First Time Training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Post Baby! l Jiu Jitsu Vlog

Hey guys, welcome back to my channel! Today is a fun day because we are going to train brazilian jiu jitsu! And it will be my first time post-baby so I’m really really excited we’re gonna meet up our friends Drew and Stephanie at their gym Today we are going to learn the spider guard sweep so one […]

Basic Taekwondo Skills for White Belts with Sang H. Kim

Charyot is attention stance. Put both heels together, drop your arms naturally at your side and look straight ahead. Kyung Rye is bow. When you bow bend the upper body 45-degrees. Joonbee is ready stance. Put both of your feet shoulder-width apart. Joochoomsoogi is horse riding stance. Bend both knees and drop your hip. Baro is back to […]