How to improve footwork in Taekwondo | Olympians’ Tips

My taekwondo tip for the day is something which is used frequently and is fundamental. Steps. STEPS Practising steps can seem a little repetitive and pointless, but when you train, picture your opponent and their movement in front of you. Using your steps, you can dodge from kicks this way. Or, with head kicks, like this. With longer […]

Additional artists and taekwondo team confirmed for Pyongyang concert delegation

Further details of the South Korean pop concerts to be held in Pyongyang next week have been announced. Two more artists have been added, and the inclusion of a taekwondo demonstration team is also confirmed. Our Kwon Jang-ho reports. With 5 days to go until the first South Korean pop concert on North Korean soil in 13 years, […]

Wu Assassins | Behind the Fight | Netflix

– When I read the script, I thought, this could be really epic. – [Kimani] The styles, the way the camera moves. – It’s not shot like most actions are. (high energy electronic music) – We’re inventing this completely anew. (high energy electronic music) (yells) (punches thud against flesh) – This fight sequence in episode four is emblematic […]

Justin Lin talks bringing Bruce Lee’s passion project to life in Warrior first look photos

 In 1971, Bruce Lee pitched a series called The Warrior, in which he would star as a martial artist navigating the Old West, but studios passed, unable to envision a show around an Asian lead The next year, Warner Bros. aired a series called Kung Fu, starring white actor David Carradine as an Asian martial artist in the Old West […]

Spotlight: Flyzone™ Sensei™ EP Trainer Rx-R™ & RTF

Interested in an electric trainer? The Sensei is everything you could want and more. Final assembly takes only a few minutes. A brushless motor, ESC and micro servos are already installed. The Receiver-Ready model gives you the freedom to equip your Sensei with your favorite radio and battery. The Ready-To-Fly version takes the guesswork out of choosing the […]

Mike demonstrates how to get a martial arts-based workout using a punching bag.

>>Hi. My name is Mike Bell, and I’m a student and a personal trainer at Duke University. And I also have a bit of a martial arts background. And today I’m going to give you a workout that you can do by yourself with a punching bag or potentially with a friend if you have punching bags or […]

American Kempo Karate Techniques : The Thrusting Salute Kenpo Karate Technique

Hi! I am Joe Palanzo from the World Wide Kenpo Karate Association in conjunction with Expert Village. This technique is called thrusting solute, and what we trying to learn here is how to avoid get kicked by a straight kick. When the kick comes in, the last thing you really want to do is move straight back, because […]

Martial Arts Self Defense : Self-Defense Against a Headlock with a Knife

Hi I’m Jason Jeannette with Elite Martial Arts in Middle, Tennessee here on behalf of Expert Village. This is defense against head lock with a knife or hostage defense. Alright hostage threat with a knife is extremely dangerous, Kevin is attacking me with a rubber blade for this one. This is tricky because I almost have to turn […]

Martial Arts Self Defense : Self-Defense Against an Underhand Stab

Hi I am Jason Jeannette with Elite Martial Art in Middle, Tennessee on behalf of Expert Village. This is defense from an underhand stab. I don’t usually deal with this one a whole lot. I just can’t see myself doing that but we have had some issues with someone getting severely injured in our area trying to stop […]

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