Tai Chi Martial Art Applications : Tai Chi: Withdraw & Push

Tai Chi Martial Art Applications : Tai Chi: Withdraw & Push

In this segment I’ll be showing an application
for withdraw and push against a very aggressive frontal attack, somebody kind of towering
over you so in the Tai Chi form, withdraw and push comes in this way. So Ray’s going
to attack, as I withdraw, push, right, send him out. So the idea here is this, as he’s
coming in, he’s coming over me for the most part, somebody’s bigger than you are so I
allow him in and sink, sink, sink, come up underneath him and then push upward. Again
using good body mechanics. If he comes in and I just try and push with my arms, it’s
nothing happens, even if he kind of comes over me, it’s not going to do anything but
as soon as I add my foot into it, knowing the source of my strength, then I can send
him flying and the idea is to come up underneath the person. Another way to execute is actually
like a wave coming crashing down into the person. If I push down into the person, it
takes their legs out from underneath them and kind of throws their whole system off.


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