Keith Clinic – Stability Exercise #4 – The Donkey Kick

Hey guys, it’s Dr. Kyle Dunning with the Keith Clinic I’m here with Katy today and we’re going to show you the Donkey Kick exercise This is a fantastic lower hip movement It’s a very important exercise to perform because the majority of Americans sit throughout most of the day. The lower hip muscles subsequently become very weak […]

Kickboxing Exercises : Kickboxing technique: round kick

Hi this is Tristan at the Austin Martial Arts Academy. We’re online at Okay this next kick is called the round kick. Round kick, okay I’m going to be using my mitts again. I’m the coach. I’m going to hold the mitt out right in front of her center line sometimes folks will hold them out here, […]

Ben Affleck’s Batman Workout Explained By His Trainer | Train Like A Celebrity | Men’s Health

(upbeat music) – Hi, I’m Magnus Lygoback the founder of the Magnus Method and I’m gonna show you guys the workout I did with Ben Affleck for Justice League. Our goal’s to build Ben as Batman or to build leg string stability you know, Batman’s carrying around this heavy suit all day on set so, we needed Ben […]

Fantastic 7 Min. Karate Style Workout (Arms & Legs) (Beginner) No Karate Experience Needed.

Hi folks I’m Bob Schrupp physical therapist, Brad Heineck, physical therapist. Together we are the most famous physical therapists on the internet, in our opinion of course Bob. Fantastic seven minute karate style arm leg workout before work You’re ready for the day. You’re gonna get your heart rate up. We’re gonna work some large muscle groups Is […]

Athletic Body Type for Sport Selection

Are certain body types better suited to certain sports? Hello everybody, This is dr.Fox from the Fox’s Power Basement. Please, like and subscribe. People are born with an inherited body type or somatotype, based on skeletal frame and body composition. Ectomorphs are long and lean, with little body fat, and little muscle. They have a hard time gaining weight. […]

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