The Story of Preston’s first Judo Tournament

The Story of Preston’s first Judo Tournament

Hey guys, Preston here with another episode
of Grappler Going Abroad. Please forgive me if I sound a little stuffy. I kind of feel
like dog crap right now, I caught this two week long head cold thing, like I don’t know
if you can see, but my lymph nodes are like really swollen on my neck. Yeah, so I kind
of feel like dying right now. Today I’m going to answer a question that I got on another
video that I had. This fellow, Shirod, wanted me to tell the story of my first Judo tournament.
So.. actually, just give me one second to continue this story. My first Judo tournament
was the “6th annual Durham Challenge from Bushido Judo School” back in “April 29th,
2006.” Funny story about this, this was my first Judo tournament, I was a yellow belt
at the time, my school did not keep records of rank, but I was a yellow belt and I registered
with USJA at that tournament. This was one of the first tournaments in the area that
was under the new IJF rules of no leg grabs. Everything that I had been training up to
this point was in traditional Judo, where I could touch the legs, so this new ruleset
really screwed me up. But there were only 3 people in my division, which was -100 kg
at the time. Basically what happened was I tried throwing, I lost to the first guy. That
guy had way more experience than I did. The second guy didn’t have that much more experience,
but he was way taller than me and since I couldn’t touch the legs it really screwed
things up for me and I ended up bringing him back with Ura-Nage but I didn’t get the full
points for the Ura-Nage, so I ended up with a Waza-ari for it. He ended up throwing me
for Ippon with like Harai. But that was my first tournament, it was really eye opening.
It really showed the weaknesses in my game, but the problem was I had just started High
School Wrestling, so my focus turned to wrestling instead of Judo. So after that, I think my
first tournament back was Hometown Heroes in Fayetteville, North Carolina in August
of 2014. I haven’t been consistently competing for that long. But yeah, that’s the story
of my first tournament. If you have anymore questions or like this video, please comment
on the video. If you like the video please like and share. If you want to see more videos,
please subscribe. My name is Preston and this has been Grappler Going Abroad.


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