“Szukanie KORZENI” – Kraków – Wing Tsun Kung Fu Vlog odc. 6

Good morning. We’ve had breakfast with coffee, and we’ve ordered the cab. Sifu Dariusz is waiting for me to pick up our Master from the hotel. Afterwards it’s back to the gym to train. I hope that during lunch break I’ll be able to find some time to show you around Kraków, the Old Town and the Wawel. […]

SOKAK DÖVÜŞ TEKNİKLERİ 3 | Direk yumruktan kurtulma !

How to escape a straight punch When someone attacks your with a straight punch one of the ways of escape is attacking simultaneously. At the first contact with your opponent you can change your angle; create an opening and attack your opponent with your free hand. To continue your attack, you can make use of the other angles. […]

Best Street Fighting Technique 1 | If The Attacker Takes Your Wrists !

How to escape when someone holds both of your wrists. When someone holds both of your wrists, slap his opposite arm and at the same time turn your other hand upwards. The reason why this works is that your opponent’s thumb is above your hand and this provides an easy escape. With the shock you inflict and with […]

Best Street Fighting Technique 2 | If The Attacker Holds Your Neck With His Both Hands

How to escape when somebody grabs you with two hands by the throat. The biggest mistake when somebody grabs you by the throat is trying to escape by holding his arms. What you should do instead is to attack as soon as your opponents grabs your throat. Why? Because, when he grabs you by the throat, if you […]