The Martial Athlete: a sports karate short documentary

All right listen up does everybody here the way you practice is the way you’re going to perform it, is that right? Well let me ask you something when’s the last time you were the fight you’re standing this close to your opponent you just go like this to start fixing your gloves, fixing your dress, fixing your hair, whatever, When’s the last time? I want you to know how much time is left, all right, but if you’re loosing we have seen several of you on how you can catch up when you don’t catch up it’s just simply because you lost the will. This kicking & punching is not enough, you gotta have ‘kime’ (focus) people, you gotta focus the strikes to the target area. We’ve only got 10 people, we’ve gotta put everything we got here. Everything we’ve got. Hajime! You have to fight your own fight, you don’t hear what’s going on outside, you don’t see anything else that’s happening you’re so zoned in and focused on your opponent that that’s all that is in your world for those two minutes, it’s very much an inner journey, a journey of personal growth, I think that in order to be a very top competitor you really have to know yourself and sometimes your worst competitor is yourself because you will know if you doubt yourself or you don’t believe you will win, then it doesn’t matter what the other person does. You know once again it’s so hard when you’re dealing with elite athletes because their work ethic especially in like John’s case that you have to really control them all the time and protect protect them from outside influences, one wrong move they get hurt will ruin them for a major competition down the road. The first fight is always the most difficult one. Yes The thing of that I would like people to understand is it’s a lot different than the movies, not just beating some somebody up, that a karate match is much like a game of chess, a lot more strategy is involved than so much punching and kicking or brute force, um lot of times the player athlete who will win is a person who is a smarter fighter, not necessarily better puncher or kicker or brawler or what have you. Aii! Ai, Aii! Get out of the corner! Ahh, what you were doing before was not pressure, that is pressure though you have to plan but He had to plan, but he had to stick to the plan so we’ll see if we can do it on the next round. I never assume anything, I don’t think it’s over till it’s over because anything can happen in a fight.


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