The Good Fight 致胜出击 – Ep 13

The Good Fight 致胜出击 – Ep 13

How is it? Is the footage clear? Do you need to keep a copy?
I can send it to you Why are you showing me this? How could a student of Yi Ji Dao
get into a fight with thugs? If word gets out,
Wenkai won’t be able to compete Uncle Simon, I think there’s more to this
than meets the eye Let us go ask him first What are you going to ask him? If you don’t want it to cause a sensation, tell Wenkai to quit the competition Are you threatening us? I’m not threatening you Now these ruffians are suing Wenkai
for injuring them If he quits the competition, I can help him settle the matter -What if we won’t?
-Then I’ll have to reveal the footage Can we talk about it? All right I’ll give you a day to think about it If I don’t hear from you at the end of that, this video will make waves online Coach… Why did you get into a fight? How did you find out? Just what happened? We were training outdoors that day They were harassing Doudou, and I thought… They bullied Doudou,
so we stood up for him You could fight
just because they hassled you? Did you disregard what I said? I’m sorry, Coach. It’s my fault They want to sue us now I have to withdraw Wenkai
from the competition Coach, why should I quit? I believe they didn’t do it on purpose Don’t be so quick to make a decision Do you want the video to circulate? They’ll call us a school of gangsters Coach, it’s really not Wenkai’s fault Don’t make him quit, all right? Those people were after me.
Wenkai was only helping me Wenkai was only helping a friend.
Was he wrong in doing that? You’re still talking back! He played hero
and ruined his own prospects! Don’t scold Wenkai. You can scold me I won’t waste my breath on you Leave too Coach… -Shut up! What’s wrong with you? Do you have to get so worked up? Wenkai did something so stupid.
How can I not be angry? Didn’t they explain? Those thugs started the trouble.
Our students were only defending themselves I’m doing this for their own good I don’t understand, then You want Wenkai out of the competition
and you kicked Doudou out How is this good for them? You wouldn’t understand I won’t if you don’t tell me Give them a chance, all right? Coach, I know I was at fault.
Don’t kick me out, all right? I finally made friends here, and I have such a good coach I don’t want to be all alone
like I used to be Why did you provoke them? I didn’t mean to do it And Wenkai really fought with them
only to protect me If you won’t let me come back
to practise martial arts, at least let Wenkai take part
in the competition, all right? Doudou, I’m dealing with this so strictly… because I don’t want you to make
the same mistakes I did In my younger days,
I was always causing trouble I had a good friend He fought with a group of people
to stand up for me, and he died Your good friend was beaten to death? It was a sudden cardiac arrest Doudou, had anything happened to Wenkai
while protecting you, you wouldn’t ever
be able to forgive yourself Do you know that? Are you talking about my brother? Yichen You said he was beaten by hooligans.
Just what happened? Didn’t you say my brother helped you train
before the competition… and died of overexertion? Just what else are you keeping from me? A few days before the competition,
I got into trouble Zhengbin, no matter
what might happen later, you must stay calm Don’t get physical Those people are too much They provoked me first! It’s just two days from the competition Should anything happen,
you might be disqualified Stay calm Come on! Aren’t you good fighters? Get up! Yifeng, are you all right? -I’ll take you to the doctor’s
-I’m all right Don’t let anyone know about this Take it easy Be careful. Are you really all right? I was really worried that Yifeng
might have internal injuries But he refused to see a doctor. So… So that’s the real reason why
my brother died Sorry It was my fault that Yifeng got injured No wonder you insisted that
you’d caused my brother’s death Why did you keep quiet about it? I was afraid I was afraid that you,
Master, and Shuya… would never forgive me Do you think I can accept it now? I’m sorry I’ve been blaming myself all these years I thought I caused my brother’s death You knew I felt that way,
yet you kept the secret to yourself You’re too selfish I trusted you with all my heart I could tell you anything You betrayed my trust I tried to tell you I really don’t want to lose you Take it that we never started Why didn’t you tell me you didn’t cook? I went hungry all day I’m talking to you Are you feeling down? Is it because of that watch? Didn’t I return the watch to you? How petty I caused my brother’s death Let’s be a couple, all right? When Shuya comes home,
we should tell her about this Let her speak up for you We’d better not Why? Coach is clearly being unreasonable He’s right I shouldn’t have fought with them It was caught on camera. What can we do? Who recorded a video of us? That’s no longer important.
Things are already out of hand You’re our team’s main competitor.
How can we do without you? He has no reason
to stop you from competing I’ll talk to him You’ll only make him angrier You’ve been working so hard,
but your efforts were for naught Aren’t you angry? I am. I’m angry with myself I’ve been preparing for this competition
with the aim of winning But a few months of effort
has been wasted. I have nothing left I ruined my own dream No, don’t be like this There’ll surely be a way out Trust me. No matter what,
I’ll be there for you Thank you What are you doing? What did you promise me? It’s not what you think. We were just… Just what? Had I come home a moment later,
I don’t know what would have happened Elaine was just encouraging me.
She didn’t mean anything It won’t happen again That’s what you said the last time,
but it still happened No, I want her to move out at once I can’t take part in the competition What? Coach wants me to quit Why? A few hooligans bullied Doudou I fought with them to stop them Coach found out and told me to quit How could he do that? You did it to protect Doudou.
You didn’t look for trouble He’s crazy. He can’t tell right from wrong You feel indignant for me? I believe you know how to conduct yourself I’ll talk to him tomorrow But you never liked me
to practise martial arts I don’t like it But when I saw you compete that day, I saw your passion for martial arts Since you were young,
you’ve always done what I told you But I never saw you so involved When you won, I was really proud So you’re no longer against me
practising martial arts? Don’t rejoice too soon If you don’t make it to medical school,
I won’t forgive you Don’t worry, then I can’t compete anyway I’ll focus on my studies I’ve said I’d resolve the matter for you In future, tell me your problems.
Don’t keep them to yourself Remember, I’ll always support you. Okay? Okay Sis There’s something I… I… Shuya, we really didn’t do anything Don’t get the wrong idea Anyway, you have to keep a distance
from each other, all right? Okay Hi Can we talk? There’s nothing to talk about.
I’ve said everything there is to say Are you going to ignore me forever? Of course not So we… I don’t want to leave those students
in the lurch For their sake, I’ll continue
to be your assistant coach But after this competition,
I’ll have nothing more to do with the school Yichen Why did Coach ask us
to come back all of a sudden? Is he not angry with us any more? Coach… I told you to come back
because I want to tell you… I’ve decided to give Doudou a chance But he must steer clear
of those people’s path All right, Coach How about Wenkai? He still can’t take part in this competition Why can’t Wenkai compete
when Doudou can come back? Wenkai didn’t do it on purpose.
He did it to protect Doudou Is protecting his own teammates wrong? Apologize quickly.
Tell him you won’t do it again Coach, I’ve realized my mistake.
Can you please give me another chance? I wish you could compete too, but the circumstances don’t allow it Why not? He’s not at fault. Why can’t he compete? Master Master Uncle Simon recorded a video
of Wenkai fighting with those hooligans He wants Wenkai to quit the competition, or he’ll publicize the video
and sue Wenkai for assault He’s going too far by threatening us! If the video is publicized,
Wenkai won’t be able to compete either, and he’ll be in a lot of trouble Yes. If you’re sued, it’ll be hard
to apply for a scholarship What can we do? But it’s so unfair that Wenkai
can’t compete because of this Coach, must we give in to their demand? We’ve to settle it out of court You’re still young.
You’ll have more chances You can’t give in to their demand! Elaine! -Let her go We can’t let Simon manipulate us.
Just compete. Don’t mind him Hurry! You’re tired out after
just three hours? Start all over again! You’re the elite team!
The elite team must win Show me you’re cut out
to be champions! Hurry! Hurry! Keep training! What are you doing? Hurry What are you waiting for? Give me that video! Is that how you talk to your dad? You did something so despicable I don’t even want anyone know
I have such a father! Let’s talk outside You dared to do it.
Why not let others know? Who recorded that video? How dare you use it to stop Wenkai
from competing! Don’t kick up a fuss! I’m doing it for you! Don’t use me as an excuse You’re clearly afraid someone from
Yi Ji Dao Kung Fu School will win, so you resorted to such a dirty trick! You’re wrong I don’t want you to ruin your future… by mixing with that motley crew I’m warning you If you publicize that video, I’ll sever ties with you! You’re my daughter! Why are you always
helping outsiders and going against me? What are you looking at? Keep training! Elaine Are you all right? I really don’t understand why I have
such a wicked father! Did he do anything to you? What can he do? The most he can do
is to slap me in the face He slapped you again? No, I wouldn’t give him a chance to Because of me,
you and Uncle Simon can’t be reconciled You can’t take part in the competition,
yet you’re still worried about me It’s indeed a pity that I can’t compete But I really don’t want things
between you and Uncle Simon to come to this If I go back to the elite team,
maybe Daddy will let you off No! -Why? I’m not willing to go back, but if putting up with them means
you can compete… That’s not necessary I really want you to be happy.
Nothing else matters What is it? Elaine I really don’t want you
to make any deals with them I know, silly Let’s go You’re saying Yifeng died
because of a head injury? I’m sorry I kept it from you, causing you and Yichen
to feel guilty all these years But the autopsy clearly stated… that he died of a cardiac arrest Even if he was injured,
it might not have caused his death You don’t need to console me Maybe Yifeng suffered internal injuries,
affecting his heart Yifeng had always been very healthy What else could have caused it? Don’t just speculate I should have insisted that Yifeng
seek medical treatment I was worried that Master
would forbid me from competing, so I agreed to keep his injury a secret Yichen is right. I’m so selfish So Yichen found out about this? Is she angry? -What do you think? What happened might not be your fault Are you really not angry? Shuya, just rail at me If you rail at me,
I’ll feel I’m being punished Don’t think too much for now.
I’ll talk to Yichen Stop thinking about him Be strong Are you still angry with Zhengbin? Of course I’m angry He kept such a big secret from me for so long And he claims we’re good friends.
What nonsense! He has apologized, and he blames himself He’ll be sad if you carry on like this Who cares? It’s his fault! He caused my brother to get injured and die Actually, he can’t be sure if Yifeng
died from the injury either You can’t pronounce him guilty
just like this Why did he keep it from us
for so long, then? He’s clearly feeling guilty! Why do you keep defending him? I’m not. I only think
we should find out the truth Yifeng’s death might not be
as simple as we thought Finding out about this
doesn’t make you angry? I find it very strange You were my brother’s girlfriend.
You should be even angrier than me I think Zhengbin wasn’t to blame -Have you fallen for Zhengbin?
-What are you thinking? You know how much my brother loved you He would do anything for you
and give you anything you wanted Yet you’re so indifferent now I think… I know you’re very upset,
but you’re going too far You know better than anyone
how much Yifeng meant to me You both kept everything from me I really can’t trust either of you now Shuya Sis, you’re back.
Elaine prepared lots of food. Try it No, thanks. I’ve eaten It took me all day to prepare the dishes,
but she won’t even look at them She might be tired.
It’s all right. I’ll finish it all What are you doing? This is a kitchen, not a rubbish dump! We haven’t cleaned up yet.
We’ll do that after eating Dine out if you’re too lazy to clean up!
Don’t cook in here! I just wanted to cheer everyone up.
This is the first time I ever cooked So what? You’re a princess.
Don’t do such things Now I have to clean up I couldn’t even bear to use this plate,
and now you’ve broken it! I didn’t do it on purpose.
I’ll buy you a new one tomorrow Your money is just your father’s money! Why leave home when you aren’t even
earning your keep? I only want to help Wenkai… How will you do that?
Just don’t get him into trouble! All right, Sis. You’ve been busy all day.
You must be tired Leave this to me. Go get some rest Go on Go on What’s wrong with her?
Why is she in such a temper? She’ll be fine after some rest.
Eat first. Leave this to me Sis, I’m coming in No way! You went to bed without showering?
You’re so dirty! Don’t touch me! Don’t be angry What is this? A grey hair. I’ll pull it out for you Don’t touch me! What’s wrong with you? Who offended you? Yichen… What about Yichen? I said the wrong name.
I’m talking about Elaine She’s spoilt and not easy to get along with.
You’d better break up with her That’s too much to ask You’ve got her wrong She may look haughty
and have a sharp tongue, but she’s actually a kind-hearted person Think about it She has never cooked in her life, but to please you, she even cooked for you Her cooking may be mediocre,
but it’s the thought that counts She’s your girlfriend.
Of course you’d speak up for her Why do I feel like you’re jealous? Jealous, my foot!
I’m your sister, not your wife! I just think she’s not suitable for you.
I’m afraid she might break your heart one day She won’t But if you’re jealous, I’ll promise you… I won’t let anyone take me away You’re my sister, my closest kin Cut that out! So you’re no longer angry? I was so angry I forgot my dinner.
Now I’m starving Yes, you haven’t had dinner How about this? I’ll cook for you.
My cooking is definitely better than hers Good boy I won’t take long Brother Pao, please accept this token sum We’ll let the matter slide, all right? My son was beaten up so badly,
and you want to silence me with this money? We’re all acquainted. Do it on my account On your account? If word gets around,
my reputation will be ruined! -How much do you want, then?
-There’s no need! What are you doing here? Dad, it was him who hit me! We don’t submit to threats,
and we don’t need anyone to meddle I’m cleaning up the mess they made.
Don’t cause trouble here I’ll settle the score with you later Pao -Yes, Master Yan Write Doudou’s debt off As for Wenkai injuring your son,
let it go. Any problem? No problem. I didn’t know
they were your people I’m really sorry to have offended you They’re students from my school It was their fault for causing injury.
I’ll compensate you for the medical expenses There’s no need to compensate me Are you blind? How dare you injure Master Yan’s disciples? Apologize at once! Dad! -Apologize at once! Sorry That settles it, then.
Don’t let words get around, all right? Yes, Master Yan Master Yan, I seldom get to see you.
I must treat you to a meal No, I’m in a rush. Another time All right, then. Take care, Master Yan Goodbye, Master Yan How did you know him? Master Yan once saved my life I’ve offended Master Yan thanks to you You’d better delete all the videos.
Don’t get me into trouble Go back and tell your coach it’s all settled Wenkai can take part in the competition Thank you, Grand-master Grand-master, you’re really something! You’re just like a hero in
a wuxia TV drama. You’re so cool! Go on Let’s go Simon Simon I’m talking to you! Don’t you hear me? Are you gloating now? Your fitness centre is quite successful You’ve achieved more than I did
with respect to that What’s wrong with you?
You’re actually praising me? But when people mention Yi Ji Dao,
I’m the one who comes to mind I command more respect
in the martial arts world than you Do you know why? That’s just what you say.
People outside this circle don’t know you Actually, you aren’t less skilled than me You’re jealous and are resentful
of others’ achievements, so you’re always resorting to dirty tricks
to harm others and benefit yourself No wonder no one respects you Are you done? I’ve said all there is to say.
It’s up to you whether to accept it Simon Don’t think your little tricks… will bring down my school’s team
and stop them from competing I’m warning you. Don’t set my students up! Grand-master You haven’t left yet? Thank you for settling the matter for us It’s no big deal. Don’t worry about it How did you get to know Brother Pao? He used to learn martial arts from me One day, his enemies were after him,
and he fled to the school. I saved him No wonder he respects you so much And how did you know he was the Brother Pao
Doudou was talking about? That’s not difficult at all.
I only had to ask around Grand-master, you’re awesome Your coach was useless. I wouldn’t have
had to trouble myself otherwise With everything settled, you can focus
on preparing for the competition I’ll work hard. I won’t disappoint you Being able to defeat a few hooligans
is no big deal But it’s great to see that
you made sacrifices to help Doudou Your loyal action
was very much like my son’s Was Yifeng like this? I heard my sister
mention him often as a child She said he was very gifted in martial arts
and had a strong sense of justice He was very talented indeed He could pick up
what he was taught at once He could comprehend things brilliantly,
and he worked very hard We hoped he’d win
international championships… and bring glory to our country It’s a pity he left the world like that Grand-master, rest assured I’ll fulfil
your wishes on Yifeng’s behalf It’s great that you have such aspirations.
Keep working hard I won’t disappoint you Why isn’t Doudou here yet? He’s always late He has been behaving strangely recently There’d be something wrong
if he wasn’t behaving strangely He’s always full of tricks during training.
You’ve been spoiling him At least he’s working hard.
I can tell that he loves martial arts He calls me every day
to share his feelings and sing He’s that silly? He’s an only child and his parents
neglect him. He needs someone to talk to He told me he’s an orphan It can’t be. He told me his parents
are very busy and have no time for him He told me he grew up in an orphanage He told me his parents divorced
when he was very young Which version is true? Has he been lying to us all along? Sorry, I overshot my station
while taking the MRT Are you angry? Don’t be angry. I’ll dance for you Doudou, let me ask you this.
Who are you living with now? Why are you suddenly asking me this? The three of us realized
you’ve been telling us different stories Which one is true? I’m an only child After my parents divorced, they left me in an orphanage, and… It’s not that we want to pry
into your family affairs But as our friend, you shouldn’t lie to us I didn’t! Doudou, if you don’t come clean,
we’ll boycott you from now on My father is missing I’m telling the truth. You must believe me Minnan, you’re the best Why did you lie? I didn’t. I wouldn’t lie to my friends Your father is really missing? What happened to your arm? You’re injured? It’s nothing. I had a fall.
I’m going to train Dad, let’s eat Have you become a vegetarian,
or are you short of money? Plain boiled cabbage is tasteless! Do you want to kill me with salt? No wonder you only eat plain rice! Hey! What are you doing? Now it’s balanced What’s wrong with you? Don’t eat if you don’t want to I’m full What are you doing? Don’t eat! I want to eat! Don’t expect any sympathy
if the salt kills you! Bro, what are you doing? I’m writing my blog Aren’t you afraid that everyone will read
your diary if you post it online? It’s all right.
I only want to document my thoughts Really? I must have a look, then Don’t look! That’s rude -I want to read it -Go away! I said it’s a secret
– I want to read it -Okay, I’ll let you read it when it’s done
-What’s the secret? -No secret…
-It’s about you and Shuya! I must see it -Don’t be a busybody! Go away!
-I want to see it! (I hope Dad and Uncle Simon
will be reconciled one day) Why did he mention Uncle Simon? The competition is tomorrow I never thought I’d run into Uncle Simon, and I never thought I could have
such an in-depth talk with him Uncle Simon -Yichen, what brings you here? I want to ask you something -What is it? But anything to do with your father
is none of my business It’s about my brother, not my dad Yifeng? Did my brother come to see you
the night before the competition? How did you know? He did? What did you talk about? What does it have to do with you?
Why are you asking me this? My brother wouldn’t have called on you
just for a chat, certainly not the night
before the competition What do you mean by this?
I didn’t do anything to him I didn’t say you did anything to him.
Why are you so nervous? Your brother was killed by Desri.
It’s none of my business If it’s really none of your business,
why are you so anxious to explain? Did you really do something
to cause my brother’s death? Subtitles: BTI Studios


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