The Rules of Karate (WKF) – EXPLAINED!

The Rules of Karate (WKF) – EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains, the Rules of Karate
The object of the game is to score more points than your opponent. Karate, sometimes referred to as ‘Olympic
Karate’ or ‘Sport Karate’, is a combat sport that is contested between two fighters,
in an area that measures 8m x 8m. This video covers the Kumite sparring rules
as set out by the World Karate Federation – which will be the same rules as contested
in the Olympic Games. The contest starts by bowing to the referee
and bowing to your opponent. When the referee tells you to go, the fight
begins. To score points, you must hit your opponent
cleanly and with good power and technique. Any punch to the torso or face, scores a Yuko,
which is worth 1 point. Any kick to the torso scores a Waza-Ari which
is worth 2 points. If you manage to land a punch to either the
back of the head or back of the torso, this also scores a two point Waza-Ari. Any kick to the face, scores an Ippon which
is worth 3 points. And any takedown or sweep that is followed
up with an attack whilst grounded, also scores a 3 point Ippon. Taking down the opponent without attacking
scores nothing. Once a technique has been scored, the referee
will stop the clock and the fight immediately. He will signal what he thinks the scoring
technique is, and will check with the judges. These judges are positioned in the corners
of the ring, and will signal their decision with flags. If they agree, the referee will officially
award points to the relevant fighter. The fight is contested in one three minute
round for men, and one two minute round for women and juniors. Whoever has the highest score at the end of
time … wins. That’s the bare basics of it all, but there’s
a few other things you’ll need to know before playing or watching Karate. For example. Penalties. As with most sports, there’s a few things
you cannot do in Karate. Here’s a list of things you cannot do, but
most of them are similar to most fighting sports. If you are found guilty of breaking the rules,
you are warned. If a fighter accrues 4 warnings, this equals
disqualification. Format
Most contests are individual contests, where one person fights against another. But there are also team competitions, 5 fighters
per team for men, and 3 fighters per team for women. They all fight each other and the team with
the most number of victories is the winner! If the number of wins are equal, the team
who has score the most points will take the victory. Tie
Individual contests cannot end in a tie, so if scores are even and time expires, the judges
will decide which fighter was superior and award them the win. Ties are permitted in the team competition. 8 point decision
If a fighter accrues an 8 point lead over their opponent at any point during the fight. The referee will stop the fight immediately
and award that fighter the win. If you have found this video at all helpful,
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