Hi everyone welcome back to my channel my name is Aaliyah. Your co-host. And today i’m going to be telling you a little bit about my Taekwondo school. So in my Taekwondo School You get belts You get trophies you get to do so many cool things You first start off with a warm up Usually with warm-up […]

How to improve footwork in Taekwondo | Olympians’ Tips

My taekwondo tip for the day is something which is used frequently and is fundamental. Steps. STEPS Practising steps can seem a little repetitive and pointless, but when you train, picture your opponent and their movement in front of you. Using your steps, you can dodge from kicks this way. Or, with head kicks, like this. With longer […]

Workout at home with no fitness equipment – 10 min exercise – Beginners Training

Today i will show you Some exercise that you can do at home in 10 minutes I know today you don’t have so much time For workout or going to the gym You have to spend alot of time in the car I will show you How can you workout home in 10 min without any equipment first […]

둘째 출산 일주일 전에 무도를 한다고?!┃Performing martial arts a week before giving birth

Unhindered movement Strong mom #girl crush #pregnant martial arts Jin-sook Aren’t you in the last month of pregnancy? Yeah, it’s my second pregnancy One week before delivery Honey, hold these for me Don’t. Try other things No one can stop her (I am alone and I feel exhausted…) What if the baby comes out now? Stop it~ You […]

Martial Arts Fitness & Lifestyle Channel – Martial Marc

Hey guys. My name is Marc Dressen, and welcome to my Fitness & Lifestyle channel. So what is this channel about? Well, obviously, like it says on the tin it’s about fitness. So we’re going to talk about methods, training methods, how to train. You’re going to see me train, motivational videos, everything around fitness. And then something […]

Martial Arts Exercise Week – The Sit Through – The Active Lifestyle Studio Mt Eden, Auckland

Hi guys, James here from The Active Lifestyle As it’s Bruce Lee’s birthday today RIP Bruce Lee, what we’re doing is putting some martial arts based moves together in videos for you so if you want to add this to work out, this is good for your upper body, your arms and shoulders and it’s great for your […]

Pregnant Lady Practices Martial Arts 1 Week Before Labor

Fierce moves Strongest mom ever #girlcrush #pregnantmartialarts Introducing Jinsook! Production Crew/ Aren’t you 9 months pregnant? Jinsook/ Yup, I’m pregnant with my second baby Jinsook/ I’m due in 1 week Hun, hold this for a sec Can we stop? You should try something else Her husband can’t stop her (Pregnant lady can kick better than non-pregnant people) I’m […]