Semen Retention Dangers

Hello friends, so I want to talk about some of the potential dangers of semen retention so I get a lot of Emails from people, you know, if they’re certain negative experiences. They’ve had involving semen retention certain Health issues and things like this that may or may not have been related to some retention and so I […]

RedMachine Kick-Off!

What am I supposed to do? Just run, run about… That way? Yea that way. Just run and pretend that you are orienteering maybe about NOT SO FAST! This weekend we have the RedMachine kick-off camp and our first training is night orienteering out there in the snow Lamp is charged bag is packed Say Hi to the […]

【スニーカー】Weekly Kicks Information 2019 December #1【新作紹介】

Hey !! What’s up YouTube !! Thanks! This is SOSHI! Yes, today is “Weekly Kicks Information”. This corner is a corner that introduces sneakers that will be released this week. Last week AJ1’s “Bloodline” was released. This week, there are many featured model releases such as collaboration models with high brands, and we will introduce three of them. […]

Jason Nash Learns How to Fight – Second Chances with Jason Nash

A mid-life crisis can’t scare me, Jason Nash. After my mom’s terrible news, I vowed to empty my urn of regrets before I fill it back up. It’s clever and symbolic. These are my second chances. (phone ringing) – [Mom] Yeah? – Mom, learn karate. If I can earn a karate belt, maybe dad will think I can […]


Hey guys welcome back, it’s a new day. It’s a new vlog. We got capital. Yeah, oh You just did okay? Yeah, today me and jelly are reppin like fuck you Sweaters, but there’s one thing we’re missing where the hell is guys, so that’s the night Yeah, we went to bed not knowing where he was we […]


Hay Guys! Before the video stars, make sure you click the subscribe button Hello Hello? Ok Everyone is away right now So I decided I’m gonna go away as well hence why no one replied I’m gonna go to the Tower To see Chip basically From there I’m gonna go to my parent’s home And I’m gonna be […]

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