How I Make Money to Eat and Travel: Commenting On Your Comments

Hey guys, it’s Mike Chen. I realized I haven’t done a video commenting back at your comments in a while So let’s do that, and we’re just gonna get right into it Xiaoning Cui says, haha Singapore national day is like more than a month ago. Okay Uh that video was filmed on Singapore national day, and it […]

Suomen URHEILUGAALA | PM 2019 | Keflavik Iceland | FOC Taekwondo

Howdy hey! We’re standing in the traffic lights. Hey there! We’re on our way to the Finnish Sports Gala. But first we have to find a train so that we can meet ‘MaMa’ [Master Marco]. Can you see my watch? – Not really… Howdy hey! We’re using an escalator. [Untranslatable pun] Where are your feet? This AI thinks […]

Direction le Japon 🇯🇵 avec Hino Akira sensei et Léo Tamaki

Hello budokas, I hope you’re great ! Here is what happened BTS of the upcoming documentary with Hino Akira sensei. So Léo, happy about the trip? Great and you? Yes excellent. And Hino sensei? Splendid, all in the principles that demands a lot of time and work to reproduce it, to think about it again and again. Do […]

Road to the European Championships | FOC Taekwondo

Have you seen Christian anywhere? You mean that guy with the long beard? No, haven’t seen him. Who’s this? Where is my homework? Tashi! [Again!] You found your homework? – Yes! Meh… Hide the buns! [Untranslatable pun] Ready for the beach! Ready for the beach… – Indeed! [Untranslatable pun] Freddie Mercury was probably as poor as any other […]

Sensei Robin

Oh flex Whats up, B? Its good Want some ding dong? Hold my Ding Dong You want some crispy fish Arigato Every student’s dream. Hello. Oh Hell yeah Im out for a jog in the middle of the forest There’s nothing here. Except trees and I’m about to run on this field right here We’re right before this […]

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