INTERVIEW: Rita Oliveira from #teamboxpt | BOXPT EQUIPMENT

Hello, I’m Rita Oliveira and I’m the current European Champion in Under 21 Kumite +68kg and I’m a BOXPT athlete I do at least 5 Karate practices per week, three strength workouts and one or two conditioning workouts My training involves a lot of squatting, pressing, bench press, mobility exercises with bands and prevention work, especially on the […]

Martial Arts Fitness & Lifestyle Channel – Martial Marc

Hey guys. My name is Marc Dressen, and welcome to my Fitness & Lifestyle channel. So what is this channel about? Well, obviously, like it says on the tin it’s about fitness. So we’re going to talk about methods, training methods, how to train. You’re going to see me train, motivational videos, everything around fitness. And then something […]

MMA Exercises with the ARC Core training system

bjbj MMA Exercises, Workouts and Training with the ARC HYPERLINK “” Hello everyone this is Naudi Aguilar at Functional Patterns. Today we re going to be covering an MMA training routine with my newest piece of equipment it s called the arc. A man by the name of Chris Severs was kind enough to come by and install […]

Beginner Boxing Lessons : Left Jab, Straight Right: Boxing Lessons

The next combination we’re going to cover in our introductory boxing lesson is going to be the old one-two, the standard left-right. Boom. The way we’re going to start with that is with every combination, we’re going to start in our boxing stance and I’m going to have the student step forward, turning his wrist, connecting with the […]

Martial Arts Warrior Training : Martial Arts Warrior Training: Jump Ropes

In this clip of Warrior Training, I’m going to talk about the jump rope because the jump rope is a very, very important tool not just in Kickboxing, but in boxing. One of the things that it does is it works on your coordination, your breathing, your cardio-respiratory. It also works on the interior part of your shoulders, […]

Functional Training Techniques : Functional Training: Equipment

So we’re at my gym Transform. Just going to take you on a quick tour. If you look right here, we’ve got some medicine balls. We like to use these for all kinds of different strength and performance reactive training. Core training as well. This is a cable cross. We have two of them. There are just very […]

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