Wado Ryu Karate: Pinan Yondan Kata & Kaisetsu / Bunkai course July 2018

Yes Ready Bend your knees. Down and like Kushanku Pinan Yondan It is always intersting to look at but if you can put it into Wado terms I am still dropping (hello) OK, that was exaggerated, but take them this way take them that way the difference is the right hand Watch this time come in on the […]

2019 Wado Ryu Karate course highlights – Kata and Kaisetsu / Bunkai

Everybody thinks this is the Uke (defence) this is the block and this is the punch people forget this one this is the Uke (defence) This is the clear. Do yo understand now why we punch down? because this is the only part available to punch at So slowly, moving OK, so just move the head first don’t […]

Part 2 – Sensei Roger Vickerman’s 50th Wado Ryu Karate Anniversary – with Sensei A Meek

Sensei said also, he doesn’t like to turn too much In fact For many years he started to punch straight So then we can use other ways of body movement So in Kushanku We have that action So, for this move, the punch is coming and the punch is returned I don’t turn my body too much, I […]