Kung Fu Panda 2: The Video Game (PS3) Walkthrough Part 7

You should be of more help here, Po. Haven’t you furballs caused enough trouble? Well, now you’re gonna get a fist-full of Panda! Ah, the Shrine. This used to be a perfect place for peaceful meditation. Not anymore. Looks like the wolves have messed it up pretty good. Excellent use of your skills, Master Po. Now, let’s see… […]

Judo Kid 2 (Beer Pong)

aw springbreak!!! “Phone calls” aw!! Thomas!? Wasup Jesper!? Hey, Can I meet you somewere? That`s perfect! Yeah, I didn´t really have the money for the ticket… “Intro” “Nature song” Hey Thomas! Hi Jesper! Hey Jesper, There´s not easy with money right now if you know what I mean. OKEY!! Do you know something that we could make some […]

Reportage CBC – Les 3 maîtrises et la Voie du Kung Fu – Montréal 2001

I am Alain Crevier. Welcome. Do you remember the first images of Kung Fu you’ve seen at the movies? They were extremely violent. Today we understand that Kung Fu is the opposite of violence, for it teaches self-control. It is the preparation of the body for the preparation of the soul. We can even say that Kung Fu […]

[Shindong’s Kick Service] K-TIGERS ZERO DEBUT PROJECT SHOW E.06

What comes up to your mind when you hear the word ‘taekwondo’? K-tigers is transforming taekwondo from just a martial-art to a gorgeous taekwon-performance acknowledging ‘taekwondo’ through the world While taking off the uniform of national athlete, K-tigers Zero is to receive the ‘Kick’ from senior idols for their debut The birth of perfect taekwon-idol ‘K-tigers Zero’ Lets […]

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