Wing Chun Kung Fu for beginners. Lesson 1 – Basic stances with English Subtitles

Hello there, my name is Lena. I have been practicing Wing Chun Kung Fu for many years. Today I’m going to show you some basic stances which are often used in this style. Basic Square Stance It looks like this. You have to begin with this movement. At the end your fingertips must be at eyebrows. This high. […]

Saudações e Cumprimentos no Judô (Judo Infantil) Ritsu-Rei Za-Rei | Judoquinhas

Judoquinhas – “Little Judokas” The greeting is part of the formality and has a very important meaning in Judo. We make the greeting to be thankful and show respect to the Sensei and our training colleagues For example: We do the greeting when we start and finish our training Before and after practicing a technique or a randori […]

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