Martial Arts Training | Troy Michigan | Denny Strecker’s Karate (248) 687-8641

How many times per week does a child need to attend class? We basically played with everything over the past 20 years for how often kids should attend Karate classes. We found that 2 classes per week is solid, anything less they generally don’t retain what they saw the week before so you spend a lot of time […]

Q & A Face Reveal, Mixed Martial Arts and Comic Book Update | Myelin Games

Welcome back everyone. Today’s video will answer some of your questions, unrelated to Destiny, that you have left in previous videos. A lot of questions were repeated, so I have grouped all the questions together into categories so I can answer them more efficiently. So the first category, is questions about my personal information, how old I am, […]

Kung Fu Martial Arts & Self Defense Training – Jenn Caravella on Herbs and Jow

Jow is an herbal liniment and it ties in with the herbal remedies from the Doo family but we’re got herbal liniments and gels that date back to the shaolin temple in 1644 and other liniments that date back from the Doo family for say 2000 years and we’re still using the same herbal remedies the same gel […]

Training Your Eyes to Become a Better Fighter in Martial Arts or Sport

The eyes the senses which allow us to see is one of the most important things we have in our life and we need to train it right when we’re doing self defense stay tuned Welcome to Shihan’s Dojo I’m Shihan Marty Husband and I want to talk to you today about your eyes sight is probably one […]

BACK TO NINJA SCHOOL! ft Ninja Kidz TV – SuperHeroKids Hope and Noah SHK Comic

Blue, you are not yet ready for Ninja School. What? But master, I am ready! No, you are too angry. I’ll show you, I’ll go to Ninja School anyways. Blue wait! Oh my gosh! I’m so ready to get back to school! No talking! I hope you all studied for your ninja test today! A ninja test? What’s […]

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