classical Kenjustsu in Nagoya Japan. Seagal is at best a bafoon. NO ONE in the actual craft of Japanese Budo respects him or ever did. Just an ass, nothing more. In the Yoshinkai Dojo, he would last about 10 minutes. Sincerely, Dr. G. Rex Kruhly

  • Fr. James Rosselli says:

    I've never really thought of Steven Seagal as an example of what a martial artist should be. I am, however getting really tires of the obloigatory digs at Vladimir Putin. Mr. Putin is a committed Orthodox Christian, who has put his KGB past behind him. Come to think of it, maybe the fact that he's s Christian convert is what makes it fashionable to calumniate him, in our very cold and dysfunctional society.

  • He is an actor . And he boast on himself too much for me . If it's in you , you dont need to boast. It will shine by itself .

  • Wow! Awesome, Steven Seagal is exposed … now the world is a better place to live in … Idiots can make brilliants jokes about how much he eats yet they themselves eat GMO enhanced food which is the real fakery that could be fatal … That's how you are put to sleep idiots … Yes, that's the martial artists way; lay down before the authority and focus on petty issues … Fucking idiots he is an actor and apparently you are not idiot and he couldn't fool you get over it and start dealing with the real issues of the world like a true marital artist. Stand up against the authority that tries to force population control on the world of the people by pseudo epidemics, genetic manipulation and stupid wars that based on lies. Can you do that? If you can't, you are no more real or honest than Steven Seagal. Regardless how violent in his movies at least he depicts a man who stands up against the crooked authority. You can't even pinpoint the crooked authority, yet, you find peace in mocking a mediocre actor who spoke lies about himself. Good job! You are the blessing to humanity. The truth about Steven Seagal and his Aikido my ass all of you are a bunch of gossiping pussies who can't even have the courage to say one word against the crooked authority who forces you to eat genetically altered food, smoke chemically enhanced tobacco, and create false flag terrorist acts to steal your civil liberties. You can go fuck yourselves or better yet fuck each other.

  • Why spending time to trash talk someone you don't even know? this is not worthy of my time. Plus you sound like your boyfriend aikidoted your behind.

  • The creator of this video coukd have done some research, and found where by the endof his blockbodter movies he voiced his opinion that Hollywood puts outtoo many movies with too much killing and he didnt want to kill anyone on film.

  • Did u guys miss the part about him being a cop and teaching cops handcuffing and gun take away, something Aikido has contributed greatly to law enforcement.

  • stan broniszewski says:

    Steven Seagal should have been in the movie Predator with Arnold. It would have been hilarious having him think he's so tough & gets blown away by the Predator.

  • As a person, if you traveled from America to Japan to study Aikido you're not going to forget when you were there, no matter how much time passes. Steven Seagal just got caught up in the fame and one lie lead to two until his whole life was a big lie…and it's because people basically bought it. There are still very few people who know he's a fraud but he is.

  • Bentley's Backwoods Bushcraft says:

    although I have no connection to Seagal I relate to the issues with his claims. My instructor, in Aikido, as well has made claims that others close to him and in the know say are false. But there is no doubt that my instructor was trained in some fashion in Aikido. Just as it is clear that Seagal, as well, has a background in Aikido. So he makes up stories. My instructor, as well, had over exaggerate claims of where he trained and who he trained with. So what ! I learned a lot from my over exaggerated instructor . I have heard the over the top statements from Seagal about him and Ueshibia and even Bruce Lee, who he claims to have trained with as well. So what let them have their fantasy. As long as those that train with and under them feel they are getting their moneys worth who are we to say different. I like to think I am rather good at Aikido and in part I have an over exaggerated story teller who helped me become so. Dislike Seagal for what ever reason you want but I'd feel lucky to get to train with him, even for a single class. My Aikido instructor also claims to have trained in Japan, even when all the documentation and evidence proves otherwise. Claims to have trained with Makiyama in Japan at that time, even though Makiyama was in Hawaii at the time. I know both of their claims are B.S. but each of them, Seagal and my instructor, has something to teach. Heck my instructor even claims he trained with Seagal . In Seagal's video Path Beyond Thought my instructor points in the crowd and proclaimed "See, right there, that's me" Weather it really was doesn't really concern me, and it never has.

  • No, that is not what I was taught in Taekwon-Do or Tiger Claw Gung-Fu.
    It is sad, but what does the Big Screen really have to do with real life?

  • I like to say Steven Seagal is an asshole in person. But as far as the way he promoted martial arts in his movies with the violence, I look at it like this, sometimes extreme violence is necessary when you have to deal with bullies

  • Martial Arts are a tool, a craft. The craft is mastered by the man, not the other way around. It is seriously a farce to think that martial arts are some sort of religious affair meant to improve the fundamental nature of the man. Certainly, one can use martial arts for self improvement, as one could use anything for that if that is the practitioner's aim. Motive and intent are very important, and if there was some sort of fundamental link between martial arts and improving those elements people like Steven Seagal wouldn't exist. However, Seagal is not an outlier. I've met MANY martial art jerks over the years, VERY few got into martial arts because of Steven Seagal. The idea of being good at combat, that idea all on its own, is enough to attract unsavory types, and because martial arts are only a craft, a jerk is still a jerk even after he get's his black belt. As a whole I think Seagal raised awareness of Aikido, that got people into the dojo, and there are many more "real" (that is following the semi-religious teaching of Ueshiba) Aikidoka because of him. However, the fact is that despite the fact Seagal is a jerk who has lied about a great many things, he is a martial art master. That is self evident in his movements. More over, he is a formally recognized Aikido master with a 7th dan given to him by the then Doshu Ueshiba Kisshomaru (the founder Ueshiba Morihei's son).

    Another thing to keep in mind about Aikido is it's not the art you think it is. Sure, later on in Ueshiba Morihei's life he started to transition his martial arts into this quasi religious hippy affair about how Aikido was a path to reconcile the world. But it's worth remembering that Ueshiba Morihei was Takeda Sokaku's top student, and Takeda was a martial artist of legendary proportions, having killed a thousand men in melee when he got into a conflict with a construction company (this is a documented fact). Takeda was not the hippy Ueshiba ultimately became, and was more than happy to engage in all sorts of untoward conduct, including over the top violence, he was one VERY skilled Martial Art Jerk (TM). Takeda was the real life bad ass that Seagal wishes he was. The system that Takeda taught Ueshiba was Daito Ryu, and Aikido looks almost EXACTLY like it. As Ueshiba became more and more religious in his later years he tried to tone down the techniques, tried to make them nicer, and he started to emphasize his religious teachings over the technical ones. This didn't happen all at once, it was progressive. Ueshiba had a LOT, and I mean A LOT, of students over the MANY years he taught. The earlier students were obviously taught techniques much more in keeping with the original Daito Ryu, including the level of inherent violence those techniques possess. All of this is very well documented in the excellent work that Stanley Pranin did over at the Aikido Journal. So this idea that Seagal doesn't "represent" Aikido because he's not nice enough really doesn't understand Aikido in its historical context. It's looking at a sanitized view of what modern Hombu dojo is pushing. However, there are many "not so nice" forms of Aikido, especially in Japan, that have been carried forward by students prior to Ueshiba's religious "awakening". Which even Ueshiba himself has talked about and written about, and which, obviously there had to be a "pre-awakened" Ueshiba prior, who was still teaching, and who taught a "pre-awakened" form.

    Returning to Seagal's backstory: Yes, the initial dojo was founded by his wife's father, but on the other hand, he was eventually given headship. Which was VERY unique. I believe, based on comments from students at the time, there was a point where Seagal opened another location in Osaka, and so established a "new" dojo in Japan. But yes, he did have help getting started, it's not like he just magically opened a dojo without any backing. I don't believe he ever studied under Ueshiba Morihei (at least, not much, if it happened at all), I do believe he was in attendance of a demonstration Ueshiba Morihei gave while he was visiting the States, which caused Seagal to switch his focus from Karate to Aikido, and eventually resulted in him going to Japan. Which we do know he ultimately ended up studying in Japan for a prolonged period of time. Seagal's exact background is very difficult to pin down, but having personally studied many martial arts for the past 21 years (especially those relevant to this tale), I can tell you, Seagal quite obviously received some first rate instruction and from a source (more likely "sources") that is (are) not in wide circulation. The quality and precision of Tenshin's (Seagal's style of Aikido) hand deflections and angle control are far higher than most systems you can find, and Seagal (especially in the late 80s) had a level of execution that was simply stunning. That doesn't just happen for no reason. He obviously has a serious first rate background in Martial Arts, even if that background has been obfuscated. I think more than anything he's a vicim of his own fame and success, and he started to want to believe he was the characters he was playing, sort of like he tried to become a method actor and just took it WAY too far. If you look at his REALLY early interviews, like before he was all that famous, such as you find in Larry Reynosa's "Beginner's Guide to Aikido", Seagal is much more down to earth. The insanity seems to have set in (in earnest) once he started to become truly famous.

  • He is a very legit practitioner of akido. Hes a high ranking dan.that is no b.s. and cant be taken away from him.he was the 1st american and 1st non Japanese to teach martial arts there.hes still a giant lying narcissist and a major asshole but he is legit

  • Another hit piece on a conservative actor. He does more for the arts than most liberals. You said he said, who doesnt talk crap in hollyweird
    Democrat liberals an say anything, get away with it as well. He who casts the first stone at glass houses
    Getsbold now shouldn't even matter. You guys are desperate for stories. Liberal bullshit
    Chuck Norris, van Damn , Sylvester, all entertaining. That's all we want.

  • It's amazing how people complain about his moral or ethical messages or lack of in his movies as if it's really his responsibility to always be positive yet at the same time people have no problem hearing, watching and or accepting bad cops displaying the exact same and all to often worse behavior on melanated Americans and US citizens daily. People are liars and hypocrites worse than Segal could ever be because he was just giving you exactly what you allow to happen to real people by real shitty cops. So who is the bad guy here? Hint: there are no good cops.

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