Templo Shaolin – Desconstruindo Mitos

Templo Shaolin – Desconstruindo Mitos

Hello, for those who do not know me, I am
Jerônimo Marana, martial arts teacher. Some time ago I was asked by someone
about how would be if he went training at Shaolin Temple, what he would learn there…
So I decided to release this video in order to desconstructing the idea
existing, or that so many people have regarding the Temple. So, is undeniable the importance of Shaolin
Temple for Chinese Martial Arts because in the past many people used to go there seeking for refuge, or even just staying for a while… There where also generals who stablished
themselves in the Temple for some time and helped to improve martial arts from there. So, with these people who used to come ang go the monks used to learn what they knew about martial arts and
to incorporate to their knowledge. So, Shaolin Temple worked as a big center of accumulation of knowledge about martial arts that came from
several regions of the country. Well… But my teacher, he is born in Beijing, and he went to visit Shaolin Temple
in the 1970’s and he tells that the Temple was abandoned at that time, was full of garbage, there was no
one else living there, I do not know, I do not have information about the reason and when Shaolin Temple was abandoned,
but I believe it had been due to political reasons. But anyway, the fact is that
Shaolin Temple was abandoned in that period. But what happened? In the 1980’s one movie became very famous, Jet Li released “Shaolin Temple” movie and these movie achieved international success,
arising interest of westerns towards the Temple, it became internationally famous, and then Chinese government found in the Temple an opportunity of business. Then it took the Temple for itself and rebuild the hole Temple completely and created lot of stories, lot of things to make propaganda of the Temple. So, there is that hall, with holes in the ground,
famous by, supposedly, because of monks practicing stepping on
the ground, and then it get weakened and became irregular, but this is just a story created
in this rebuilding, in this business plan in which Temple was part. Documents… Not documents, documentaries
where created abou the Temple, about how was life, how was training there, and many people have watched these documentaries ad incorporated that training methods that they
had seen, which are fictional training methods, humanly impossible of doing without getting hurt,
without getting injuries… But, this is what happened, many people have
watched unquestioningly, and also because of lacking access to information, so things that where portrayed in movies and
in these TV shows which were created helped to promote a certain image of the
Temple that lot of people believed. So, Shaolin Temple became kind of a
Cirque du Soleil of kung fu (wushu), of martial arts, having its headquarters,
having even some franchises abroad and having a troupe that travels the
world performing shows. Indeed those qigong numbers that I have explained
that are actually physics tricks are aways performed in these shows. So, Shaolin Temple nowadays is a trademark. Indeed I have a magazine here,
I will take it to show you, National Geographic Brazil magazine,
from October of 2010, this guy at the front page, you can search, he is very famous, there is a lot of his videos on youtube, he is Shi De Jiang. And here in this magazine, in this article about kung fu, about Shaolin Temple there is a part of the text telling that
many of those people who are from the Temple, with hair
shaved and monk’s clothing confess that they are just Temple
employers dressed in character. So, in this economical project of the
Temple many people were hired, “monks” were hired. So, Shaolin Temple moves a lot of money, many people go there for training, despite what is been practiced
there is not the original Shaolin kung fu, but many things were recreated, mixed with competitive wushu, cinema stuff, so Shaolin Temple today is part of entertainment industry, tourism industry. So, do not think that Shaolin Temple nowadays is what it was in the past, a
buddhism dissemination and martial arts development center. Well, that’s it. I hope you have enjoyed, If you enjoyed click “like”, if
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3 thoughts on “Templo Shaolin – Desconstruindo Mitos”

  • Eu vi um filme de kung fu sobre a invasão do templo chaolim.Agora pq destruiram o templo ? Esta historia é real mesmo muitos monges morreram ? Bom video.


    Cara você matou meu sonho de visitar o templo shaolin mas por outro lado quero parabenizar a você pela coragem de desmistificar o templo shaolin pois ainda tem muita gente iludida e fanática

  • Rogerio Araujo says:

    Treinamento de shaolin fala de energia . Os filmes não iram mostra isso nem mesmo um mestre chinês ira lhe levar a essa energia a não ser com uma condição se você entrar pra familia.

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