The #1 Tool For Martial Arts Performance & Recovery


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  • MoneyBags McRich says:

    Thanks Jesse just what I needed! I had limited mobility in my right arm after over training and was just about to go to a physio until I tried the roller. Pain instantly gone!

  • Indeed a much better way of treating ur injuries that needs to be recognised soon for faster and better recovery….. Thank u for making a video on this Roler a really needed and imp video.
    Can't wait for ur upcoming videos and hope for ur best success
    Best wishes… Navya (karate girl) and a massive karate nerd and passionate karateka

  • Very cool device. Thank you for sharing. I’ll have to look for one or make it. I also have a totally unrelated question if I may ? Would you consider making a video on the bunkai for Gojushiho as I am a shorin Ryu guy. I’ve been in kobayashi for years. Just wondering if you ever had the time of course 🙂. Thanks for all your great videos no matter what you teach us always great !

  • Please choose Australia for the next KNX, in particular the Gold Coast. Lots for venues to train at and plenty of beaches to train on too 😁😁😉

  • I have been searching for one of that and I did not know the name of that! Thanks for telling me the name 😂!Anyway 🙏🏻 thanks! Perfect video o the perfect time!

    From Singapore

  • Simon's Fight Club says:

    Oss sensei. Sensei this video was really helpful. Thank you sensei for helping us with such a helpful video😊😊 oss sensei

  • Jesse, my karate nerd dude. As for me taking martial arts, thank god I don’t have any injuries after or during sessions, but your video today should give me some reference if I ever do get hurt. Thanks for the reference. By the way, who was that girl person that took over for you on your last video? Seems like as though as I’ve seen the other girls doing the karate in that video, I had a huge crush on them ladies. 🙂 Well anyways, keep up the vids as you normally would do.

  • david alejandro says:

    Te felicito amigo por el exelente contenido del canal, se nota la dedicacion siempre buscando mejorar y el amor por lo que haces, sos muy generoso al compartir la experiencia tanto propia como de otros maestros, muchas gracias!

  • Alessandro Giolitti says:

    Actually in the literature there is not too much support for the real effectiveness of (foam) rolling, at least in respect to other techniques. This tool is different, but the principle is the same.

  • Dylan Siccardi says:

    personnaly when i want relax my body i go in water and i let my body just moving whith the water without resisting but your way is easier. If could make a video of how us a belt as a training tool (not in kobudo) it will be awsome beacause i heard than it was a great stuff but i don't to use it correctly

  • ニュージーランド・スイサイド says:

    Great joints stretches exercises Sensei Jesse, I will try these out. As for the neck, I was wondering if you could also use this peanut device, for stiff neck and shoulder, muscle joints? Greetings from Melbourne, Australia 🇦🇺✌😊🥋✊👊🤛🤜👍, Osu!

  • I'm quite new to the martial arts world and you are such a motivation and aid for me, more than one time I practiced and got out of my comfort zone after watching your videos, following your words and teachings.
    thank you for your wonderful videos sensei, osu!

  • Renan Pongelupe says:

    Thanks sensei! I'll send it to my dojo group. I use a roller and a mass to make this kind of thing but this is more easy, I'll test in my self.

  • Tony Löschner says:

    Offtopic questions: Hey Jesse, can you tell me please which mode you use on your cam? 50p or 25p? and which file format ?

  • This video is very helpful.Thanks Sensei .could you plaease do a video about middle stretching.Love from India 😗

  • KaratePlaybook says:

    Great explanation on a great topic. Thank you for your continued contribution to the martial arts community.

  • Thank you for this Sensei! Found one on Amazon right after watching this video and received it today already! Boy it’s going to take me some time to do these stretches without making all kinds of facial contortions though!

  • Jagan prasath says:

    Great work sensei!
    Your voice is little bit clumsy due to microphone I think! Plz correct that.
    Thank you

  • Vivesco Active Living says:

    Hi Jesse.
    Who do you do your further education training with? I love my karate and the dojo I am at, though they are really stuck on the old ways of stretching etc. personally I am a qualified movement practitioner, specialising in training and working with our fascia, hence I love your videos and approach of everything you do. Hoping to meet you one day. Till then I keep enjoying your videos 👍

  • rohan van eeden says:

    Really needed this because my lower back muscles hurt so much after exercise. But I'll probably do the hip flexor one at home so they don't kick me out of the gym. I have to search for one this weekend.

  • Natanael Castro says:

    Hey sensey i want you to make a video of things we have to know about you! Please i want to see it.
    My respect for you sensey Oss
    Greetings from Dominican republic!

  • funny details; for doms both supressants (manmade (like any gaba agonist or glutamate antagonist or both, like pregabalin, gabapentin, topiramata, lamicatal, 2 or more them together,)and natural like taurine, mangesium, valerian, lemonbalm, chamomille etc work, and the funnier yet part; anything stimulant works proven for doms too, like from caffeine to mucuna pruriens, to rhodiola, ginseng, and even adrafinil, modafinil etc,

    since for a time i was working out for up to 5h/day i was contemplating a lot on the nature and paradox of these, i came upon the realization that it depends on how far past the limitations one is pushing, if you have not reached the 100% or more of that (of your bodys current limits and not for too long pushing at that intensity etc), then a stimulating agent will still help, however, if you done the above and still does either not work or the outocme is poor, even off time will not be sufficient (After all any person that is seriously training will not every here and there off time for his/her body to recover and optimally work once back at training, or else you risk serious problems from immune problems to cancer and so on) in which case anything of the supressants along with off time will give the body the chance to overcome almost anything and re-adjust (and cleanse from toxins too, obviously)

    ps. all of the above (be that either stimulants of supressants, actually, all of them are strong antiiflamatory and antioxidants too, yet another puzzling and interesting aspect to consider, got to love tha inflammatory cytokines and/or prostaglandins can't you lol) , ps.1, best of luck to anyone pushing beyond

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