Crashes, Fights, Near Misses and Funny Fails on The Roads | 2018

Oh fuck off! Uh. You alright? Sit down for a second mate. Sit down. Don’t! Don’t! Jesus! Woah! Woah! Sorry. Fuck you mate. Sorry. Fuck you! What the fuck are you doing? Sir, I crashed. What do you mean you crashed? I just hit my head– No, stay there. Don’t go please. Don’t go anywhere! – I’m not. […]

Neck Deep – “Can’t Kick Up The Roots” (Acoustic) LIVE at HMV Underground | No Future

The golden groves are lined with affluence and roses, But the bagheads down by Central Station are closer to where home is. It can be grim and send you West from time to time, Yeah, this place is such a shipwreck, But this shipwreck, it is mine. Day by day we grew to love this place, And where […]

3’8″ And Fighting For Little Women In Fashion | SHAKE MY BEAUTY

Caitlin: I probably do enjoy having the condition, because the average height which would be so weird to me now. It’s just the way I dress, I don’t think about trends because I’d never be able to find trendy items so I form my own style. Essentially pretty much all of this are from the kids section besides […]