The Worst Fights In MMA

Any thing can happen in mma There are countless ways a fight can go, but they can’t all be exciting. Commentator: Who won this fight? Commentator: I don’t know. Not the fans. Sorry folks This is a list of high profile fights that either bored fans into submission, or displayed the technical proficiency of a drunken bar fight. […]

7 Wrestler You Didn’t Know Are Still Employed by WWE

WWE superstars come and go and a lot are ultimately forgotten. Even some current WWE superstars have faded away into obscurity, and nobody would blame you for thinking they’ve just up and left. However, many people you think are long gone are actually still with the company, so here are 7 wrestlers you didn’t know are still employed […]

Mixed Martial Arts in Pakistan:

[SPEAKING URDU] -Fresh out of the blue, [INAUDIBLE] from Pakistan, Bashir “Somchai” Ahmad. -Bashir Ahmad from Pakistan will have many, many viewers watching on Star Sports in that part of the world when you’re looking at the man that they call the pioneer of mixed martial arts in your country. BASHIR AHMAD: The first step. To me, going […]

The Pokemon Named After Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee!

You’ve been clickbaited which means you’re watching my video Thank you, as always ENJOY! In this video, I will be talking about the Pokemon that are named after Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee Let’s begin with the Pokemon named after the Hong Kong martial artist, actor, film director, producer, stuntman, and singer known as Jackie Chan That pokemon […]