Self-Defense Basics: Lesson 10 – Make Yourself Uncomfortable

Howdy. Ando again from Happy Life Martial Arts and this is it! Congratulations on making it to Lesson #10 in our Self -Defense Basics Course. You did watch all the other ones, right? Well, either way, in today’s lesson, I’ve got something new and a little review. Let’s get to it. Remember way back in Lesson #1 when […]

Como fazer o estrangulamento Norte Sul | Luta livre | Jiu-jitsu | North South Choke | Cerrado MMA

Hey What’s up, Erik Silva here And I am Junior Silva We are Brazilina Luta livre black belt And we gonna show you some basic techniques and today we’ll show you a different North South choke [North South choke] We use to be on side control to avoid his reaction press your knee on his hip And your […]

Self-Defense Basics: Lesson 3 – Stance and Breathing

Hey. Ando again from Happy Life Martial Arts. Welcome to Lesson #3 in your Self-Defense Basics Course. As you already know, self-defense is more than just learning a few slick moves, it’s a lifestyle. So, let’s talk about two more exercises that you can do all day, every day– stance and breathing. Stance. No, I’m not talking about […]

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