Self-Defense Training With Marcus Kowal | The Loop With Donna Ruko

Hello ladies and welcome to this episode of The Loop, where we talk all things health, wellness and Livestrong Woman. And on that note, one thing I’ve found that has helped to empower me and make me feel strong and disciplined in a way is Krav Maga. Now, Krav Maga is Israeli Military self-defense and combat training. It’s […]

Roundhouse Kick Technique Tutorial. Muay Thai Training with English Subtitles

Hello, there. My name is Lena. I am training roundhouse kick now using the boxing bag. Today I’m going to show you the technique of the roundhouse kick which is commonly used in Muay Thai. Roundhouse kick is one of the most frequently used kicks in martial arts generally, not only in Muay Thai. You need a special […]

Kickboxing Exercises : Kickboxing technique: side kick

Hi my name is Tristan at the Austin Martial Arts Academy. We’re online at Okay we’re on to our next kick here in the kickboxing series, this is the side kick. We’re going to continue with the focus mitts, I’m the coach, I hold the mitts against my body and then I pop them up for my […]

How To: Flutter Kicks

What’s up guys? I’m Scott from And I’m gonna demonstrate for you how to do flutter kicks flutter kicks are fun. They were my wrestling coach, Mr. Bulldduck’s favorite exercise of torture for us in high school. What you’re gonna do is you lay down on the ground take your hands put them like that like make […]

Inner Thighs Workout Exercises : Scissor Kicks for Inner Thigh Workouts

In this segment we’re going to get into a position just as if you’re about to do a crunch but we’re not doing a crunch here but you will feel a great workout in your lower abdominals. As well as the inner thigh, the top of the quad and all the way down through the leg. You’re going […]

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