Why Jiu Jitsu?

The most important thing that people get from the school is the self confidence that they have that they can like overcome anything because when a guy comes over the first thing that he feels is he is going to get hurt, he is going to break something or its something that he can not do it and […]

Triângulo invertido da meia guarda | Cerrado MMA | Jiu-Jitsu | Luta Livre

Hey what’s up, Erik Silva here! And I’m Marcus Ferreira We’ll show you, the inverted triangle choke from half guard [Inverted Triangle choke from Half Guard] I have to use my knee on his chest and my foot on his rip to keep this distance Now I use my knee to unbalace my opponent Now he wants to […]

Carlos Gracie Jr. revela como aprendeu Jiu-Jitsu e criou o método Gracie Barra

I think it’s very important for the life of the students to have a professor with an open mind, with whom they can learn and receive enough material that they can choose their right game, having good direction so they can give the most of themselves, developing the best style for their body types, for the way they […]

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