Dr Michael Greger Meets His Match? Audacious Interview?

Dr Greger is a phenomenal interviewee and more often than not powerfully demolishes arguments against a plant based diet and his work. This interview linked above is a brilliant example of this. However recently he did interview with London Real, which was fantastic, but that contained a section where I felt he was on the back foot and […]

Bruce Lee’s No. 1 Rule for SUCCESS | Mindset Mastery, Day 14

Sixteen subscribers sixteen subscribers sixteen subscribers guys thank you so much for having subscribed to this channel I’m very excited to have you on this journey and I’m very excited to share with you the most powerful tools that will make this year 2019 a huge success for you let’s make this the best year of your life […]

Tips on Teaching Martial Arts Classes to Young Children – Martial Minutes Podcast 003

My biggest annoyance with teaching young children is that many people teach their sessions too basic. Martial arts classes for young children can get a reputation as being glorified child care, albeit far cheaper than most child care! Taught properly it’s possible to have busy sessions full of youngsters and also to coach them to a good standard. […]

Martial Arts Goals That Aren’t Fighting? Martial Minutes Podcast 002 (Audio Only)

I was recently asked; “What are some good martial arts goals? Unlike weight lifting where there are set numbers to record, I don’t now what good goals would be other than belts, and even then I’m looking more for something in the boxing or kickboxing range. Problem is, the biggest goal I’d think of is going to a […]

Fake Martial Arts and Women’s Self Defense – Martial Minutes Podcast #001 (Audio Only)

Fake martial arts and women’s self defense training. Now recently in a martial arts forum the questions were asked; In women’s self defence classes do you prepare the women to be manhandled? or do you just stroke their ego in a calm and supportive environment? These are very valid points. There are still a lot of fake martial […]