Krav Maga training- release from a side headlock

We’ll start in standing position, then we’ll go to the ground. first of all, headlocks- when do we see this? few possibilities. No. 1- the monkey dance. we’re starting with the whole process and then comes, as an attack either an overhead punch or a headlock so, the movement is the same, and, headlocks are done, usually, either […]

Cara Praktis jago BJJ (Brazilian JiuJitsu ) – With Max Metino – TBC Eps 06 – Tactical Basic Combat

Welcome to TBC – Tactical Basic Combat Today is an extraordinary day, i had a visitor his name is Max Metino, he visited my dojo Max Metino is an International champion of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Submission difficult to say, but he is a champion.. how many times have you win? well my record was more than 30 times […]

How To Kill A Chinese Vampire | Can Kung Fu Defeat A Chinese Vampire?

Big boss man! Hey hotshot! heyyuh! Top Dog! I need some muscles! World’s strongest man strong? Yo son! Your father is a bastard and today I’m going to beat his ass! Your skinny ass can’t beat me son! Hold onto this When you get a chance, stick this in his ass Go to hell! What now? He’s absorbing […]

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