“QUELQUES PAS SUR LE CHEMIN DU KUNG-FU”. Une page de l’Histoire des arts martiaux.

AUTHOR: I came to France for the first time in 1983. It was a different time. Europe was divided in two parts shared with an iron curtain. In Paris, the first place I went was the legendary movie theater “Le Hollywood Boulevard”. The façade was covered with movie posters. I had long wanted to see this Kung Fu […]

General Miura VS 3 Kung Fu Masters | Japanese Karate VS Chinese Kung Fu

Master? General Thank you General! Good fight Go beat their ass I want to join in the fun Those fools aren’t good enough for General Miura I’ll show these Chinese what Japanese kung fu is like Find 3 Chinaman to fight with me Give them fried rice even if they lose Yes sir! Don’t say I’m not helping […]

T’ai Chi Ch’uan Ti I Lu – Kung Fu Chang (with description of Master Cuturello) [eng subs available]

is about to enter the Master Chang Dsu Yao’s school a school of Kung Fu of northern Cina “Classic” Kung Fu of northern Cina This reality in Piemonte and in Turin has already a life over 30 years The athletes that are about to line up are going to show about what is defined like the Internal Style […]

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