Israel Adesanya NZ’s first UFC world champion

NZ has its first UFC world champion after Israel Adesanya knocked out Robert Whittaker in Melbourne yesterday. The victory was the final leg of an impressive treble from Auckland’s City Boxing Gym. Te Rina Kowhai was ringside and filed this report. From his entrance to the knockout in the octagon, Israel ‘The Last Style Bender’ Adesanya has made […]

Ada Lovelace: The First Computer Programmer (Ada Lovelace Biography)

What if I told you the world’s “first computer programmer” was born over two hundred years ago? And, what if that programmer was a she. Lady Ada Lovelace was her name — and her genius was nearly lost to history. Daughter to the famous Romantic poet Lord Byron, Ada was almost relegated as a footnote in her father’s […]

VS | Aang vs Korra

Earth Fire Air Water Elements all different and unique from one another. Yet there was always a need for a balance between them all. Earth complemented air as much as fire supplemented water. Without their halves. The elements and the world at large Would be thrown into chaos Out of balance. Only the Avatar could master all four […]

Rio 2016: Kim So-hui wins gold in women’s 49kg Taekwondo

Now,… let’s get our daily update from the 2016 Olympics in Rio. After a bad couple of days with loss after loss.. Korea finally added two medals from the country’s traditional martial art, Taekwondo, on Day 12. We have our Lee Un-shin with us. Unshin, Korea’s medal drought is finally over That’s right. Seems like Korea was longing […]

Wait, Bruce Lee was Part Jewish?

You know Bruce Lee. Everybody knows Bruce Lee. Martial arts master… Movie star….Cultural icon…handsome devil But here’s something about him no one knows: Bruce Lee was descended from a Jewish butcher in Rotterdam, Holland! Yep, Bruce Lee is part Jewish! Okay maybe not THAT Jewish. Bruce’s secret heritage all started with his great grandfather, Mozes. Um not that […]

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