The Grandmaster: The Art of Kung Fu – Tutorial 2 of 3 (Hung Gar)

The Grandmaster: The Art of Kung Fu – Tutorial 2 of 3 (Hung Gar)

[MUSIC PLAYING] Welcome to The Grandmaster’s
Art of Kung Fu Tutorial. The southern Chinese Kung Fu
System, Hung Gar, is a long bridge style. Hung Gar has wide, swinging-arc
techniques, compared to the comparatively
compact motions of Wing Chun. The Hung Gar master has
relentless strength. The Grandmaster’s Wing Chun uses
tan bong pin [INAUDIBLE] spade, pin, sheath to
defend himself. Bruce Lee learned his famous
one-inch punch from somewhere. Even a master needs to get off
his feet from time to time.


98 thoughts on “The Grandmaster: The Art of Kung Fu – Tutorial 2 of 3 (Hung Gar)”

  • i love people like you, it's like being 12 again, my dads harder than your dad, superman would kill spider man cause of his strength…….

  • Well, people like me love you too, in fact we just love everybody. Back to the subject at hand I'm just telling everyone the truth that "arts" like kung-fu, karate and others are highly inefficient and weaker than things like Muay Thai and especially Jiu Jitsu.

    That is why you'll never see a MMA champion using karate.

    Don't take it from me because I'm not a trained fighter but just go and see what real professionals have to say.

    Search Joe Rogan on Kung Fu and just hear what he has to say.

  • P Alexander The Great says:

    Actually Hung Gar and Wing Chun are brother/sister styles if you will. They both came from the Southern Shaolin temple with the 5 masters after the temple was burned hundreds of years ago. They both survived during the Red Boat opera days until now. Hung Gar is devastating, just ask GM Wong Fei Hung.

  • Andrew Westhoff says:

    Mma has sadly destroyed a lot of the appeal and mystique of Kung fu for me. No matter Gow good at Kung fu you are you'll never beat a seasoned Thai boxer. It's too bad. Not that you can't kick the shit out of ordinary people though. :/

  • I practice mma and a little kung fu and iyea MMA is the the way to go if you are fighting… Kung fu,karate ect… Is mostly for show unless your fighting someone who don't mma.. But i still love all martial arts…

  • bruce lee learned his 1 inch punch from……years of practising everything he knew, constantly learning from many people and experiences from around the world, obsessively perfecting his fitness,power and speed with endless,intense and varied training including doing 1 finger push ups everyday and teaching and regularly sparring against dudes sometimes 3 times his size. ip man was the 1st and most important master and step in bruce's journey, but not the only 1…

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  • Th€L€G€NDPV€ says:

    Dude what are you talking about man?? Martial Arts was created in America and the chinese stole it and renamed it with stupid names like Kung Fu Ju Jitsu Karate so there mr. I know everything about Martial Arts!! Now lets wait watch and see how many people will disagree with me ahahahaha lol

  • Mate, Lyoto "the dragon" Machida, former light-heavyweight champion in the UFC – a Karate base, background and fighting style. 19-4-0 record in the octagon. Kung Fu, Karate others… all legit shit that has stood the test of time. Joe Rogan is entitled to his opinion, as are you. thanks

  • Yea that is true, I forgot to take that important aspect into consideration when making that comment.and I know bruce loved promoting himself as a total re-inventor far too much. The point I was making was more about the power he appeared to generate with his 1 inch punch, ive only ever seen monks who train as hard or harder than he did do it as powerfull as he did it. Plus ive only seen it done effectively on video or film. Could be lil old Sifu's doin it world over for all I know,

  • you can't practice "mma" either. mma is the fact that you have multiple disciplines under your belt.
    mma would be knowing and being able to apply thai boxing and bjj

  • You're retarded. "Kung fu" translates approximately to the word skill, if you're gonna try and take a shit on something, have the decency to understand what that something really means.

  • I've trained Thai boxing, kick-boxing (no they are not similar) and Tae Kwon Do. I found that the most brutally effective was Thai by far. In terms of grappling I've briefly trained Judo during my time doing BJJ and in my opinion judo and some form of Jiu Jitsu is the best combination (along side some wrestling). I've always been fascinated by Kung Fu and I'd love to train in it at some point during my life. No martial art is exceptionally better than any of the others, they all have + and –

  • That's why I like Big Country, from the UFC. He's got unbelievable striking for a guy of his stature. I put it down to his Shaolin and Kung Fu training. 😛

  • I never felt they were, the clinch game is completely different, the techniques used are VASTLY different as well as the blocking methods used. TKD was too flashy and no where near as efficient (more of a hit and run martial art), yeah it teaches you how to be extremely effective and fast with your feet, but as soon as someone gets close you might as well give up. Thai kicks are by far the most effective as I stated, the amount of power you can generate through your hips is astonishing. No match

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  • I trained a combo of boxing and judo – I think BJJ and boxing would be better – but a good combo anyway – upstairs and downstairs.
    Most of fighting is between your ears though. Confidence if 50% of the fight…If you're saying to yourself – I know I will win – then you probably will.

  • Modern MMA fighters are not joke and some of them have traditional martial arts backgrounds too. Big Country-Roy Nelson has a background in shaolin martial arts. GSP has a karate background…..most of those guys did MMA after their traditional training

  • I did wing chun for 2 years and have now been doing Thai for 2 years, I found wing chun has greatly improved my hand speed and blocking

  • Some police and the military do get Wing Chun lessons amongst other hand to hand combat training too. It's not so black and white, just as a fight isn't.

  • yes mixed martial arts and grappling is effective, but most martial arts that were created in the past used weapons as a means and only resorted to unarmed as an alternative. cant really wrestle in a battlefield.

  • Chinese and taiwan police practice kung fu, and those polices are the most brutal in the world. Their military does also practice kung fu.

  • Whoever doesnt think kung fu is powerful go see "shaolin warrior training" in youtube and Iron palm demo videos…..and that's only scratching the surface trust me.

  • It doesn't really make sense, when you need soldiers trained within a time frame possibly as limited as six months, to teach them forms of martial arts that take years to master, or to find enough trainers with exactly the same style to teach that many soldiers. I know that it takes a lot of personal work, between teacher and student. If I were a general and had an impending war, I would teach the most basic fighting styles that can be learned as quickly and easily as possible that are passable

  • If you disagree with that, explain to me why the SAS is trained to a higher level than your average soldier? It would be a huge investment of time and resources to train every soldier in high level Kung-Fu.

  • I think your idea of kung is all these fancy stuff that you see in movies, but that's very far from the truth. Forms is simply a training method to remember all the techniques, and which is now used "fighting-ish" in kung fu movies. Kneecap kicks, chokes and groin kicks is indeed what i call kung fu, if it has been learned by the path of kung fu. Remember, all moves from the human body that deal damage can indeed be kung fu. And by kung fu, i mean chinese martial arts.

  • I've practiced Thai boxing and i'm usually frowned upon in my gym because they find it cheating or messed up to be using you elbows,knees and shins.

  • Wrestling was usually meant to pin down an opponent and look for his submission whereas kung-fu was designed so that the individual can eliminate his opponent as soon as possible.

  • pak mei….neijin explosive power….every policemen (chinese/foreign) and triad member back in the 70s-80s hk wanted to learn it…..only a few mastered it. grandmaster CLC taught the chinese military on the kmt side too (if i remember correctly)
    now that shit is kray

  • All martial arts have a weakness even BJJ. And I'm not talking about the octagon because of the rules I'm talking about the real world. And it's going to take a lot more than "it's completely useless" comment to keep me from finding a Hung Gar class. Hung Gar and Choy Lay Fut are two of my favorite martial arts and I know of a class that teaches both. 

  • if you take things from movies then maybe watch an old jackie chan or alexander fu sheng movie…you see where the one inch punch comes from as especially in the fu sheng movies there is a lot of hung gar.
    The bridge hands were used by a nun and she "developed" that style which appears to be defensive yet strikes with a lot of punches with less power.
    of course if you hit your opponent with a lot of punches even with less power ( chain punches) then you will have a result as well.
    if you think you like a style like that practice it. if you find someone who shows you fighting as well as traditional hung gar – not the movie crap then i would rather do that every day. please do not take bad or clowny sifus – i would not consider these for comparison of other martial arts either. the video posted here is pretty stupid. comic and bruce lee imitation. poor move.

  • mightymeatmonsta says:

    In other words, your hung gar can't defeat my wing chun! That's why wing chun is the best martial art on the planet!

  • he said that hung gar is bridge style, yet it showed the hung gar master as a very brute and relentless striker. He was practically hitting at the other guy really really blindly-.-

  • Not at all… All southern kung fu is much shorter. Just because that master was using more water which closer to choi li fut. What actually came out of Hung Gar was a battle tested style that weathered the force of the Ching Dynasty, Chinese Tong, Mafia etc. Sure the long moves are in the systems deck but only a smaller part in my opinion.

  • Holy shit, this was like eerie and cool! I came here for educational purposes and found myself invested in this master's potential story.

  • Aaron Williams says:

    My favorite is boxing, parkour, savate n tae Kwon do with b-boying. Yes i said b-boying, it is a bodily expression u know!! Bruce lee said it himself, martial arts means ultimately expressing yourself

  • Thành Nguyễn says:

    Xàm vl cái tụi vịnh xuân chỉ đc cái khua tay múa chân cào bàn phím là giỏi . Ngoài đời đánh như cục shit .

  • Ultimate Rudro says:

    Watch my video on wing chun 🙂

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