Aerodium Shaolin Flying Dream

For centuries Shaolin monks have been shrouded in mystery. Legends tell that through extreme training the monks have obtained super powers like incredible strength, speed, balance, and even levitation. Now in Dengfeng China legend becomes reality in the world’s first flying amphitheatre. Flying Dream is a spectacle, which combines architecture, centuries-old traditions, and technology. On sacred mount Shongshang, […]

Cartoon Karma – Kung Fu Panda 3 | Everything Wrong and Right With

[♪ Singing ♪] [“Character Dialogue“] I love the logo openings from the past two films, but this is drawn out. The film’s visuals pull no punches, opening with the breathtaking, painterly Spirit Realm, free from the limitations of gravity and physics and reestablishing this series’ masterful highs at lighting and colour. OOGWAY: “Our battle ended five-hundred years ago!” […]

Cool Kiz on the Block | 우리동네 예체능 – Special celebrity judo tournament, part 2 [ENG/2016.09.13]

The hidden celebrity masters are all here today. I’m the captain and I won bronze in Sydney. I’m Jeong Bugyeong. Nice to meet you. Sexy guy! Sung Jinwoo! I know Jinwoo’s pose. ♪ You’re perfect, you’re perfect ♪ – This one. / – Sangcheol, just say you don’t know. Now I’m ready to throw down in judo. What […]

Cool Kiz on the Block | 우리동네 예체능 – The First Judo Audition (2015.12.01)

(The sixth meeting of the judo team) Isn’t this the Taeneung Athletes’ Village? Is there a children’s division? No, there isn’t. But… (What did Hyeongdon discover?) Little children. She looks familiar. (Who are these children?) (Judoka Lee Wonhui and golfer Kim Mihyeon marry) (The child of the two legends!) (Unique talent since a young age) (Find out on […]

Alina Dumitru “I could not lose the final” – Judo Gold in Beijing | Olympic Rewind

In the first round I fought against Hungarian Eva Csernovczki the following bout was against South Korean, Kim Youngran a very strong judoka, who gave me some problems during the bout when I tried to do a hold on the left side, I injured myself a little bit. I managed to get over my injury and in the […]

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