How to Counter-Attack your opponent in Karate | Olympians’ Tips

COACHES’ TIPS COUNTER-ATTACK I’d like to move on now from the basics, gestures in the various kumite items to the “jiu nippon unite” style. I’ll then show how to counter-attack using the freestyle techniques that I’ll demonstrate. These are linked to the techniques used in competitions. To begin with, there’s the middle range counter-attack in response to a […]

지각할 때 쓰면 개이득! 파쿠르 만렙 등장┃Parkour master. It’s useful when you are late

Something just passed There is a person flying What’s he doing? Parkour Aim to get from one point to another without assistive equipment and in the fastest and most efficient way possible He climbs a wall Real life spiderman Look at his jumping…crazy high speed This isn’t CG Parkour master Aerial turn Awesome x3! speechless 5m long jump! […]

STEVE MAXWELL – HOTEL WORKOUT – Part 1/2 | London Real

What can I tell you about Steve Maxwell Well besides being an American fitness guru author Physical educator breathing coach and Brazilian jiu-jitsu blackbelt. He’s also one of my most favorite guys in the whole world For 65 years of age he has a twinkle in his eye like a 25 year old And that’s because Steve travels […]


Hi everyone welcome back to my channel my name is Aaliyah. Your co-host. And today i’m going to be telling you a little bit about my Taekwondo school. So in my Taekwondo School You get belts You get trophies you get to do so many cool things You first start off with a warm up Usually with warm-up […]

How to improve footwork in Taekwondo | Olympians’ Tips

My taekwondo tip for the day is something which is used frequently and is fundamental. Steps. STEPS Practising steps can seem a little repetitive and pointless, but when you train, picture your opponent and their movement in front of you. Using your steps, you can dodge from kicks this way. Or, with head kicks, like this. With longer […]

Workout at home with no fitness equipment – 10 min exercise – Beginners Training

Today i will show you Some exercise that you can do at home in 10 minutes I know today you don’t have so much time For workout or going to the gym You have to spend alot of time in the car I will show you How can you workout home in 10 min without any equipment first […]

둘째 출산 일주일 전에 무도를 한다고?!┃Performing martial arts a week before giving birth

Unhindered movement Strong mom #girl crush #pregnant martial arts Jin-sook Aren’t you in the last month of pregnancy? Yeah, it’s my second pregnancy One week before delivery Honey, hold these for me Don’t. Try other things No one can stop her (I am alone and I feel exhausted…) What if the baby comes out now? Stop it~ You […]