Stephan Kesting On BJJ For Beginners, Judo vs Jiu Jitsu (SHF Podcast Ep. 2)

how you doing very well thank you so like I said I had to restart everything but like I said I appreciate you just like taking the time and especially after a flight like that and that’s my pleasure wasn’t that long so hello no done jiu-jitsu are we doing are we straight in the podcast here okay […]


Oh, A minor Sorry What’s up everyone and welcome to FAQ 125 All the way over there I just came home from NAMM and boy, oh boy… It was so much fun I don’t know what it is about NAMM, I mean, it wears you out you’re exhausted You’re tired all the time, just like a zombie walking […]

Self Defense Tips & Techniques for Women : How to Block Punches in Women’s Self Defense

Now that you have some strikes under your belt, let me teach you how to block in case one of those strikes are actually directed towards you. I’m going to teach you blocks number 1 and 2, so let’s get into it. Get into your horse stance; feet apart, knees bent, knees out, back straight and fists at […]

Self Defense Tips & Techniques for Women : How the Horse Stance Works in Women’s Self Defense

I have these 2 fine gentlemen with me to show you, now watch what happens. I’m going to get into my horse stance, feet out, heels behind my toes, I’m going to come down and put my fist back next to my side. Shaun is going to try and push me over that way. Okay Shaun go for […]

Very Fast Kidnapping Teaches Car Use in Self Defense | Active Self Protection

You must know how to use your car effectively as a self defense tool. Hi, everyone. It’s John with today’s Active Self Protection lesson out of Mexico. Here we’re gonna see a kidnapping go down that teaches us some very significant lessons about awareness, about being ready in the moment to protect yourself, and using the tools you […]

GUNTALK S5: Self-Defense Training Tips, Pt 1

(instrumental rock music) – [Voiceover] They say to train hard so you can fight easy. Two top trainers share tips on how to train. Today on Guntalk, it’s advanced self defense: Doing the Hard Things. – Primary goal of any firearms trainer, is maintaining a safe training environment. Safety is of the utmost importance. Without safety, we cannot […]

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